5.7 Release Notes

  • OnApp 5.7 was released on Feb 27, 2018.
  • OnApp version 5.7 is an Edge release which is not designed to be installed in production environments. 
  • You can update to OnApp 5.7 from versions 5.5 and 5.6.
  • If you are running OnApp 5.5, you should upgrade directly to 5.7, skipping 5.6, to avoid possible complications.
  • If you use custom languages on your CP, after the upgrade to 5.7 please check the i18n Customization menu to submit translations for new UI labels, texts, and messages that will be available in the Missing translations tab.

The following table lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in the OnApp 5.7 release for all components:

KeyTypeRelease NotesAffects Version/s

Introduced phase 2 for Notification Center

  • Implemented ability to add custom event types, add them to subscriptions and trigger such event types.
  • Added non-deletable system notification templates for the reset password, account lock, and transaction approval events and made those templates customizable.
  • Added a supervisor and processor for the delivery of notifications with custom events.
  • Added a list of available placeholders for notification templates which can be associated with events.
  • Improved notification template flexibility by sending a hash with placeholder values instead of the message text in Messaging::Service.cast.
  • Added ability to add multiple recipients lists, gateways and events to a single subscription.
  • Added ability to configure whether HTTP or HTTPs should be used in system notification templates.
  • Added possibility to customize the email to which requests will be sent from the online help form.
  • Added ability to edit a subscription with the possibility to change the messaging gateway.
  • Added a confirmation window when deleting an external user from a recipients list.
  • Improved some of the UI elements on the pages related to recipient lists, notification templates, and gateways.
  • Added the subscription details page that displays the gateways, recipients lists, events and templates associated with the subscription.
  • Added extra fields to the notifications subscription JSON response.


Removed restrictions related to Buckets that have been present in 5.6 Edge release

  • Added Baremetal server type resources to buckets.
  • Added Smart server type resources to buckets.
  • Adapted Federation billing plans to the buckets functionality.
  • Improved the process of adding, editing and deleting resources in the bucket's Access Control and Rate Card.
  • Added the Instance Packages resources to the bucket's Access Control and Rate Card for the Virtual server type.
  • Added billing for CDN resources.
  • Added the DRaaS resources to the bucket's Rate Card section and implemented billing calculation for virtual servers with enabled DRaaS.
  • Improved some buckets related UI elements in adding/editing/deleting resources to a bucket, popups and error messages.
  • Hid template groups from the wizard if federated resources associated with the groups’ compute zone(s) are not present in the user’s bucket.
  • Added missing billing prices for API routes "/user_groups/:id.xml/json" and "/users/:id.xml/json" to adjust them to UI.
  • Implemented backward compatibility for API requests for user billing plans, except for the Clone billing plan request.
  • Improved the speed of the monthly statistics collection process.
  • Added a warning message when a compute/data store/network/backup server zone resource is removed from the bucket's Access Control or Rate Card.


Improved the extended CPU configuration of a compute zone

CPU flags are assigned by default based on the CPU model and flags of all compute resources added to the zone. Users can also assign additional flags that are common for each compute resource in the compute zone.


Improved OVA Upload

  • Implemented possibility upload an OVA and then convert an OVA into KVM or vCenter virtualization format.
  • Added ability to customize the OVA upload path to enable the usage of custom ISO/OVA locations for clouds with the vCloud Director integration.
  • Updated the procedure of configuring CloudBoot backup servers for OVA functionality.


Improved Hardware Info

Added the Hardware Info page that contains hardware-related information on all compute resources and backup servers running in the cloud. The page provides information on CPU, RAM, hard disk drives, networks and other hardware components.


New CDN Functionality

  • Implemented WAF protection from malicious threats and attacks on CDN resources and the CDN Accelerator.
  • Implemented wildcard invalidation rules to invalidate cached files in folders that match the indicated path.

CORE-11428FeatureChanged the native Xen toolkit (xm/xl) to the Libvirt toolkit for CentOS 6 Xen compute resources in order to enable support of new versions of Xen virtualization.
CORE-11186ImprovementImproved the auto-backup scheduling procedure so that a new backup is not scheduled if another auto-backup from the same schedule is pending or running.
CORE-10833ImprovementUpdated the permissions check during VS creation so that the See all compute resources and See all compute resource zones permissions are no longer checked.
CORE-11456ImprovementImproved the transactions creation process through refactoring the TransactionActionRunner component.
CORE-10469ImprovementImplemented instant update of information on the vCD resource pool screen for used resources after deploying, importing and deleting a vApp or virtual server.
CORE-11093ImprovementImplemented mapping of resource pools in statistics collector between vCloud Director and vCenter virtual servers using MoRef ID.
CORE-7962ImprovementAdded support for CPU flags with the underscore symbol in the label.
CORE-11380ImprovementUpdated the response to the Add VS API request for the cases when the selected template is located on a backup server that is not attached to the compute resource on which the VS is to be built.
CORE-11574ImprovementAdded the VM_USER_ID, VM_USER_FIRSTNAME, VM_USER_LASTNAME and VM_USER_EMAIL variables for virtual server recipes.
CORE-10986ImprovementAdded a new action for the CDN HTTP caching rules - "Redirect client from HTTP to HTTPS".
CORE-2852ImprovementImplemented the diagnostic procedure to check the identity of storage versions on CloudBoot compute resources.
CORE-3102ImprovementAdded a new notification into the daily healthcheck report about the versions of storage packages on CloudBoot compute resources.
CORE-8338ImprovementAdded the CloudBoot version parameter to the Manage Devices screen for CloudBoot compute resources.
CORE-10367ImprovementAdded ability to change the IP address of the CloudBoot compute resource.
CORE-10710ImprovementAdded content balance configurable options to the Settings menu.
CORE-11615ImprovementAdded the CentOS7 KVM ramdisk's /tftpboot/images into the NFS server export table.


ImprovementSwitched Xen and KVM compute resource installers to download the recovery images version 6.9.
INSTALLER-318ImprovementAdjusted the vnc_ports.sh and xm_list.sh scripts to use the Libvirt tool for CentOS 6 Xen static compute resources.
CLOUDBOOT-223ImprovementAdded the /data symlink to the /onapp/tools/recovery directory for CentOS 6 and 7 KVM ramdisks to provide paths for ISOs.
CLOUDBOOT-222ImprovementMounted via NFS the /tftpboot/images directory from CP to the /cloudboot directory on CentOS 6/7 CloudBoot compute resources and backup servers.
CLOUDBOOT-212ImprovementAdded the SNMP script to CentOS 6/7 KVM and CentOS 6 Xen ramdisks for getting the OS details (name, version and release) of CloudBoot backup servers.
CLOUDBOOT-204ImprovementAdded the onappstore-master-7521-master.x86_64.rpm package to CentOS 6/7 KVM and CentOS 6 Xen ramdisks.
CLOUDBOOT-200ImprovementImplemented the Xen 4.6 version for CentOS 6.x CloudBoot compute resources.
CLOUDBOOT-186ImprovementUpdated the Broadcom NetXtreme II driver for the CentOS7/KVM ramdisk package.
CLOUDBOOT-171ImprovementAdded a new SNMP script to CentOS 6/7 KVM and CentOS 6 Xen ramdisk packages for detecting and reporting the Integrated Storage version on CloudBoot compute resources during storage health check.
CLOUDBOOT-161ImprovementUpdated the CentOS 7 Default and CentOS 7 KVM ramdisk packages to the 3.10.0-514.26.2.el7.x86_64 kernel version and compiled the XFS kernel module to address the Torn write (CRC failure) error.
CLOUDBOOT-106ImprovementInstalled the libguestfs library and tools on the x86_64-based CentOS 6 and CentOS 7 KVM ramdisk packages.
STORAGE-2095FixFixed the issue when Integrated Storage device mapper targets were not ignored on the LVM side.5.6
INFRA-383FixFixed the issue when the EnsureHypervisorOffline process used 'ping' instead of 'ping6' for VSs with IPv6 addresses.5.0-5.6
CORE-11653FixFixed the issue when the system used only the shutdown option when stopping a VS built on a Xen compute resource, instead of using either the shutdown or the power off method.5.0-5.6
CORE-11638FixFixed the issue with importing IP after adding a NIC to vCloud Director VSs.5.5-5.6
CORE-11584FixFixed the issue when an error was displayed when advanced edge gateway was selected for an edge gateway via OnApp in vCloud Director
CORE-11535FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to upload vApp templates or ISOs to vCloud Director Catalogs in 5.6 clouds with HA CP.5.6
CORE-11500FixFixed the issue when an error was displayed when trying to remove an IP address from a federated VS.5.5-5.6
CORE-11497FixFixed the issue when a Libvirt-based virtual server attempted start with a disk that was not built.4.0-5.6
CORE-11469FixFixed the issue when the transaction "ProvisionvApp" was failing via OnApp on vCD 9.5.5-5.6
CORE-11463FixFixed the issue when disk resize and storage usage were not working in vCloud 9 via OnApp.5.5-5.6
CORE-11439FixFixed the issue when a VS was migrated to another compute resource with a swap disk and the disk was created but not labeled as a swap disk.5.5-5.6
CORE-11422FixFixed the issue when HTTP was used instead of HTTPS as a default protocol for connecting to the Odata service for generating hardware information.5.5-5.6
CORE-11414FixFixed the issue when incorrect paths were used to mount OVA locations.5.5-5.6
CORE-11398FixFixed the message when adding an IP to a whitelist from “User white IP was successfully created” to “An IP address has been successfully added.”5.0-5.6
CORE-11356FixFixed the issue when OnApp did not disable enabling VNC on VS power cycling for vCenter virtual servers.5.5
CORE-11326FixFixed the issue when the Get VS Billing Statistics API request returned the irrelevant networking/network_interfaces parameter instead of network_interfaces.5.5-5.6
CORE-11319FixFixed the label from provisioned to utilized that appeared while hovering over the Integrated Storage nodes in the infotip on the disk rebalancing progress.3.5-5.6
CORE-11317FixFixed the issue when during the vApp recompose the default IP address allocation mode was DHCP instead of Static IP Pool.5.5-5.6
CORE-11312FixFixed the issue when an error occurred while getting dashboard statistics via API request with a specified key.5.6
CORE-11299FixFixed the issue when the name of the user group in the drop-down list on the Edit user profile page was cropped.5.5
CORE-11264FixFixed the issue when the VS billing statistics was empty in UI and via the Get VS Billing Statistics API request.5.6
CORE-11255FixFixed the issue when the ProvisionGrub process failed for CloudBoot compute resources.5.6
CORE-11253FixFixed typos that appeared in the Load Balancer creation wizard.4.0-5.5
CORE-11244FixFixed the issue when an Internal Server Error occurred while downloading Debian-based OVA template for CloudBoot KVM 6 compute resources.5.6
CORE-11240FixFixed the issue when the invalid error message was returned after an unknown URL format was used for the Get Log Item Details API request.5.5-5.6
CORE-11228FixFixed the issue when a unit in the CDN Bandwidth statistics graph was calculated in 1024 bytes instead of 1000 bytes.5.3-5.6
CORE-11223FixFixed the issue when the link to the Intel website on the Hardware Info page was broken for Skylake processors.5.5-5.6
CORE-11215FixFixed the issue when the daemon service could not be started by the Start Daemon option on CP UI after being stopped by the Stop Daemon option.5.0-5.6
CORE-11204FixFixed the issue when improper time zone was set for Xen-based Windows servers.5.6
CORE-11184FixFixed the issue when the Tools button was not aligned with the header on compute resource settings page.5.6
CORE-11179FixFixed the issue when MySQL-related error messages were returned during a successful upgrade from OnApp 5.5 to 5.6 version.5.6
CORE-11174FixFixed the issue when Windows virtual servers were not started on CentOS 6.9 Xen 4.6 based compute resources.5.6


Fixed the issue when there was no validation for the load balancer port in the Load Balancer creation wizard.5.6
CORE-11137FixFixed the issue when vApps created inside vCenter caused errors during vCenter VS import and synchronization, and running recipes on vCloud VSs.5.5-5.6
CORE-11130FixFixed the issue when it was possible to add a data store with invalid data store zone ID to a data store zone via API.5.6
CORE-11128FixFixed the issue when during user editing it was possible to assign a user to a bucket to which the user’s user group did not have access according to restriction sets.5.6


FixFixed the issue when simultaneously destroying multiple virtual servers with swap disks caused the Redlock::LockError error while the primary disk was deactivated but the second volume remained active.5.5-5.6
CORE-11106FixFixed the issue when users were unable to specify a range of ports or multiple ports in a vCD edge gateway firewall rule through OnApp4.3-5.6
CORE-11102FixFixed the issue when during Org Network creation only the DNS server address set as primary was shown, while the secondary one was not displayed.5.5-5.6
CORE-11101FixFixed the issue when user dashboard showed unlimited vCD resources even though limits were set.5.5-5.6
CORE-11100FixFixed the issue when deleting the last virtual server from a vApp prevented users from stopping that vApp.5.5-5.6
CORE-11096FixFixed the issue when the broken layout was displayed in the dropdown calendar window on OnApp pages such as Usage trends, Usage statistics, etc.5.6
CORE-11063FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to change the owner of a VS that had a backup stored on a compute resource instead of a backup server.5.6
CORE-11025FixFixed the issue when an error message was returned while assigning own service add-ons via API while the add-on was successfully assigned to the VS.5.6
CORE-10962FixFixed the issue when the FreeBSD provision failed if allocated RAM was more than 2 GB.4.0-5.6
CORE-10948FixFixed the issue when “Select instance package on virtual server creation” permission did not work during the VS creation.5.5-5.6
CORE-10839FixFixed the issue when limits on CPU and RAM compute resources defined in a user’s bucket were not correctly applied during vCD VS editing.5.4-5.6
CORE-10834FixFixed the issue when the Buyer could not subscribe to the Federation zone.5.6
CORE-10801FixFixed the issue when a broken link to the bucket’s Access Control was displayed for user groups in the Billing Details box.5.6
CORE-10605FixFixed the issue when there was inconsistency in localized phrases due to caching in a class variable.5.6
CORE-10565FixFixed the issue when DRaaS and moving VSs to another location were not available for instances built on non-virtio KVM templates.5.5-5.6
CORE-10480FixFixed the issue when some of the page titles were not translated after applying Internationalization.5.6
CORE-10479FixFixed the issue when after editing at least three phrases on the Language Phrases screen and updating only one of them, some of the other translations were not displayed properly after refreshing the page.5.6
CORE-10478FixFixed the issue when some of the UI elements of the Language Phrases’ static pages page was different than that of other similar resources5.6
CORE-10467FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to remove a picture from a custom theme.5.4-5.6
CORE-9475FixFixed the issue when IP settings were not updated right away for Libvirt with the anti-spoofing option enabled.5.1-5.6
CORE-9470FixFixed the issue when the OVA import failed if volume_group or logical_volumes had hyphen in their labels.5.3-5.6
CORE-9423FixFixed the issue when some UI elements were not displayed properly on the Language Phrases page. 5.0-5.6
CORE-8815FixFixed the issue when the phrase 'CDN resources' on the add/edit/view role pages was not capitalized.5.6
CORE-8801FixFixed the issue when the "Hot migrate alert" notification was neither delivered to a user nor displayed at the Events page on CP after the VS hot migration.5.6
CORE-8733FixFixed the issue when the account lockout email was sent via the sendmail gateway instead of SMTP.5.2-5.6
CORE-8481FixFixed the issue when the "CreateEdgeGateway" transaction failed during Orchestration Model deployment.5.2-5.6
CORE-8448FixFixed the issue when pagination and log items were missing at the last page of the Dashboard > Activity Log section due to a slow database query caused by a big number of paginating log items.5.2-5.6
CORE-7928FixFixed the issue when items, for example disks, were duplicated if they were created in OnApp.5.0-5.6
CORE-6811FixFixed the issue when pagination on the Compute Zone page was broken.4.2-5.6
CORE-5407FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to delete an HTTP caching rule if it was the only rule for a CDN resource and the limit rate and limit rate after parameters were set for the CDN resource.4.1-5.6
CORE-4386FixFixed the issue when the VS VIP status was displayed via the Get Virtual Server Details API request for a user with the Read VIP Status permission disabled.4.1-5.6
CORE-3202FixFixed the issue when the “Content is not uniformly distributed within compute resources” warning was triggered for compute resources where rebalancing from CP could not be performed.3.3.1-5.6
CORE-1660FixFixed the issue when rebuilding network without the force reboot option failed after adding an additional IP for VSs built from the Gentoo 12.1 x64 template.3.1-5.6
CORE-1520FixFixed the issue when after rebuilding, the network was unreachable for virtual server built from the gentoo-12.1-x64-1.4-xen.kvm.kvm_virtio.tar.gz template.3.1.0-5.6
CLOUDBOOT-219FixUpdated the kernel version to 2.6.32-696.20.1.el6.x86_64 for CentOS 6 KVM ramdisk to address the CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5754 issues.4.2-5.6
CLOUDBOOT-217FixUpdated the kernel version to 3.10.0-693.17.1.el for CentOS 7 KVM ramdisk to address the CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5754 issues.5.3-5.6
CLOUDBOOT-210FixFixed the issue when the ip6tables option was not enabled by default for CloudBoot compute resources.5.0-5.6
CLOUDBOOT-201FixUpdated the kernel version to 3.10.0-693.11.6.el7.x86_64 for CentOS 7 KVM ramdisk to address the CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5754 issues.5.3-5.6
CLOUDBOOT-199FixUpdated libvirt packages to version 0.10.2-62.el6_9.1 for CentOS 6 KVM to address the CVE-2017-5715 issue.All OnApp versions
CLOUDBOOT-196FixUpdated KVM packages to version for CentOS 6 KVM to address the CVE-2017-5715 issue.All OnApp versions
CLOUDBOOT-187FixFixed the issue when lvdisplay and vgdisplay were run as cron tasks from /etc/rc.local and /etc/crontab as the data they provide are a part of SNMP statistics.5.6