OnApp 6.0 Patch 3 (6.0.0-98)

2 January 2019

This is a version of a Control Panel and CloudBoot update. The information below refers to the release notes and upgrade instructions for the Control Panel. For information on the CloudBoot release notes and upgrade instructions, refer to OnApp 6.0 Patch 2 CloudBoot Update (6.0.0-198)


The following improvements were implemented in scope of the 6.0.0-98 update. 

KeyRelease Notes
CORE-13044You can now set a Session Timeout for sessions within OnApp at Settings > Configuration > System.
CORE-13156After you create a new vCD user, the Provider Resource Pools permission set is disabled for the user by default.
CORE-13234When you hot migrate a disk, the virsh blockcopy call is used instead of a call to a backup server.
CORE-13239When you run the GET VS Billing Statistics API request, the resource ID is returned for instance packages and templates.
CORE-13312When you import an external network from vCloud Director to OnApp, the network is imported with IP Nets.
CORE-13324When you resize a disk on Xen compute resources, the resize2fs runs with the force (-f) flag enabled.


The following issues were fixed in scope of the 6.0.0-98 update. 

KeyRelease NotesAffected Versions
CORE-12151The ConfigureOperaitingSystem transaction failed while creating a Windows XP/2003 virtual server on Xen compute resources where sysprep was enabled for a compute zone.5.5-6.0
CORE-12272After you changed permissions and added extended attributes to the VS disk files, taking incremental backup failed.5.5-6.0
CORE-12970After you created a vCloud Director external network with multiple IP allocation, the synchronization failed to import the network to OnApp. 6.0.0-62
CORE-12988Changes applied to a vCloud Director external network were not synchronized to OnApp.6.0
CORE-13060After applying the unlimited CPU and Memory values for a vCD Pay-As-You-Go Resource Pool, the values were set to zero and could not be edited.6.0.0-62
CORE-13065The Use Gateway DNS option was not applied to a vCD Org Network after enabling the option from OnApp CP.6.0
CORE-13067The Delete DNS Record API request was run from an invalid user instead of a DNS Zone owner.6.0.0-62
CORE-13071DNS addresses were missing in the rebuild_network.bat file after adding resolvers and building a Windows virtual server. 6.0
CORE-13111When you clicked Actions > Backups for an application server, you were redirected to the Dashboard page.6.0.0-80
CORE-13116When you edited a vCD VS that was included into a vApp, the changes were not updated at the vApp > Tools > Starting and Stopping VSs page. If you recomposed the vApp, the updated virtual servers were duplicated at the Starting and Stopping VSs page.6.0
CORE-13141If a migration from vCD/vCenter to KVM failed, the subsequent migrations would fail on the ImportDiskPartitions transaction.6.0
CORE-13151When you edited a vCD orchestration model, settings that you set were not saved.6.0
CORE-13153The Get Catalog Details API request returned data about a user instead of a catalog.6.0
CORE-13154When you ran the Get Cloud Usage Statistics API request, an undefined local variable or method 'cpu_used' was returned.6.0
CORE-13155When you ran the Get Cloud Usage, VS CPU, Disk, and Network statistics API requests, you received an invalid XML output.6.0
CORE-13165If you selected a SNI SSL certificate while creating an HTTP CDN resource, the certificate was not enabled for the resource.6.0
CORE-13166When you migrated a virtual server from vCD/vCenter to KVM, the Remove Source VM when migration is successful checkbox was enabled by default.6.0
CORE-13171You can now use a new API request to get details of OVA disks.6.0.0-80
CORE-13184Statistics was not collected for vCloud Director external networks that were based on Standard Virtual Switch (VSS) port groups.6.0
CORE-13195Sometimes a vCloud user could view an invalid list of available vCloud organization networks in an organization virtual datacenter.5.8-6.0
CORE-13204When you clicked Switch but didn't change a Default PHP Version on the Application Server > Settings page, the 500 Internal Server Error appeared.6.0
CORE-13205Adding nodes to a Load Balancing Cluster via API resulted in the 500 Internal Server Error.6.0
CORE-13218If you edited grub.conf before taking a VS backup and converting the backup to template, restoring the VS from this template failed.6.0
CORE-13221The hot migration of the virtual server with disks might fail because the migratable option was not used while preparing the VS XML dump.6.0
CORE-13235The zombie_disks_size parameter was calculated taking into account compute resources that were disabled or had collect_stats set to false.4.0-6.0
CORE-13244When you added networks to vCenter virtual servers, you could select networks from a cluster to which the VS did not belong.6.0.0-80
CORE-13257When you created a virtual server and selected a particular network, different IP net, IP range, and IP address were returned in different browsers.6.0
CORE-13300When you clicked the Drop Other Sessions button on your Control Panel, your other sessions were not dropped.6.0
CORE-13315When you composed a new vApp from two vApps where one virtual server was stopped and another was powered on, the StopVApp transaction failed with an error.6.0.0-62
CORE-13334Virtual servers in Federation were created only with a primary disk, although a swap disk was also selected.6.0.0-80


The statistics for the last hour was not collected on a Control Panel if a time zone was offset from UTC by 30 minutes.6.0
CORE-13353Virtual servers were created with enabled Acceleration, even though you disabled Acceleration in the wizard or via API. 6.0
CORE-13354The Dashboard page was not loaded for a user who had only the Show cloud dashboard permission enabled.6.0.0-80
CORE-13362The prices for a virtual server usage on the User Statistics and Billing Statistics pages differed because the former page provided data for one more extra day in addition to the selected period.6.0.0-80
CORE-13389It was possible to delete a vCD instance that had an organization network.6.0
INSTALLER-403Changed the libvirt version from 4.5.0 to 4.1.0 that is supported on CentOS 7 Xen compute resources. 5.6-6.0
INSTALLER-405Added the libvirtd.check to monitor the libvirtd service on CentOS 7 Xen and KVM compute resources.5.6-6.0
  • The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 6.0 version.
  • If you use custom languages on your CP, after the upgrade to OnApp 6.0.0-98, you should import custom languages by yourself. For the details, refer to How to import custom languages after an upgrade doc.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To apply the patch to a Control Panel based on OnApp 6.0:

  1. Upgrade the OnApp Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  2. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh --quick-update='monit rabbitmq'

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

  1. Make sure your compute resource is visible and online on the Control Panel.

  2. If you have CentOS 7 Xen resources, remove the centos-release-xen-46 package: 

    # rpm -e centos-release-xen-46
  3. Upgrade the OnApp compute resource installer package:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install
  4. Update the monit management package and run the configuration script:

    # yum update onapp-hv-monit
    # /onapp/onapp-monit/onapp-hv-monit.sh