OnApp 6.0 Patch 1 (6.0.0-62)

31 October 2018

This is a version of a Control Panel update. The information below refers to the release notes and upgrade instructions for the Control Panel. 

Improvements & Fixes

KeyRelease NotesAffects Version/s
CORE-588Improved global search functionality with arranging the items from the item tags list by alphabet.
CORE-11400Added the possibility to set and edit CPU priority for load balancers.
CORE-12801Improved the remote accelerator status script to get statuses of all provided accelerator remote IDs in a single query.
CORE-12881Reimplemented the possibility to clean up zombie CDN resources that are not used anymore.
CORE-12928Added the possibility to control a user's ability to manage network joins via the new permission set.
CORE-12780Added support for Windows 2019.6.0


Fixed the issue with the user's total amount discrepancy after upgrade from
CORE-7081Fixed the issue when an external network had multiple IP allocations OnApp failed to recognize all the allocations beyond the first one.4.3-6.0
CORE-8892Fixed the issue when the incorrect number of vCD users was displayed at the Buckets page.5.3-6.0
CORE-9991Fixed the issue when it was possible to set already used KMS server label in a different template store.5.0-6.0
CORE-12580Fixed the issue when invalid items from vCD catalog were displayed in re-sync logs.6.0
CORE-12669Fixed the issue when VSs suspended in vCloud were displayed in the OnApp Virtual servers list with "building" status.6.0
CORE-12722Fixed the issue when vCD statistics for CPUs and memory were not displayed on dashboard charts.5.8-6.0
CORE-12738Fixed the issue when it was impossible to edit templates added to the user's template group at My Template Groups page.6.0
CORE-12750Fixed the issue when there was an inconsistency between font types and sizes displayed at Resource Pools Details page.6.0
CORE-12752Fixed the issue when it was impossible to install applications due to unavailable screenshots.6.0
CORE-12766Fixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to decrypt password for AWS instance.5.5-6.0


Fixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to create a VS with an Instance Package that does not exist in the system.6.0
CORE-12778Fixed the issue when the invalid transaction was run when trying to create a resource pool of Pay-As-You-Go type.6.0
CORE-12783Fixed the issue when the Tools menu was still displayed next to the VS after it had been suspended from vCloud and displayed as inactive in OnApp.6.0
CORE-12784Fixed the issue when the error message did not explain why it is impossible to create a VS due to permission limitations.6.0
CORE-12785Fixed the issue when after a service add-on was added to a vCloud VS, the price of that service add-on was not displayed at Virtual Server Details page.6.0
CORE-12804Fixed the issue when automation settings sliders were aligned incorrectly at the Confirmation step of Migration wizard when trying to migrate a vCloud VS to KVM.6.0

Fixed the issue when default values were displayed instead of the values set by the user at the Confirmation step of the smart server creation.

CORE-12825Fixed the issue when Let’s Encrypt SSL got disabled after user had updated CDN resource on CP.5.10-6.0
CORE-12826Fixed the issue when Enforce Password complexity encryption on the Defaults Configurations page was aligned incorrectly.6.0
CORE-12846Fixed the issue when disk duplication occurred when adding disks to the storage disk for the vCenter VS.6.0
CORE-12853Fixed the issue when it was impossible to create Windows VS on vCenter compute resources without an autogenerated password.6.0
CORE-12854Fixed the issue when a user turned on WAF on CDN resource, all WAF rules were enabled by default, but this actually blacklisted all the ruleset.6.0
CORE-12862Fixed the issue when udev rules were not applied during baremetal server provisioning.6.0
CORE-12863Fixed the issue when Hour and Minute labels overlapped the cell border in Suspend At box at the Auto Suspending step of the user creation wizard.6.0
CORE-12864Fixed the issue when it was impossible to create the VS with assigned recipe during provisioning.6.0
CORE-12867Fixed the issue when the CDN bandwidth limit was not set on the Aflexi side after assigning bucket with bandwidth limit to the user.6.0
CORE-12926Fixed the issue when it was possible to create more than one accelerator in a network.6.0
CORE-12936Fixed the issue when it was impossible to boot a VS from a Windows ISO List if the VS was built on the compute resource of Any OS operating system type. In this case, only non_windows templates were displayed on the list.6.0
CORE-12937Fixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to open production logs at Integrated Storage Disk Details page.6.0
CORE-12941Fixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared in OnApp interface when trying to create vCD resource pools.6.0

Fixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when trying to unsuspend a vApp virtual server in OnApp interface after successfully suspending it both in vCloud and OnApp interfaces.

CORE-12948Fixed the issue when it was impossible to assign a network interface to a vApp virtual server after adding organization network to this vApp.6.0
CORE-12952Fixed the issue when the undefined method error appeared when trying to assign buckets to CDN users.6.0

Upgrade Control Panel Server

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 6.0 version.

To apply the patch to Control Panel (running 6.0 version), run the Control Panel installer:

# /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh --quick-update