OnApp 6.0 Patch 4 (6.0.0-122)

12 February 2019

This is an update for the Control Panel server, Static and CloudBoot resources. This documents provides information on improvements and fixes implemented as a part of the 6.0.0-122 update, as well as the upgrade instructions for:

The upgrade instructions for CloudBoot are available at OnApp 6.0 Patch 3 CloudBoot Update (6.0.0-122)

Before you proceed to the upgrade, please check whether you have the Show Compute Resources on Virtual Server Creation permission enabled for users. If the permission is disabled, your users can't select a compute zone in the virtual server wizard that might lead to issues with billing. If you keep this permission disabled, make sure that you have only one compute zone added to a bucket.


The following improvements were implemented in scope of the 6.0.0-122 update. 

KeyRelease Notes

The OnApp 6.0.0-122 update provides support for vCloud Director 9.5.


When you create a vCD edge gateway, you can now configure IP settings and rate limits.


When you click the Acceleration tab for a virtual server, you can see that Acceleration Reporting was renamed to Reporting. At the Reporting page, you can now navigate to the destination virtual server from a breadcrumbs trail.

The values of Current/Total Data Read for IOPS and Data Sent for Bandwidth are now calculated with increased precision at the Usage Trends page.

CORE-13207When you create a virtual server and select network configuration, the list of available networks is now loaded faster.
CORE-13537When you are in the virtual server wizard, the Estimated price per hour is displayed accurately only if you have the required permissions and select all the resources in the wizard.

When you create a backup plugin, you can now implement the following:

  • Add a button to OnApp Control Panel UI that would allow to access a provider backup console.
  • Get OnApp credentials of a virtual server owner via the virtual_server argument.


The following issues were fixed in scope of the 6.0.0-122 update. 

KeyRelease NotesAffected Versions

vCloud Director

CORE-12972When you created a vCD Edge Gateway with two or more networks, the transaction failed. 6.0.0-62
CORE-13041The Resource Pool that was disabled in vCloud Director could be used to create an edge gateway or deploy a vApp in OnApp.6.0
CORE-13052When you were at a particular vCD Edge Gateway page, some labels in the Interfaces section did not correspond to the same labels at the Edge Gateways page.6.0
CORE-13066When a vApp owner was changed, a name of a new owner was displayed in the billing statistics for a time period when the new user did not own the vApp virtual servers.6.0
CORE-13152After you created a vCD Edge Gateway using an external network with two or more IP pools, only the last IP address was displayed at the Edge Gateway page in OnApp.6.0
CORE-13308If a vApp was owned by System in vCD and System Owner in OnApp, recomposing the vApp in OnApp failed with 500 Internal Server Error. 6.0
CORE-13349You can now set vCPU Speed for a vCD Orchestration Model to a decimal number in MHz. 6.0.0-80
CORE-13350When you edited a vCD Resource Pool, the Compute Resources values did not correspond to the values set for the Resource Pool.6.0.0-80
CORE-13415You can edit a network quota for Resource Pools via OnApp UI and API to change a default zero value that is set on the vCloud Director side.6.0
CORE-13423When you created a IPSEC VPN tunnel in OnApp, the Enable VPN option was missing and the service was not started on a vCD Edge Gateway.6.0
CORE-13439When you deployed a vCD Orchestration Model, an Org Network was not created. 6.0.0-98
CORE-13440When you edited a vCD Orchestration Model, the Customizable/Visible settings and Data Store Options were reset after saving.6.0.0-98
CORE-13482When you created a firewall rule without a name on an edge gateway via NSX, the rule was not synchronized from vCD to OnApp.6.0
CORE-13484The Logs page for vCD users contained some redundant buttons, such as Clean Logs and Cancel All Pending Backups.6.0
CORE-13506The statistics was not generated for vCloud Director virtual servers at the Billing Statistics page.6.0.0-98
CORE-13509When you added a vApp network, the Direct Org Networks were missing in the drop-down box.6.0.0-98
CORE-13511The CreateOrgVDCNetwork transaction failed during creation of the Isolated and Routed vCD Org Networks.6.0.0-98
CORE-13540The Recompose vApp Timeout parameter was missing at the Settings > Configuration > vCloud Timeouts page.6.0.0-98
CORE-13545When you edited a data store for a vCD Resource Pool, the fractional part of 0.5 was added to any value that you entered into the Disk Capacity box. 6.0.0-98
CORE-13583When you created a new vCD Orchestration Model, the transaction failed during network quota validation for a Resource Pool.6.0.0-98
CORE-13638When you created a new vCD Orchestration Model, the None option was missing for a Default Network Pool.6.0.0-98
CORE-13671It was possible to edit a compute resource for a vCD Orchestration Model.6.0.0-98
CORE-13701When you deployed an Orchestration Model with the Reservation Pool VDC model type, the CPU and Memory Resources parameters for other model types could appeared.6.0.0-98
CORE-13737After you edited a vCD Orchestration Model, a data store ID was not set to any value. 6.0.0-98
CORE-13747When you deployed a vCD Orchestration Model, the Network Quota box was missing and as a result a Resource Pool was created with the network quota set to
CORE-13804When you deployed a vCD Orchestration Model, the deployment failed on the CreateResourcePool transaction.6.0.0-98
CORE-13814The Default Network label was not displayed for a vCD Orchestration Model.6.0.0-98


CORE-13223When you attached a Veeam based backup resource to a vCenter virtual server, the ScheduleCreate transaction failed.6.0
CORE-13359When you created a virtual server on vCenter with two clusters, resources from another cluster were used instead of the cluster you selected.6.0.0-80
When you added a network interface to a vCenter virtual server, some invalid DSwitch-Uplink options were available on a list of physical networks.6.0.0-80
CORE-13765After you edited an instance package for a vCenter virtual server, settings were applied but the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when you accessed the VS page.6.0

OnApp Cloud
CORE-13096When you were at the Custom Recipe Variables page for a baremetal server, the Add (+) button was missing.6.0
CORE-13110When you confirmed a creation of a baremetal server with a recipe, the action was cancelled and an error message appeared.6.0
CORE-13121The compute resources with a Windows Only operating system type could be used to create a non-Windows virtual server.6.0
CORE-13213After you created two data store zones and assigned several data stores to each zone, the data stores were duplicated in the Primary Data Store box of the virtual server wizard.6.0
CORE-13281The Cloud Usage page now provides the percentage of CPU Used instead of the CPU Time.6.0.0-80
CORE-13311When you changed your timezone to non-UTC, the Show in my timezone option could not be applied to CPU, Network, and Disk IOPS statistics.6.0
CORE-13387When a buyer in Federation viewed Integrated Storage data stores, Disk Capacity was equal to 0 B instead of a valid value.6.0.0-98
CORE-13435When users created a virtual server in Federation, the Estimated Price per Hour was equal to zero in the wizard.6.0
CORE-13479When the Any action on virtual servers permission was disabled, users could not accelerate virtual servers.6.0


If the data_store_group_primary_id and data_store_group_swap_id parameters were not passed via the POST /virtual_machines API request, a data store was not automatically assigned to a virtual server.6.0
CORE-13555After you reassigned an additional disk from one virtual server to another, the disk remained attached to the source virtual server instead of the destination one.5.5-6.0
CORE-13557When a new user logged in to Control Panel via SAML for the first time, a system error occurred.6.0.0-98
CORE-13612When you added two or more compute zones to Federation and these zones belonged to the same bucket, Access Control of the bucket became unavailable.6.0
CORE-13708When a user was granted only the Show Cloud Dashboard permission from the Dashboard permissions set and owned at least one virtual server, they could not login to Control Panel or access the Dashboard page.6.0.0-98
CORE-13716When you added translations to a custom locale at the i18n Customization menu and a key that was displayed was networking.virtual_machine_ip_addresses.index.delete_ip_address.confirm, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0.0-98
CORE-13722When you added translations for boolean expressions at the i18n Customization menu, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13729When you saved transactions approvals for a user role, the changes were not applied.6.0.0-98
CORE-13734The 500 Internal Server Error appeared after you attempted to download Activity Log as a CSV file.6.0.0-98
CORE-13740The Network Interface Usage statistics was calculated differently for a Federation Buyer and Seller if they had different OnApp versions. If you are a Federation Buyer and you suspect the issue with the network interface statistics, please contact OnApp Support. 6.0
INSTALLER-408Re-implemented logic of how the CPU cores number is calculated on Xen compute resources based on CentOS 6 and CentOS 7.All OnApp versions
  • The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 6.0.

  • If you use custom languages on your CP, after the upgrade to OnApp 6.0.0-122, you should import custom languages by yourself. For the details, refer to How to import custom languages after an upgrade doc.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To apply the patch to a Control Panel server based on OnApp 6.0:

  1. Upgrade the OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  2. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh --quick-update='monit rabbitmq'

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel. Then you can proceed to the following procedure and run the steps, depending on a version from which you upgrade. 

If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-62, run the following steps (1-3). 

  1. If you have CentOS 7 Xen resources, remove the centos-release-xen-46 package: 

    # rpm -e centos-release-xen-46
  2. Upgrade the OnApp compute resource installer package:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install
  3. Update tar on CentOS 6 Xen and KVM compute resources:

    # yum update tar

    If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-80, run the following step (4).

  4. Update the monit management package and run the configuration script: 

    # yum update onapp-hv-monit
    # /onapp/onapp-monit/onapp-hv-monit.sh
  5. Update hypervisor tools for CentOS 6 and 7 Xen resources:

    # yum update onapp-hv-tools-xen

    You can run the full upgrade procedure for static compute resources instead of the steps 3-5:

    • For KVM compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh
    • For Xen compute resources

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh

Upgrade Static Backup Server

If you upgrade from OnApp =< 6.0.0-62, follow the next procedure to upgrade static backup server. 

  1. Upgrade the OnApp backup server installer package:

    # yum update onapp-bk-install
  2. Update tar on CentOS 6 backup servers: 

    # yum update tar