5.8 Release Notes

  • OnApp 5.8 was released on May 10, 2018.
  • OnApp version 5.8 is an edge release which is not designed to be installed in production environments. 
  • OnApp 5.8 provides support for vCloud Director 9.1.
  • You can update to OnApp 5.8 only from the 5.7 version.
  • If you use custom languages on your CP, after the upgrade to 5.8, please check the i18n Customization menu to submit translations for new UI labels, texts, and messages that will be available in the Missing translations tab.
  • If you have KVM compute resources that are based on CentOS 7, please do not enable huge pages in your cloud. If this option is already enabled, please disable it before the upgrade to OnApp 5.8.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in the OnApp 5.8 release for all components:

KeyTypeRelease NotesAffects Version/s



Implemented SDN Controller and VXLAN Management functionality to enable building network infrastructure with OnApp and remote data centers.

  • Implemented SDN Manager functionality to manage the SDN infrastructure using API calls for the ODL controller.
  • Implemented SDN Nodes functionality to be able to add and destroy nodes from SDN Manager.
  • Implemented SDN networks functionality to manage networks using VXLAN technology across OnApp cloud compute resources.
  • Implemented a configurable list of accepted connection options to be displayed at SDN manager and SDN Nodes pages.
  • Adapted VS creation process to the new SDN network type.
  • Adapted virtual server config builder to SDN networking.
  • Adapted firewall rules created for NIC/IP to suit SDN.
  • Switched CloudBoot CentOS 7 KVM compute resource into qemu-kvm-ev to implement Live Storage Migration feature. 



Implemented Backup Plugin System that enables to integrate OnApp with a third-party service for backup management.
Backup Plugin System is available in preview mode and is subject to change in the future OnApp releases.

  • Created a plugin for R1Soft Backup Manager that you can install to your Control Panel.
  • Added possibility to install custom backup plugins to OnApp CP.
  • Implemented backup resources and backup resource zones to manage the third-party backup process on the OnApp side. 
  • Added functionality to create auto backup presets for backup resources.
  • Implemented functionality for a backup plugin to use OnApp billing system.
  • Added the Recovery Points page for virtual servers in OnApp Control Panel.
  • Added possibility to restore virtual servers from recovery points.
  • Implemented logging of backup plugin related operations.


Implemented hot storage migration functionality for virtual servers and virtual server disks.

  • Implemented hot storage disk migration functionality to migrate between compute resources that share common data stores or data store zones.
  • Implemented hot VS migration functionality to migrate online VSs to another compute resources with mixed storage.

CORE-11652FeatureAdded the mass actions on VS: the possibility to simultaneously power on/off all virtual servers that run on the same compute resource.
CORE-11575FeatureImplemented possibility to set start and stop options for virtual servers included into vCloud Director vApps.
CORE-11462FeatureImplemented migration from Google Maps to Leaflet Maps during Virtual Server creation process.
CORE-8988FeatureAdded possibility to specify the monthly CDN bandwidth limit for a user. The maximum limit is set in Access Control of the bucket.
CORE-11490FeatureAdded possibility to manage an advanced XML configuration for virtual servers.
CORE-8987FeatureAdded a list of CDN edge server IP ranges that are automatically updated to include relevant IP addresses that customers can add to firewall rules on their origin side.
CORE-11777FeatureAdded support of CentOS 7 Xen as an option during CloudBoot compute resources creation process.
CORE-7189FeatureImplemented CentOS 6 as a default template version for Baremetal CloudBoot compute resources provisioning.
CLOUDBOOT-248FeatureImplemented Kdump feature to create and collect kernel crash dumps on the CloudBoot compute resources.
CLOUDBOOT-123FeatureImplemented CentOS 7 Xen for CloudBoot compute resources and Integrated Storage.
CORE-11485ImprovementImproved the CPU topology configuration process and added the ability to edit the CPU topology for VSs. Removed the CPU threads field.
INSTALLER-338ImprovementImplemented the vcenter:checker rake task to be run during an upgrade from OnApp 5.7 to 5.8 to validate vCenter network configuration. Before upgrading to OnApp 5.8, make sure that you meet requirements to vCenter networks, network zones and compute resources. Otherwise, the upgrade will not be performed if any of the network issues are detected by the vcenter:checker rake task.
INSTALLER-336ImprovementRebuilt the mod_proxy_wstunnel_wmks.so module for CentOS 7 to optimize the triggering of webhooks.
INSTALLER-333ImprovementAdded ability to report KVM/QEMU and libvirt versions with SNMP statistics.
INSTALLER-331ImprovementAdded ability to skip disabling iptables during installation or update.
INSTALLER-290ImprovementSwitched Static CentOS 7 KVM compute resource into qemu-kvm-ev to implement the Live Storage Migration feature in OnApp.
STORAGE-2067ImprovementAdded zombie snapshots to be displayed at Storage Health Check page.
CORE-11875ImprovementReimplemented the logic for deactivating the wrong activated logical volumes to skip virtual servers that are locked during hot migration.
CORE-11602ImprovementImproved sorting of virtual servers by a label throughout the pagination at the Virtual Servers page.
CORE-11847ImprovementAdded a query on the status of a recovery point during the VS restoring.
CORE-10846ImprovementOptimized the VS creation wizard: made templates list dependent on selected location and fixed the location select box.
CORE-11805ImprovementImproved the vCD IOPS statistics at CP > Dashboard to display the number of input and output requests in the In and Out boxes respectively, and not vice versa.
CORE-11772ImprovementImplemented the VMXNET 3 network adapter to be selected by default while creating network interfaces for vCloud Director virtual servers.
CORE-11771ImprovementImproved the vApp deployment procedure so that OnApp reconfigured the existing NIC instead of adding a new NIC to match vCloud process.
CORE-11743ImprovementUpdated the Mixed status of a vApp to display the number of powered-on virtual servers and the total amount of VSs in the vApp.
CORE-11279ImprovementAdded a possibility to migrate vCloud Director VS disks between data stores, using the hot (live) migration functionality.
CORE-11009ImprovementAdded a possibility to set a custom timeout that will be applied for running vCD-related operations.
CORE-10835ImprovementAdded possibility to manage vCloud firewalls at the Resource Pool page.
CORE-9835ImprovementAdded the missing IP_net layer to vCloud networking to suit the general OnApp networking framework.
CORE-8328ImprovementAdded possibility to select an adapter type while creating network interfaces for vCloud Director virtual servers.
CORE-7679ImprovementAdded possibility to shutdown vCloud Guest OS gracefully after the button "Gracefully shutdown" is pressed.
CORE-6604ImprovementAdded possibility to edit the edge gateway name and network default names when deploying vCD orchestration models.
CORE-11904ImprovementAdded the vcenter:checker rake task to validate vCenter network configuration during an upgrade from OnApp 5.7 to 5.8.
CORE-11480ImprovementImproved network management for vCenter by adding the network, network zone and compute resource restrictions.
CORE-11363ImprovementImproved VS naming for vCenter by removing OnApp identifier from the label.
CORE-12095ImprovementImproved credentials generation procedure to avoid fails when creating a virtual server from vCenter.
CORE-9004ImprovementRemoved ability to collect stats from vCenter when the Collect Stats toggle is turned off on the Compute Resource Details page.
CORE-8936ImprovementAdded possibility to import networks and data stores from all clusters in vCenter Datacenter to vCenter-based compute resource in OnApp.
CORE-11936ImprovementUpdated error messages that appear as a result of the failed update action for CDN edge groups.
CORE-11837ImprovementAdded breadcrumbs and infoboxes to the CDN Setup Wizard.
CORE-8759ImprovementRemoved the View CDN Resource Bandwidth Statistics and View CDN Advanced Reporting API calls that are deprecated.
CORE-11767ImprovementAdded display of Price per hour ratio to the User Group Details page.
CORE-11691ImprovementAdded a price per hour for the amount of OVAs to the Billing Details section at the user account page.
CORE-11974ImprovementUpdated URLs for the User and Company Payments pages with the payer_type parameter.
CORE-11725ImprovementRemoved "company" and "user" identifiers from the API requests to manage user and company payments.
CORE-11621ImprovementImproved the "Clone bucket" API request to be redirected to the newly created bucket on UI side.


ImprovementRemoved support of CentOS 5 Xen 3 as an option during CloudBoot compute resources creation process.
CORE-11692ImprovementRemoved hot_migrate_alert notification template from the Notification Templates list.
CORE-11489ImprovementAdded possibility to run a backup schedule with the failed status once again by selecting the Enabled option during the schedule edit.
CORE-11263ImprovementReplaced SMART errors detection algorithm with Smartmontools utility program at Integrated Storage healthchecks page
CORE-10671ImprovementAdded "Zombie Snapshots" Integrated Storage health check to detect snapshots that are not removed after backup deletion.
CORE-10618ImprovementImproved the calculation of free storage space on backup servers by taking into account the space that OVAs occupy.
CORE-11726ImprovementImproved clean install process for 5.8 by the implementation of more relevant rake tasks.
CORE-10082ImprovementAdded validation on translations provided for a custom language via the i18n Customization menu in Control Panel.
CORE-9002ImprovementImproved the Compute Resource Details page view to display the missing fields such as Host, Server, and Release.
CLOUDBOOT-234ImprovementAdded ability to report KVM/QEMU and libvirt versions with SNMP statistics.
CLOUDBOOT-202ImprovementAdded the NTPSERVER kernel option to the onapp-store-install package for clock synchronization between the Control Panel server and CloudBoot compute resources.
CLOUDBOOT-143ImprovementSwitched CloudBoot CentOS7 KVM ramdisk into qemu-kvm-ev to implement live storage migration.
CLOUDBOOT-121ImprovementUpdated CentOS 6 Xen ramdisk kernel to address the CVE-2017-1000364 fix.


FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to save changes after editing the details of a vCloud Compute Resource.5.7
CORE-12031FixRemoved support for Windows Vista OS from the OVAs display page.5.7
CORE-11980FixFixed the issue when flash messages were displayed incorrectly when adding new records at DNS Zone Records display page.4.0-5.7
CORE-11970FixFixed the issue when missing translation items appeared at the Locales page after 5.7 upgrades.5.7
CORE-11968FixFixed the issue when the VSs could not be imported from vCenter into OnApp due to validation check errors.5.5
CORE-11932FixFixed the issue when replication was set up incorrectly if VS had multiple disks.5.5
CORE-11923FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to resize VS on XEN compute resource if max memory limit was exceeded.5.5
CORE-11911FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to create any types of org networks except Direct type when logged as an Admin. 5.7
CORE-11890FixFixed the issue when it was possible to log out only if WS-FED but not SAML protocol was used.5.6-5.7
CORE-11884FixFixed the issue when there was a typo at the Firewall Service display page saying "Dafault Action" instead of "Default Action."5.7
CORE-11879FixFixed the issue when "Acceleration" resource was absent in the supplier bucket resources list for federation virtual servers.5.7
CORE-11868FixFixed the issue when the auto-backup creation led to a failure_count increase (if blocked by running/pending backup).5.5-5.7
CORE-11831FixFixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared when selecting the 'Add to catalog' option in vApps menu.5.7

Fixed the issue when No Method Error appeared when trying to assign IPv6 address to any user.

CORE-11819FixFixed the issue when the new infoboxes still displayed the old terminology which is 'billing plans' instead of 'buckets.'5.7
CORE-11818FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to delete a user from the Recipients Lists page.5.7
CORE-11806FixFixed the issue when pagination buttons were missing on the CDN SSL certificates page.5.7
CORE-11804FixFixed the issue when vCloud stats were saved into Redis with incorrect elapsed_time.5.7
CORE-11795FixFixed the issue when Federated compute resources were displayed at Hardware Info page.5.7
CORE-11793FixFixed the issue when uplink network stats were displayed with incorrect values at Edge Gateways Details page.5.7
CORE-11744FixFixed the issue when the discount was not displayed on the Monthly Bills page for a particular user or user group.5.7
CORE-11737FixFixed the issue when the system notification event types could be deleted via API call.5.7
CORE-11736FixFixed the issue when the system error appeared during allocation pool creation.5.7
CORE-11710FixFixed the issue when the user was redirected to the wrong URL when trying to enter Advanced Edge Services page.5.5-5.7
CORE-11709FixFixed the issue when Currency and delimiter were missing on Monthly bills page.5.7
CORE-11686FixFixed the issue when the "Event type" permission was not enabled after updating from Control Panel 5.5 to 5.7 version.5.7
CORE-11679FixFixed the issue when the error message was displayed when trying to convert an OVA without the permission "Any action on OVAs." 5.7
CORE-11674FixFixed the issue when the converted OVA template not owned by the user became public while the public status option was not activated. 5.7
CORE-11672FixFixed the issue when selected radio button was displayed incorrectly while choosing the instance package on VS add/edit page.5.7
CORE-11663FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to reboot, destroy, cold migrate or startup a VS on several clouds installed from scratch. 5.7
CORE-11661FixFixed the issue when users were not allowed to convert an OVA template with the "Make public" option enabled in case they reached the OVA templates bucket limit.5.7
CORE-11654FixFixed the issue when the timezone filter at Billing Statistics page displayed incorrect data.5.7
CORE-11636FixFixed the issue when the error message appeared if trying to delete a user who has previously uploaded any OVAs.5.7
CORE-11627FixFixed the issue when the error message with the incorrect text appeared if a user tried to view monthly bills statistics that did not belong to him.5.7
CORE-11616FixFixed the issue when the 'Total amount' field was displayed incorrectly on the CDN resource billing page. 5.7
CORE-11613FixFixed the issue when the rake-task with migration table displayed Integer type instead of Big Integer type. 5.7
CORE-11603FixFixed the issue when the error message with the incorrect text appeared when the template distro RHEL was not included in the template's distros list.5.7
CORE-11597FixFixed the issue when currency and the 'per GB' measurement were not displayed on CDN resources and monthly_bills pages.5.7
CORE-11593FixFixed the issue when Create User payment API 5.5 request did not work in 5.7 version.5.7
CORE-11582FixFixed the issue when the network zones were duplicated after the vCloud was cleaned from the Control Panel and imported back.5.7
CORE-11581FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to create a user during the vm:generate_hourly_stats rake task running.5.7
CORE-11577FixFixed the issue when the fstab file was not rewritten after formatting additional VS disk to XFS file system.5.7
CORE-11544FixFixed the issue when incorrect acceleration free amount was displayed on the User statistics page.5.7

Fixed the issue when the backward compatibility did not work for Clone Billing Plan API request.

CORE-11519FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to create virtual servers on vCenter using instance packages.5.5-5.7
CORE-11488FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to find a template on vCenter if it belonged to one data center and was deployed in another data center.5.5-5.6
CORE-11425FixFixed the issue when limits for VCloud VS disk size were calculated incorrectly when deploying vApp.5.7
CORE-11394FixFixed the issue when Gateway and DNS settings were missing on the Org networks details page when deploying Windows VS in vCD.5.5-5.7
CORE-11382FixFixed the issue when syntax error appeared during translation at Locales page.5.7
CORE-11366FixFixed the issue when CPU Units control displayed greater values on Edit VS page than set in compute resources zone settings.5.6-5.7
CORE-11305FixFixed the issue when boot from "Windows 10/2016" ISO failed on VS with lower versions of Windows.5.5-5.7
CORE-11293FixFixed the issue when users with restriction set 'Payments by User Group' could see all payments.5.5-5.6


FixFixed the issue when the network usage data of first NIC in a vCloud VS was duplicated to other NICs of the same VS on the Network Interface Usage page.5.5-5.7
CORE-11112FixRemoved support for Windows XP and 2003 OS from the OVAs display page.5.7
CORE-11031FixFixed the issue when the Currency field was missing on the Edit bucket page.5.6-5.7
CORE-10946FixFixed the issue when the incorrect text was displayed in the infobox on the Allocate new IP to VS page.5.5-5.7
CORE-10912FixFixed the issue when the VS was not responding when building a Windows 2016/10 VS with CPU topology enabled.5.0-5.5
CORE-10746FixFixed the issue when free used disk size was calculated as the sum of all storage profiles from the particular DataStoreZone in the billing plan.5.0-5.5
CORE-10447FixFixed the issue when boot from "Windows 10/2016" ISO failed on VS with lower versions of Windows.5.5-5.7
CORE-10156FixFixed the issue when the VPN tunnel was skipped during the edge gateway import from vCloud.5.5-5.7
CORE-9654FixFixed the issue when the Resync function did not remove networks, datastores, and VSs that were removed from vCenter.5.4-5.7
CORE-9610FixFixed the issue when country names were duplicated in the drop-down list at the location step of the VS wizard.5.3-5.7
CORE-9580FixFixed the issue when the VS wizard confirmation step did not reflect the instance package parameters.5.0-5.7
CORE-9083FixFixed the issue when the network adapter type was ignored when deploying a vApp from a vApp Template.5.0-5.3
CORE-8651FixFixed the issue when VS summary specifications did not match selected Instance Package at the confirmation step of the VS creation.5.2-5.3
CORE-8630FixFixed the issue when vCloud Org Admin users could see the number of users assigned to a billing plan, though they should not have.5.2-5.7
CORE-8604FixFixed the issue when vCloud Org Admin users had the 'See all payments' permission, though they should not have.5.2-5.7
CORE-7960FixFixed the issue when orphaned backups appeared after changing owner with empty backups_action.5.2-5.7
CORE-3893FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to edit DNS Records in the DNS Zone.3.5-5.7
CORE-3758FixFixed the issue when Compute Zone zone's name was missing at Content Balance Check page.3.3.2-5.7
CORE-3354FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to delete TXT and MX records from Manage DNS Zone page without refreshing it.3.3.2-5.7
CORE-3157FixFixed the issue when the ports quantity was displayed and calculated incorrectly on Alerts page.3.3.0-5.7
CLOUDBOOT-240FixUpdated the drivers to support Solarflare Flareon Ultra 8000 Series 10G Adapter (SFN8522) on CentOS 6 and 7 KVM ramdisks.5.5-5.7
CLOUDBOOT-238FixInstalled the Brocade Fibre Channel HBA Firmware into Centos6 Xen ramdisk.5.0-5.7

Fixed the issue when the URL used in the script for IP address was invalid.