OnApp 6.0 Patch 5 (6.0.0-152)

27 March 2019

This is an update for the Control Panel server and Static compute resources. This documents provides information on improvements and fixes implemented as a part of the 6.0.0-152 update, as well as the upgrade instructions for:

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The following improvements were implemented in the scope of the 6.0.0-152 update. 

KeyRelease Notes
CORE-13565You can now edit the default gateway, IP settings, and rate limits for vCloud Director edge gateways.
CORE-12635Improved the display of Top 20 Servers at the Usage Trends page: when you select a specific compute zone, Top 20 Servers are updated according the selected zone.
CORE-13118You can now edit Integrated Storage MTU size for CloudBoot compute resources with InfiniBand enabled.
CORE-13698You can now create accelerator independently from CDN Locations and without attaching locations to the accelerator.
CORE-13739Now when vCloud users log in using SAML authentication, their resources are synced to OnApp and available under System owner user.
CORE-13749You can now allow or disallow default acceleration for the newly created virtual servers at Settings > Configuration.
CORE-13751Added support for KVM CentOS 7 CloudBoot compute resources where you can deploy a smart server.
CORE-13783You can now resize a primary disk of the vCenter VS not only during the VS creation but also after the VS deployment from OnApp.
CORE-13830The Control Panel uses the new 7.6 images version for Recovery Mode.
CORE-13845While creating a backup plugin, you can now pass metadata via an associated model's metadata and virtual server owner related models.
CORE-13856You can now export the English locale from your Control Panel to a YAML file, translate it to your custom language and import the file back to Control Panel.
CORE-13865OnApp imports cross-virtual data center networks that were introduced in vCloud Director 9.5.
CORE-13914You can now access your CDN edge servers and accelerators via an Integrated Console on the OnApp Control Panel.
CORE-14005The send_notification_to_market action is now used to make a request to the database to query a Federation trader and supplier status.
CORE-14056Added Hyper-V enlightenment feature to improve the performance of Windows VSs running on CentOS 7 KVM compute resources.
CORE-14072You can now get a current acceleration status for a virtual server via the API request.
CORE-14073Removed the obsolete acceleration_status attribute from the attribute list in the VS related API requests.
INSTALLER-416Updated a recovery ISO version to 7.6 for static compute resources and Control Panel installers.
INSTALLER-420While an hourly database dump file is created, it is immediately compressed with Gzip to reduce disk space required to store plain-text dump files.

Improved the OnApp Control Panel and MySQL database dump script onapp-database-dump.sh as follows:

  • The script command line arguments have higher priority than database.yml settings.
  • Implemented -c MYSQL_SOCK to specify the Unix socket via command line arguments. You can use the Unix socket or host + port while working with the MySQL server.
  • The logs related to database dump are written into a separate file: /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-database-dump.log
  • Added the DB_DUMP_CRON_ARGS variable to the OnApp CP main config file (/onapp/onapp.conf) to specify command line arguments for the database dump script and its crontab configuration.


The following issues were fixed in the scope of the 6.0.0-152 update. 

KeyRelease NotesAffected Versions

OnApp Cloud

CORE-12849It was possible to upload to the Control Panel UI a PNG file that might potentially contain an XSS injection.5.5-6.0
CORE-13074After you have configured pricing for service add-on groups in your bucket, this configuration was not displayed at the Service Addons step in the VS creation wizard.6.0.0-62
CORE-13242After you enabled DRaaS for a virtual server, an automatically created DRaaS template group became available in the virtual server wizard.6.0

When you powered on CDN servers on compute resources without a Domain Name System (DNS) name, the servers were running at a low speed.

CORE-13498The list of virtual servers assigned to a particular compute resource was empty if the Any action on compute resources permission was disabled.6.0
CORE-13658In the virtual server wizard, data stores were not available for selection if the Show compute zones on virtual server creation permission was disabled; and networks - if the Show compute resources on virtual server creation permission was disabled.6.0.0-122
CORE-13743When you had two users with different currencies set in the bucket and logged in as User 1, you saw the currency of User 2 in the Migrate Virtual Server window.6.0
CORE-13769The 500 Internal Server Error occurred while searching phrases in a specific locale at the Locales page.6.0
CORE-13775When you tried to create new CDN accelerator, you couldn't select a location at the Cloud Locations step of the creation wizard.6.0
CORE-13787After you created a VS in the federated zone and tried to edit the CPU priority value, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13792Sometimes when users scheduled any transactions for processing, they could be left in a pending state for a long time and not be processed at all.6.0

If you had the VS running on Xen compute resources, you couldn't suspend it after update from OnApp 5.5 to OnApp 6.0.

CORE-13848When you accessed Network Interface Usage from the VS Details page, the instant statistics of sent and received data sent was displayed in Kbps instead of Mbps.6.0.0-122
CORE-13850The virtual server password passed via the ROOT_PASSWORD recipe variable was not filtered in transactions logs.6.0

After you created a CDN edge server and accessed the Edge Server's Details page, the cloud location was different from the one you indicated during the creation process.

CORE-13866Sometimes when you logged in to Control Panel with vCenter user, a general system error vix error codes occurred.6.0.0-122
CORE-13883After you set use_cpu_units to false for a KVM compute_zone_resource via Buckets API, the CPU Units checkbox was available in the wizard on Control Panel UI.6.0.0-122
CORE-13952Removed the See all Compute resources permission from the list of default permissions for the User role.6.0.0-122
CORE-13970The Total Cost with Discount and Total Free Amount didn't include monthly free prices at the User Statistics page.6.0.0-122
CORE-14030In the virtual server wizard, compute resources were not filtered according to the selected cloud location6.0
CORE-14045In the virtual server wizard, all networks attached to a compute resource or zone were available for selection, even though some of the networks were not added to a user's bucket.6.0

vCloud Director


When you tried to create a vApp template and set more than 32 CPU cores for the VS, you exceeded the system limit and the vApp creation failed.

CORE-12860When you logged into OnApp as a vCD Organization Admin user, you had access to usage statistics for all virtual servers on Control Panel.6.0
CORE-13500When you edited a vCD Edge Gateway, you could see external networks not added to the bucket in the External Networks drop-down list.6.0

The CreateEdgeGateway transaction failed while creating a vCD Edge Gateway with the networks that did not support rate limits but were available for selection in the creation wizard at OnApp side.

CORE-13568When you created a vCD Edge Gateway without enabling Advanced Options sliders at the first step of the creation wizard, the transaction failed.6.0.0-98
CORE-13636When you tried to create a vCD Edge Gateway, you could select external networks not assigned to a Provider VDC and the transaction failed.6.0.0-98
CORE-13738After you created a VS with more than one CPUs and set price for CPU shares, you could see the estimated price for CPU priority instead of CPU shares at the Adjust Resource Allocations page.6.0

The migration of a virtual server from VMware to KVM failed if the virtual server had NVRAM of MF files alongside with OVF and VMDK.

CORE-13852After you added all resources to the vCD bucket, you could not migrate vCloud VS to KVM since the dropdown lists with resources in the Migration to KVM wizard were empty.6.0
CORE-13870When you were at the Resource Pool Details page, the GHz/MHz values were missing for vCPU speed, CPU reserved and CPU used.6.0
CORE-13881Sometimes under certain circumstances, after a VDC was created from OnApp, the synchronizer removed the VDC and replaced it with a new one. As a result, data stores remained assigned to the deleted VDC and were not available for usage.6.0.0-122

After you enabled rate limits for Edge Gateway and selected an external network not supporting rate limit on the first two steps of the Edge Gateway creation wizard, the empty page was displayed at the Configure Rate Limits step.

CORE-13886When you were at the Edge Gateway Details page with an external network that did not support rate limits, then empty Rate Limits section was displayed.6.0.0-122

After you created a vCD edge gateway with an external network that did not support rate limits, the Edit Rate Limits option was still displayed when clicking the Actions icon at Edge Gateways page and the Tools button at the Edge Gateway Details page.

CORE-13935When you tried to delete network interface from the vCloud VS, a system error 'Couldn't find Networking::NetworkInterface with 'id' occurred at the Logs page.6.0
CORE-13944After you edited an Orchestration Model and deleted all Networks to Create, the networks remained connected to the orchestration model.6.0
CORE-13972At the Usage Trends page, vCD users could view statistics for all resources available on the Control Panel instead of the vCD-related resources only.6.0
CORE-13977When you created an Organization, the Company Billing Plan box appeared instead of Bucket6.0.0-122

The 500 Internal Server Error occurred while creating a VDC from the default Admin user account.

CORE-14063vCloud Director users could view Resource Pools statistics for any customer via a direct URL.6.0
INSTALLER-422The log rotation were not applied to the production_vcloud_rest.log file. 6.0.0-122


CORE-12692When you added a new network interface to a vCenter virtual server, all IP addresses for that virtual server were deleted. 6.0
CORE-13975If a virtual server built from an OVA template was moved from the root folder in vCenter, the template was reuploaded during subsequent deployments in OnApp because the system couldn't locate it in the root folder. If you want to move an OVA virtual server in vCenter, go to VMs and Templates > New folder > New VM and Template folder and Move to folder in the pop-up box.6.0.0-122
CORE-13981After you created a Windows VS built from an OVA template, the label specified during creation was used as a hostname in vCenter.6.0
CORE-14031After you created a vCenter virtual server and tried to rebuild it, the transaction failed.6.0.0-122
INSTALLER-422The log rotation were not applied to the production_vcenter.log file.6.0.0-122
  • The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 6.0 version.
  • If you use a Veeam backup plugin, there is a new package version that you can install after the upgrade to 6.0.0-152.  
  • If you use custom languages on your CP, after the upgrade to OnApp 6.0.0-98, you should import custom languages by yourself. For the details, refer to How to import custom languages after an upgrade doc.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To apply the patch to a Control Panel server based on OnApp 6.0:

  1. Upgrade the OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  2. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh --quick-update

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel. Then you can proceed to the following procedure and run the steps, depending on a version from which you upgrade. 

If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-62, run the following steps (1-3). 

  1. If you have CentOS 7 Xen resources, remove the centos-release-xen-46 package: 

    # rpm -e centos-release-xen-46
  2. Upgrade the OnApp compute resource installer package:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install
  3. Update tar on CentOS 6 Xen and KVM compute resources:

    # yum update tar

    If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-80, run the following step (4).

  4. Update the monit management package and run the configuration script: 

    # yum update onapp-hv-monit
    # /onapp/onapp-monit/onapp-hv-monit.sh
  5. Update hypervisor tools for CentOS 6 and 7 Xen resources:

    # yum update onapp-hv-tools-xen

    You can run the full upgrade procedure for static compute resources instead of the steps 3-5:

    • For KVM compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh
    • For Xen compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh

    If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-98, run the following step (6):

  6. Run the following command to download the most recent recovery image:
    For KVM compute resources

    # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh -t

    For Xen compute resources

    # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh -t 

    Please wait for downloads to complete before rebooting (if the reboot is required).

Upgrade Static Backup Server

If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-62, follow the next procedure to upgrade static backup server. 

  1. Upgrade the OnApp backup server installer package:

    # yum update onapp-bk-install
  2. Update tar on CentOS 6 backup servers: 

    # yum update tar