6.1 Edge 1 Release Notes

23 April 2019

Before You Upgrade

Before you proceed to the upgrade, take into account that: 

  • OnApp 6.1 Edge 1 (6.1.0-129) is an edge release that is not designed to be installed on production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 6.1 Edge 1 only from OnApp 6.0.
  • In OnApp 6.1 Edge 1, Huge Pages were replaced by Transparent Huge Pages that are enabled by default on CloudBoot compute resources.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included into OnApp 6.1 Edge 1 for all available components. 

Features & Improvements

TypeKeyRelease Notes

vCloud Director 

FeatureCORE-12281When you share a vApp with an organization or specific users in vCloud Director, the changes are synchronized to Control Panel.
ImprovementCORE-12891When you compose a vApp, you can customize resources for virtual servers.
ImprovementCORE-12963After you create a new vCD user, the Provider Resource Pools permission set is disabled for the user by default.
When users try to access Provider Resource Pools and related resources, an improved mechanism is applied to validate that they have the necessary permissions enabled.
When you create and edit a vCD edge gateway, you can now configure IP settings and rate limits.
ImprovementCORE-13240When you run the GET VS Billing Statistics API request, a resource ID is returned for the instance packages and templates.
ImprovementCORE-13283When you import an external network from vCloud Director to OnApp, the network is imported with IP Nets.
ImprovementCORE-13384When you try to delete a Resource Pool, validation on the absence of catalogs with templates is run.
ImprovementCORE-13807When vCD users log in to OnApp via SAML, their resources are synchronized to OnApp and are available for a System Owner user.
ImprovementCORE-13864Cross-virtual data center networks that were introduced in vCloud Director 9.5 are imported to OnApp. 


ImprovementCORE-13808You can resize a primary disk of a vCenter virtual server after creating the virtual server. 
ImprovementCORE-10470If VMware is not available on your licensed features, you cannot create vCenter compute resources
ImprovementCORE-14176You can edit CPU and RAM on vCenter virtual servers without a reboot. 

OnApp Cloud

OnApp 6.1 introduces a new version of a Web user interface. 

You can enable TRIM on LVM data stores that provision KVM and Xen based compute resources.
FeatureCORE-12884You can use a new beta version of the virtual server wizard that is available along with the previous version on your Control Panel. 
FeatureCORE-12987You can migrate multiple virtual servers at once from one compute resource to another compute resource of the same type (KVM to KVM or Xen to Xen).
FeatureCORE-13081You can now assign and detach a SDN network to and from a particular user.

You can manage your private networks independently from the cloud owner with the new virtual routers functionality. You can convert virtual servers into virtual routers and assign your own SDN based IP nets to your virtual routers.



You can now use Integrated Storage not only on CloudBoot but also on Static compute resources.
You can clone virtual servers that run on Xen and KVM compute resources, including virtual servers built from OVA and ISO templates.
FeatureCORE-13563Added Hyper-V enlightenment feature to improve the performance of Windows VSs running on CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.
FeatureCORE-13880You can see the resource changes for hot/cold VS migration transaction in the Logs menu.
FeatureCORE-13906You can trigger recipes to add/remove IP address for a virtual server in the Recipes menu.
FeatureCORE-13988You can view how the network is connected to the compute resource via the new API parameter IPJOIN_HYPERVISOR_NETWORK_INTERFACE.
FeatureCORE-14017Added support for KVM CentOS 7 CloudBoot compute resources intended for smart servers deployment.
ImprovementCORE-9366When you add an OVA template to Control Panel, it is uploaded directly to a backup server.
ImprovementCORE-10580When you create and edit virtual servers and disks, you can't complete the wizard in case you don't have enough resources on Integrated Storage.
ImprovementCORE-11762You can now set a Session Timeout for sessions within OnApp at Settings > Configuration > System.
ImprovementCORE-12723When you run the Hot Migrate VS and Full Hot Migrate VS and Disks actions on CentOS 7 based resources with QEMU 2.6 and up, the auto-converge migration is performed.
ImprovementCORE-12733You can control a user's ability to attach networks to compute resources and zones via the new Network Joins permission set.
ImprovementCORE-12829When you hot migrate a disk, the virsh blockcopy call is used instead of a call to a backup server.
ImprovementCORE-12977When you are at the virtual server page, you can see that the Acceleration Settings tab was renamed to Acceleration.
ImprovementCORE-12905You can set and edit CPU priority for load balancers.
ImprovementCORE-12915When you are at the Global Search page, options from Item Tags are arranged in alphabetical order.
ImprovementCORE-12918When you are at the virtual server page, you can see an updated message for the network usage statistics: No network usage data to display instead of No data to display.
ImprovementCORE-13072 You can add comments to firewall rules via Control Panel and OnApp API.
ImprovementCORE-13078 You can assign recipes to new events, such as adding and removing IP addresses to and from virtual servers.
ImprovementCORE-13082You can now manage a set of permissions for IP Nets and IP Ranges.
ImprovementCORE-13162When you create an IP net, you can set a default gateway.
ImprovementCORE-13240When you run the GET VS Billing Statistics API request, the resource ID is returned for instance packages and templates.
ImprovementCORE-13322When you create a virtual server and select network configuration, the list of available networks is now loaded faster.
ImprovementCORE-13332When you resize a disk on Xen compute resources, the resize2fs runs with the force (-f) flag enabled.
ImprovementCORE-13406Implemented a noVNC integrated console for virtual servers that are built on KVM CentOS 7 based on WebSockets.
When you click the Acceleration tab for a virtual server, you can see that Acceleration Reporting was renamed to Reporting. At the Reporting page, you can now navigate to the destination virtual server from a breadcrumbs trail.
ImprovementCORE-13489The values of Current/Total Data Read for IOPS and Data Sent for Bandwidth are now calculated with increased precision at the Usage Trends page.
ImprovementCORE-13525You can migrate virtual, application, and container servers from the updated version of the wizard. 
ImprovementCORE-13539When you are in the virtual server wizard, the Estimated price per hour is displayed accurately only if you have the required permissions and select all the resources in the wizard.

When you create a backup plugin, you can now implement the following:

  • Add a button to OnApp Control Panel UI that would allow to access a provider backup console.
  • Get OnApp credentials of a virtual server owner via the virtual_server argument.
ImprovementCORE-13791The Control Panel server now uses a new version of an image (7.6) for Recovery Mode.
ImprovementCORE-13816You can assign recipes to new events, such as VS network interface removedVS startVS rebootVS hot migrateVS hot full migrate, and VS failover.
ImprovementCORE-13825Now you can manage external IP addresses via API and view them at Virtual Servers and Virtual Servers Details pages.
ImprovementCORE-13826You can now allow or disallow acceleration for the newly created VSs at the Configuration page.
ImprovementCORE-13915You can now access your CDN edge servers and accelerators directly through the OnApp Control Panel via the Console tab.
ImprovementCORE-13986You can enable cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) for HTTP CDN resources of Pull and Push type during the editing and creation process.
ImprovementCORE-14001Improved the display of Top 20 Servers at the Usage Trends page: when you select a specific compute zone, Top 20 Servers are updated according the selected zone.
ImprovementCORE-14006The send_notification_to_market action is now used to make a request to the database to query a Federation trader and supplier status.
ImprovementCORE-14010You can now export the English locale from your Control Panel to a YAML file, translate it to your custom language and import the file back to Control Panel.
ImprovementCORE-14044Improved the logic of deleting zombie snapshots and disks on the Integrated Storage data stores.
ImprovementCORE-14046You can now create accelerator independently from CDN Locations and without attaching locations to the accelerator.
ImprovementCORE-14070You can now get a current acceleration status for a virtual server via the API request.
ImprovementCORE-14071Removed the obsolete acceleration_status attribute from the attribute list in the VS related API requests.
ImprovementCORE-14106The data from the billing_usage_statistics database table is now archived.
ImprovementCORE-14115Added an index by stat_time to the billing_statistics_hourly database table to improve the speed of monthly statistics calculation queries.
ImprovementCORE-14181Updated a minimum value that you can set for Dom0 memory to 3648 MB on CloudBoot compute resources based on Xen and CentOS 7. 


FeatureCLOUDBOOT-347Updated a tar version to 1.30 for CentOS 6 Xen and KVM compute resources.
FeatureCLOUDBOOT-383Changed a VNS port to a VNC WebSocket port for KVM CentOS 7 compute resources to implement a noVNC integrated console.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-125Implemented Transparent Huge Pages for CloudBoot KVM compute resources running on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-330Added GRUB 2 CLI utility for CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.

Updated the following components for CentOS 7 KVM compute resources:

    • A CentOS version to 7.6.1810
    • A kernel version to 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64
    • A libvirt version to 4.5.0-10.el7_6.3
    • A Red Hat 7.6 kernel version to 3.10.0-957.el7.x86_64
    • A GCC version to 4.8.5-36.el7
    • An XFS filesystem driver sources version to 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64 based on a kernel version 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64 with xfs-make-xfs_bmbt_to_iomap-available-outside-of-xfs_.patch, iomap-Switch-from-blkno-to-disk-offset.patch, and dax-give-DAX-clearing-code-correct-bdev.patch patches
    • A UFS filesystem driver sources version based on a kernel version 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64 compiled with a R/W support patch
    • An Intel(R) 10 Gigabit PCI Express Network Driver version to 5.5.2 [ixgbe.ko]
    • A SolarFlare network driver version to [sfc.ko]

Updated the following components for CentOS 7 default compute resource package:

  • A Red Hat 7.6 kernel version to 3.10.0-957.el7.x86_64
  • A GCC version to 4.8.5-36.el7
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-353Updated a kernel version to 3.10.0-957.1.3.el7.x86_64 for CentOS 7 default compute resource package.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-354Removed the tar overlay from CentOS 6/7 Xen, KVM, and default compute resource packages.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-375Updated a libvirt version to 4.1.0-3.xen410.el7 for CentOS 7 Xen compute resources.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-377Updated a Xen version to 4.8.5-1.el6 for CentOS 6 Xen compute resources.

Updated OnApp Storage with the onappstore-master-7573-master.x86_64.rpm ramdisk images for CloudBoot 6.1.

ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-381Updated a QEMU KVM version to 2.12.0-18.el7_6.3.1 for CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.
ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-411Updated a Xen version to for CentOS 7 Xen compute resources. 

Updated the following components for CentOS 7 KVM compute resources: 

  • A kernel version to 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64
  • An XFS filesystem driver sources version to 3.10.0-327.36.3.el7.x86_64 based on a kernel version 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64 with xfs-make-xfs_bmbt_to_iomap-available-outside-of-xfs_.patch, iomap-Switch-from-blkno-to-disk-offset.patch, dax-give-DAX-clearing-code-correct-bdev.patch patches
  • UFS file-system driver sources version based on a kernel version 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64 compeled with R/W support patch

Updated the following components for CentOS 7 default compute resources:

  • A kernel version to 3.10.0-957.10.1.el7.x86_64
  • An Multithreaded IO generation tool (fio)

Updated a Xen version for CentOS 6 compute resources to The updated Xen version provides a resolution to the following XSA issues: 284285287288290291292293, and 294.

ImprovementCLOUDBOOT-418Increased a dom0_mem value for CentOS 7 Xen compute resources in a PXE config.

Updated the following components for CentOS 7 Xen compute resources: 

  • A kernel version to 4.9.165-35.el7.x86_64
  • A libguestfs version to 1.36.10-6.2.el7.onapp

Updated a kernel version to 2.6.32-754.12.1.el6.x86_64 for CentOS 6 KVM compute resources.

ImprovementCORE-13033You can create a baremetal server on CloudBoot compute resources, using a new template based on CentOS 7 KVM.
ImprovementCORE-13148When you create a CloudBoot compute resource as a backup server, you can no longer enable and edit options that are available only for compute resources, such as Collect StatsDisable Failover, and Failover Recipe.

Integrated Storage

ImprovementSTORAGE-771You can run liveUpdate listHVs with the -nc option while updating CloudBoot compute resources. The option allows to skip a confirmation box that appears for each unknown host on the list.  
ImprovementSTORAGE-2123Added a graceful shutdown for Storage nodes to avoid issues with XFS repair after the compute resources reboot or storage controller restart.
ImprovementSTORAGE-1551Added iptables rules to storage nodes on all CloudBoot compute resources to block access to Port 8080 from all sources except for a storage network and localhost.


ImprovementINSTALLER-413Updated a recovery ISO version to 7.6 for static compute resources and Control Panel installers.
ImprovementINSTALLER-417While an hourly database dump file is created, it is immediately compressed with Gzip to reduce disk space required to store plain-text dump files.

Improved the OnApp Control Panel and MySQL database dump script onapp-database-dump.sh as follows:

  • The script command line arguments have higher priority than database.yml settings.
  • Implemented -c MYSQL_SOCK to specify the Unix socket via command line arguments. You can use the Unix socket or host + port while working with the MySQL server.
  • The logs related to database dump are written into a separate file: /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-database-dump.log
  • Added the DB_DUMP_CRON_ARGS variable to the OnApp CP main config file (/onapp/onapp.conf) to specify command line arguments for the database dump script and its crontab configuration.


KeyRelease NotesAffected Versions
CLOUDBOOT-326Updated a Xen version on CentOS 7 to address the XSA-278 issue. 5.8-6.0
CLOUDBOOT-349You could not connect to CloudBoot CentOS 6 compute resources via SSH due to invalid permissions to the generated ssh keys files.6.0
CLOUDBOOT-367Re-implemented logic of how the CPU cores number is calculated on CloudBoot Xen compute resources based on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.5.0-6.0
CLOUDBOOT-409Reinstalled the Multithreaded IO generation tool (fio) on all CloudBoot compute resources.5.5-6.0


Items that were not related to vCloud Director were displayed at the Dashboard page for vCD users.



Sometimes a vCD user could view the incorrect list of available vCloud organization networks in an organization virtual datacenter.



The Enable Autoscaling slider was missing at the Confirmation step of the VS wizard.



You could not create a virtual server with an assigned recipe on some Linux and Windows templates.



After updating a CDN resource on CP, Let’s Encrypt SSL was disabled.



When you turned on WAF on CDN resource, all WAF rules were enabled by default, but this actually blacklisted all the ruleset.



The udev rules were not applied during the baremetal server provisioning.


CORE-12892When an external vCD network had multiple IP allocations, OnApp failed to recognize all the allocations beyond the first one.4.3-6.0


Invalid items from a vCD catalog were displayed in re-sync logs when trying to upload an .ovf file into vCD catalog.



Virtual servers suspended in vCD were displayed in the OnApp VSs list with the Building status.



The Tools menu was still displayed next to a virtual server, after it had been suspended from vCD and displayed as inactive in OnApp.



There was an inconsistency between font types and sizes displayed at the Resource Pools details page for vCD.



When you tried to create a vCD resource pool of the Pay-As-You-Go type, the transaction failed and there was no error message.



Migration from vCD to KVM failed for a virtual server that was suspended and then unsuspended before the migration. 




When users had an autogenerated password, they could not create a Windows VS on vCenter compute resources.


CORE-12902The Clean Zombie Transaction box was not available for users who had the Clean zombie transaction permission but didn't have the Any action on transactions permissions.6.0


It was impossible to add applications in the Application Servers menu due to unavailable screenshots in the application creation form.



When you tried to decrypt password for AWS instance at the EC2 Instances Details page, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.



Added support for Windows 2019.



It was possible to enable Acceleration for a virtual server created on a compute resource other than Xen or KVM.



The CDN bandwidth limit was not set on the Aflexi side after assigning a bucket with bandwidth limit to a user.



The vCD statistics for CPU and memory was not displayed on the Dashboard page.



The error message did not explain why it is impossible to create a VS due to permission limitations.



When you edited a template group, you could enter a KMS server label that is already in use.



The huge list of payments at the User Payments page led to increased CPU load. Now, only ten payments are shown per page.



Users with the Backup server by bucket restriction set could see backup servers that were not added to their buckets.


CORE-12920Non-working Edit button was displayed next to the templates at My Template Groups page.6.0
CORE-12921Hour and Minute labels overlapped the cell border in Suspend At box at the Auto Suspending step of the user creation wizard.6.0
CORE-12922When you added a service add-on to a vCloud VS, the price of that service add-on was not displayed at Virtual Server Details page.6.0
CORE-12923Automation settings sliders were aligned incorrectly at the Confirmation step of the Migration wizard when trying to migrate a vCloud VS to KVM.6.0


Default values were displayed instead of the values set by the user at the Confirmation step of the smart server creation.



The Enforce Password Complexity label on the Defaults Configurations page was not aligned with other labels on the page.



When you added one additional disks to a storage disk for a vCenter virtual server, two disks with the same identifier but with different IDs were added.



It was possible to create more than one accelerator in a network.



The labels of assigned recipes overlapped in the virtual server wizard at the Recipes step.



The 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to open production logs at the Integrated Storage Disk details page.



The 500 Internal Server Error appeared in OnApp interface when trying to create vCD resource pools.

CORE-12949The 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to unsuspend a vApp virtual server in OnApp interface after successfully suspending it both in vCloud and OnApp interfaces.6.0
CORE-12950It was impossible to assign a network interface to a vApp virtual server after adding organization network to this vApp.6.0


It was impossible to boot a VS from a Windows ISO List if the VS was built on the compute resource of Any OS operating system type. In this case, only non_windows templates were displayed on the list.



The undefined method error appeared when trying to assign buckets to CDN users.



The CPU Cores icon overlapped a long name of a NIC in the Deploy vApp wizard.



Baremetal servers were not created on Xen compute resources due to the insufficient amount of Dom0 RAM in the PXE config file.



An empty space appeared under the Label has already been taken error message at the Template Store page.



The Port Speed slider was not active at the Create Load Balancer page and as a result a load balancer was created with a network speed of 9090 Mbps.


CORE-12990When you composed a new vApp from two vApps where one virtual server was stopped and another was powered on, the StopVApp transaction failed with an error.6.0


Increasing a size of a primary disk on a container server failed.



A DNS domain was not changed to a new one after saving at the DNS Setup page on the Control Panel.



The 500 Internal Server Error appeared when there were more than ten items in the output of the Get Logs API call.



Incorrect backup size was displayed at the Backups page for different types of servers if the backup was taken on NFS mount.



When you created a compute resource in a federated compute zone, the IpAddress is blank error occurred if both Buyer and Seller used Integrated Storage.



The Unlock icon was missing for a Load Balancer that was being built.



You could not create a virtual server from an instance package that was assigned to a specific compute zone in a bucket.


CORE-13021It was possible to initiate the deletion of resource pools that still contained resources, such as vApps and Media. Added a popup window to inform a user about existing resources that should be removed first.6.0


After you updated an IP pool for External Network in vCD, the IP pool was removed from the network in OnApp.


CORE-13024When you created a vCD Edge Gateway with two or more networks, the transaction failed.



Networks without IP nets were displayed as an available option in the VS creation wizard at the Resources step.



The UnknownAttributeError occurred when you subscribed to a federated compute zone as a Buyer.



The Get Catalog Details API request returned data about a user instead of a catalog.



The number of resources overlapped the icons in the minimized version of a sidebar on the Control Panel.



You could not assign to a user an IP address from an IP range that was not first in an IP net.



After you created a vCD Edge Gateway using an external network with two or more IP pools, only the last IP address was displayed at the Edge Gateway page in OnApp.



Fixed the issue when a negative value appeared for a disk size in the VS wizard if the Disk Size limit set in the user bucket was exceeded.



The buttons in the Automation Settings of the Deploy vApp wizard were partly hidden.



The Use Gateway DNS option was not applied to a vCD Org Network after enabling the option from OnApp CP.



When you ran the Get Cloud Usage Statistics API request, an undefined local variable or method cpu_used was returned.



Virtual servers in Federation were created only with a primary disk, although a swap disk was also selected.



After applying the unlimited CPU and Memory values for a vCD Pay-As-You-Go Resource Pool, the values were set to zero and could not be edited.



The invalid Estimated Price per Hour was calculated for an instance package in the virtual servers wizard.



Fixed the issue when the ConfigureOperatingSystem transaction failed due to the absence of a GRUB boot loader legacy configuration file on Xen-based Linux templates.



The 500 Internal Server Error occurred upon an attempt to access recipes for a baremetal server after it was provisioned.



DNS addresses were missing in the rebuild_network.bat file after adding resolvers and building a Windows virtual server.



After you changed permissions and added extended attributes to the VS disk files, taking incremental backup failed.



The CloudBoot related transactions failed on clouds where InfiniBand was enabled.



The recovery mode was not enabled on a CentOS 7 based baremetal server due to the missing files (recovery-baremetal.kernel and recovery-baremetal.initrd) in the ramdisk-recovery directory.



When you edited a vCD orchestration model, settings that you set were not saved.



When you updated a CDN resource, WAF rules were removed from a blacklist for the resource.



When you ran the Get Cloud Usage, VS CPU, Disk, and Network statistics API requests, you received an invalid XML output.



When you disabled the Read any Provider Resource Pool permission, you could not deploy a vCD orchestration model.



If you selected a SNI SSL certificate while creating an HTTP CDN resource, the certificate was not enabled for the resource.



When you migrated a virtual server from vCD/vCenter to KVM, the Remove Source VM when migration is successful checkbox was enabled by default.



If a migration from vCD/vCenter to KVM failed, the subsequent migrations would fail on the ImportDiskPartitions transaction.



The ConfigureOperaitingSystem transaction failed while creating a Windows XP/2003 virtual server on Xen compute resources where sysprep was enabled for a compute zone.



Importing vCloud Director to OnApp sometimes failed with the ReadTimeout error. 



When you edited a vCD VS that was included into a vApp, the changes were not updated at the vApp > Tools > Starting and Stopping VSs page. If you recomposed the vApp, the updated virtual servers were duplicated at the Starting and Stopping VSs page.



Statistics was not collected for vCloud Director external networks that were based on Standard Virtual Switch (VSS) port groups.



Adding nodes to a Load Balancing Cluster via API resulted in the 500 Internal Server Error.



The hot migration of the virtual server with disks might fail because the migratable option was not used while preparing the VS XML dump.



When you added networks to vCenter virtual servers, you could select networks from a cluster to which the VS did not belong.



After you created a vCloud Director external network with multiple IP allocation, the synchronization failed to import the network to OnApp.



When you applied changes in vCD to an external network, such as adding subnet or editing Static IP Pool, the changes were not synchronized to OnApp.



It was possible to delete a vCD instance that had an organization network.



When you clicked the Drop Other Sessions button on your Control Panel, your other sessions were not dropped.



The Delete DNS Record API request was run from an invalid user instead of a DNS Zone owner.



The Resource Pool that was disabled in vCloud Director could be used to create an edge gateway or deploy a vApp in OnApp.



When you were at a particular vCD Edge Gateway page, some labels in the Interfaces section did not correspond to the same labels at the Edge Gateways page.



When a vApp owner was changed, a name of a new owner was displayed in the billing statistics for a time period when the new user did not own the vApp virtual servers.



If a vApp was owned by System in vCD and System Owner in OnApp, recomposing the vApp in OnApp failed with 500 Internal Server Error.



When you created a virtual server and selected a particular network, different IP net, IP range, and IP address were returned in different browsers.



If you edited grub.conf before taking a VS backup and converting the backup to template, restoring the VS from this template failed.



You can now use a new API request to get details of OVA disks.



When you clicked Switch but didn't change a Default PHP Version on the Application Server > Settings page, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.



The zombie_disks_size parameter was calculated taking into account compute resources that were disabled or had collect_stats set to false.



The statistics for the last hour was not collected on a Control Panel if a time zone was offset from UTC by 30 minutes.



The Dashboard page was not loaded for a user who had only the Show cloud dashboard permission enabled.



Virtual servers were created with enabled Acceleration, even though you disabled Acceleration in the wizard or via API.



The prices for a virtual server usage on the User Statistics and Billing Statistics pages differed because the former page provided data for one more extra day in addition to the selected period.


CORE-13365When you confirmed a creation of a baremetal server with a recipe, the action was cancelled and an error message appeared.6.0


When you were at the Custom Recipe Variables page for a baremetal server, the Add (+) button was missing.   



Converting an OVA image with multiple disks and networks failed with an undefined method error. 



When you added a network interface to a vCenter virtual server, some invalid DSwitch-Uplink options were available on a list of physical networks.


CORE-13420Disabled the possibility to restore an incremental backup with the Force Restore option on FreeBSD virtual servers. 6.0


When you edited a vCD Resource Pool, the Compute Resources values did not correspond to the values set for the Resource Pool.



You can now set vCPU Speed for a vCD Orchestration Model to a decimal number in MHz.



When the Any action on virtual servers permission was disabled, users could not accelerate virtual servers.


CORE-13486When users created a virtual server in Federation, the Estimated Price per Hour was equal to zero in the wizard.6.0


When you attached a Veeam based backup resource to a vCenter virtual server, the ScheduleCreate transaction failed.


CORE-13488When you changed your timezone to non-UTC, the Show in my timezone option could not be applied to CPU, Network, and Disk IOPS statistics.6.0


The CPU Time was calculated instead of the CPU Used percentage at the Cloud Usage page.



After you created two data store zones and assigned several data stores to each zone, the data stores were duplicated in the Primary Data Store box of the virtual server wizard.


CORE-13492When you created a firewall rule without a name on an edge gateway via NSX, the rule was not synchronized from vCD to OnApp.5.7-6.0


When you edited a vCD orchestration model, the Customizable/Visible settings and Data Store Options were reset after saving.



When you created a IPSEC VPN tunnel in OnApp, the Enable VPN option was missing and the service was not started on a vCD Edge Gateway.



You can edit a network quota for Resource Pools via OnApp UI and API to change a default zero value that is set on the vCloud Director side.


CORE-13497When you deployed a vCD Orchestration Model, an Org Network was not created. 6.0
CORE-13501When you edited a vCD Edge Gateway, you could see external networks not added to the bucket in the External Networks drop-down list.6.0


When you added a vApp network, the Direct Org Networks were missing in the drop-down box.



The CreateOrgVDCNetwork transaction failed during creation of the Isolated and Routed vCD Org Networks.6.0


When a buyer in Federation viewed Integrated Storage data stores, Disk Capacity was equal to 0 B instead of a valid value.6.0
CORE-13523The compute resources with a Windows Only operating system type could be used to create a non-Windows virtual server.6.0
CORE-13530If the data_store_group_primary_id and data_store_group_swap_id parameters were not passed via the POST /virtual_machines API request, a data store was not automatically assigned to a virtual server.6.0
CORE-13542The Recompose vApp Timeout parameter was missing at the Settings > Configuration > vCloud Timeouts page.6.0
CORE-13543When you edited a data store for a vCD Resource Pool, the fractional part of 0.5 was added to any value that you entered into the Disk Capacity box.6.0
CORE-13570When you created a vCD Edge Gateway without enabling Advanced Options sliders at the first step of the creation wizard, the transaction failed.6.0
CORE-13584When you created a new vCD Orchestration Model, the transaction failed during network quota validation for a Resource Pool.6.0
CORE-13602After you reassigned an additional disk from one virtual server to another, the disk remained attached to the source virtual server instead of the destination one.5.5-6.0
CORE-13617When you added two or more compute zones to Federation and these zones belonged to the same bucket, Access Control of the bucket became unavailable.6.0
CORE-13674It was possible to edit a compute resource for a vCD Orchestration Model.6.0
CORE-13675When you created a new vCD Orchestration Model, the None option was missing for a Default Network Pool.6.0
CORE-13676When you tried to create a vCD Edge Gateway, you could select external networks not assigned to a Provider VDC and the transaction failed.6.0
CORE-13677The CreateEdgeGateway transaction failed while creating a vCD Edge Gateway with the networks that did not support rate limits but were available for selection in the creation wizard at OnApp side.6.0
CORE-13678When a new user logged in to Control Panel via SAML for the first time, a system error occurred.6.0
CORE-13679After you have configured pricing for service add-on groups in your bucket, this configuration was not displayed at the Service Add-ons step in the VS creation wizard.6.0
CORE-13693In the virtual server wizard, data stores were not available for selection if the Show compute zones on virtual server creation permission was disabled; and networks - if the Show compute resources on virtual server creation permission was disabled.6.0
CORE-13695The Logs page for vCD users contained some redundant buttons, such as Clean Logs and Cancel All Pending Backups.6.0
CORE-13711When a user was granted only the Show Cloud Dashboard permission from the Dashboard permissions set and owned at least one virtual server, they could not login to Control Panel or access the Dashboard page.6.0
CORE-13719When you added translations to a custom locale at the i18n Customization menu and a key that was displayed was networking.virtual_machine_ip_addresses.index.delete_ip_address.confirm, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13726When you added translations for boolean expressions at the i18n Customization menu, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13742The 500 Internal Server Error appeared after you attempted to download Activity Log as a CSV file.6.0
CORE-13748The Network Interface Usage statistics was calculated differently for a Federation Buyer and Seller if they had different OnApp versions. If you are a Federation Buyer and you suspect the issue with the network interface statistics, please contact OnApp Support.6.0
CORE-13759When you deployed a vCD Orchestration Model, the Network Quota box was missing and as a result a Resource Pool was created with the network quota set to 42.6.0
CORE-13760When you deployed an Orchestration Model with the Reservation Pool VDC model type, the CPU and Memory Resources parameters for other model types could appeared.6.0
CORE-13766After you edited an instance package for a vCenter virtual server, settings were applied but the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when you accessed the VS page.6.0
CORE-13788After you created a VS in the federated zone and tried to edit the CPU priority value, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13789When you tried to create a new CDN accelerator, you couldn't select a location at the Cloud Locations step of the creation wizard.6.0
CORE-13793Sometimes when users scheduled any transactions for processing, they could be left in a pending state for a long time and not be processed at all.6.0
CORE-13809The migration of a virtual server from VMware to KVM failed if the virtual server had NVRAM of MF files alongside with OVF and VMDK.6.0
CORE-13811After you created a VS with more than one CPUs and set price for CPU shares, you could see the estimated price for CPU priority instead of CPU shares at the Adjust Resource Allocations page.6.0
CORE-13815The Default Network label was not displayed for a vCD Orchestration Model.6.0
CORE-13842After you added all resources to a vCD bucket, you could not migrate a vCDVS to KVM since the dropdown lists with resources in the Migration to KVM wizard were empty.6.0
CORE-13846When you accessed Network Interface Usage from the VS Details page, the hourly speed of sent and received data sent was displayed in Kb instead of Gb.6.0
CORE-13851The virtual server password passed via the ROOT_PASSWORD recipe variable was not filtered in transactions logs.6.0
CORE-13853It was possible to upload to the Control Panel UI a PNG file that might potentially contain an XSS injection.5.5-6.0
CORE-13892When you were at the Edge Gateway Details page with an external network that did not support rate limits, then empty Rate Limits section was displayed.6.0
CORE-13893After you enabled rate limits for Edge Gateway and selected an external network not supporting rate limit on the first two steps of the Edge Gateway creation wizard, the empty page was displayed at the Configure Rate Limits step.6.0
CORE-13901After you created a vCD edge gateway with an external network that did not support rate limits, the Edit Rate Limits option was still displayed when clicking the Actions icon at Edge Gateways page and the Tools button at the Edge Gateway Details page.6.0
CORE-13908When you tried to create a vApp template and set more than 32 CPU cores for the VS, you exceeded the system limit and the vApp creation failed.5.5-6.0
CORE-13909When you logged into OnApp as a vCD Organization Admin user, you had access to usage statistics for all virtual servers on Control Panel.6.0
CORE-13910Sometimes under certain circumstances, after a VDC was created from OnApp, the synchronizer removed the VDC and replaced it with a new one. As a result, data stores remained assigned to the deleted VDC and were not available for usage.6.0
CORE-13911When you were at the Resource Pool Details page, the GHz/MHz values were missing for vCPU speed, CPU reserved and CPU used.6.0
CORE-13912After you created a CDN edge server and accessed the Edge Server details page, the cloud location was different from the one you indicated during the creation process.6.0
CORE-13913When you powered on CDN servers on compute resources without a DNS name, the servers were running at a low speed.5.0-6.0
CORE-13918The list of virtual servers assigned to a particular compute resource was empty if the Any action on compute resources permission was disabled.6.0
CORE-13949When you tried to delete a network interface from a vCD VS, a system error Couldn't find Networking::NetworkInterface with 'id' occurred.6.0
CORE-13950The system error occurred while rebuilding a vCenter virtual server from the same template. 6.0
CORE-13989After you created a Windows VS from an OVA template, a label specified during creation was used as a hostname in vCenter.6.0
CORE-13990When you created a vCD Organization, the Company Billing Plan box appeared instead of Bucket.6.0
CORE-13991After you edited an Orchestration Model and deleted all Networks to Create, the networks remained connected to the orchestration model.6.0
CORE-13992At the Usage Trends page, vCD users could view statistics for all resources available on the Control Panel instead of the vCD-related resources only.6.0
CORE-13994If a virtual server built from an OVA template was moved from the root folder in vCenter, the template was re-uploaded during subsequent deployments in OnApp because the system couldn't locate it in the root folder. If you want to move an OVA virtual server in vCenter, go to VMs and Templates > New folder > New VM and Template folder and Move to folder in the pop-up box.6.0
CORE-13998The Total Cost with Discount and Total Free Amount didn't include monthly free prices at the User Statistics page.6.0
CORE-13999After you set use_cpu_units to false for a KVM compute_zone_resource via Buckets API, the CPU Units checkbox was available in the wizard on Control Panel UI.6.0
CORE-14002When you tried to create a load balancer via API, the No Method error appeared.6.0
CORE-14012Removed the See all Compute resources permission from the list of default permissions for the User role.6.0
CORE-14018After you enabled DRaaS for a virtual server, an automatically created DRaaS template group became available in the virtual server wizard.6.0
CORE-14033In the virtual server wizard, compute resources were not filtered according to the selected cloud location.6.0
CORE-14060The 500 Internal Server Error occurred while creating a VDC from the default Admin user account.6.0
CORE-14065vCloud Director users could view Resource Pools statistics for any customer via a direct URL.6.0
CORE-14076After you created a vCenter virtual server and tried to rebuild it, the transaction failed.6.0
CORE-14100When you edited a vCD Resource Pool, the Compute Resources values did not correspond to the values set for the Resource Pool.6.0
CORE-14102When you tried to add vCloud Director to OnApp UI, the transaction failed with an Undefined method `id' for nil:NilClass error.6.0
CORE-14103When you tried to add vCloud Director to OnApp UI, the transaction failed with an Unauthorized usage of Callbacks! Class name: Networking::VCloud::VAppNetwork error.6.0
CORE-14104If the users with a vCloud Organization Administrator role had See all roles or See user's own roles permissions enabled but all permissions for Organizations disabled, they could see the list of all organizations instead of list of assigned organizations at the Role Details page.6.0
CORE-14105During the vCD import to OnApp CP, the system attempted to import vapp_startup_items for a virtual server with the Failed to create status. Now vapp_startup_items are no longer imported for VSs with the Failed to create status.6.0
CORE-14105When you accessed the Monthly Bills page after you updated from OnApp 5.5 to OnApp 6.0, the fee for the month of update was calculated incorrectly.6.0
CORE-14109After you uploaded a vCenter OVA template to a backup server that was not attached to a vCenter compute resource, the template was not displayed in the VS creation wizard.6.0
CORE-14112After you created a Windows-based VS and rebuilt it to Linux, you couldn't edit it. Now the possibility to rebuild a Windows-based virtual server to Linux/FreeBSD template and vice versa is removed.6.0
CORE-14114You cannot insert to a virtual server floppy disk image files that are no longer supported by vCloud Director.6.0
CORE-14118When a user had some networks available on a bucket but did not have the networks permissions enabled, the IP nets were not displayed in the VS creation wizard. Now the IP nets are available for the user, depending only on the billing restrictions.6.0
CORE-14120When you tried to attach a backup resource to a virtual server on R1Soft backup plugin, the EnableResourceForVirtualServer transaction failed.6.0
CORE-14123When a user had the See all IP Addresses permission disabled, they could still see all the IP addresses via the GET API request.6.0
CORE-14124When a user had the See all IP Addresses permission disabled, they could still see all IP addresses at the Assign IP Address page.6.0
CORE-14125When you tried to assign an IP address to a network interface allocated to a VS, you couldn't see the list of IPs from the drop-down menu at the Assign IP Address page.6.0
CORE-14133When users created a vCD Edge Gateway, they could exceed the IP Address limit set for a network zone in a bucket.  6.0.0-122
CORE-14136Sometimes when you tried to create a vCD resource pool, it was created without the assigned data stores and the transaction failed with Billing::Sources::Origins::NotFound error.6.0
CORE-14146When you tried to create a vCD edge gateway and disabled the Configure Default Gateway slider in the creation wizard at the Default Gateway step, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-14154After you created a recovery point for a virtual server on R1Soft backup plugin, the records of recovery points were duplicated at the Recovery Points page after synchronizing with OnApp Control Panel.6.0
CORE-14161Sometimes logs on the vApp details page were not updated automatically and a reload of the page was required. 6.0
CORE-14163It wasn't possible to assign to a network interface an IP address that was previously removed from a vCenter virtual server. 6.0
CORE-14164You could not create a virtual server from an OVA template, if a destination vCenter compute zone was not attached to a backup server. 6.0
CORE-14167After you disabled billing at the Edit System Configuration page, you couldn't configure a primary disk size in the VS wizard as well as create a new VS.6.0
CORE-14170When you sorted bucket users by Full Name, User Name, or User Group, a list of all users appeared instead of users associated with a bucket. 6.0
CORE-14171Disabled sorting by CPU Used/Available/MHz and RAM Total/Free at the All Compute Resources page on Control Panel. 6.0
CORE-14180CDN SSL certificates removed from Aflexi were not removed from the OnApp database. 6.0
CORE-14184The deactivation of logical volumes, such as virtual server disks that were activated on two compute resources simultaneously or activated on the wrong compute resource, failed. 6.0
CORE-14185When you enabled the Show compute resources on virtual server creation permission but disabled Show compute zones on virtual server creation, both resources and zones were available for selection in the virtual server wizard. 6.0.0-159
CORE-14207The number of CDN SSL certificates was not updated on the left bar on the Control Panel after certificates were deleted from Aflexi. 6.0
STORAGE-2115It was not possible to enable an NVMe storage device on Xen compute resources with Integrated Storage. 5.0-6.0