OnApp 5.6 Release Notes

OnApp 5.6 was released on Nov 28, 2017. This is an edge release which is not designed to be installed on production environments. Support on edge releases is on a best effort basis. Do not upgrade to the 5.6 version if you are using Federation, CDN, instance packages, DRaaS, smart and baremetal servers.

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in OnApp 5.6 release for all components.

KeyTypeSummaryAffects Version/s

Implemented the Buckets functionality to merge user and company billing plans into one logical unit:

  • Added Access Controls to manage resources allocation

  • Added Rate Card to manage free limits and pricing

  • Removed master bucket and master template for compute/data store/network zones

  • Old API requests for user plans and buckets are backward compatible

  • Moved prices from the Service Add-ons Store page to the Buckets

  • Moved prices from the Templates Store page to the Buckets section.

  • Improved the process of collecting and tracking billing-related system changes.

  • Added vCloud Director orchestration models billing to buckets.

Important: changed the default policy for the empty buckets. If the bucket is empty, nothing is available.

CORE-8810FeatureAdded an Isolated Licensing Model designed for use in an isolated environment that allows no external access from the public Internet.
FeatureImplemented validation on whether adding XEN, KVM and vCenter compute resources and creating virtual servers is possible according to the limits defined in OnApp License.
CORE-10528FeatureAdded information on the current usage and limits of licensed resources at the License page in CP.
CORE-10142FeatureImplemented the Manual IP Net functionality for vCenter.
CORE-9632FeatureAdded new SAML attributes to import users into OnApp with a wider set of properties, including the bucket, localization, system theme, auto-suspending options and others.
CORE-7986FeatureAdded validation that a total number of VSs created by all users assigned to a user group does not exceed the Virtual Servers limit set in the bucket of that user group.
CORE-7180FeatureAdded an ability to use custom config for CloudBoot compute zones.
CORE-8216FeatureImplemented support for vCloud Director multiple organizations within one user group.
CORE-10490FeatureAdded possibility to configure the Storage VLAN settings that are present in the onappstore.conf when creating and editing CloudBoot compute resources via CP.
CLOUDBOOT-168FeatureAdded the Intel ixgbe driver for Centos7/KVM.
CLOUDBOOT-150ImprovementImplemented Blacklist ast for Centos7 KVM ramdisk.
CLOUDBOOT-149ImprovementUpdated Centos6/KVM and Centos7/KVM Cloudboot images megaraid_sas driver for new Intel platform.
CLOUDBOOT-145ImprovementAdded an ability to Install CentOS 7.4.1708 packages for Centos7 based ramdisk(s).
CORE-7764 ImprovementAdded a counter of deleted users at the user’s list page.
CORE-10586 ImprovementImproved a number of pages to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA and AAA (highest) levels of conformance.

Improved the loading time on the virtual servers list page so that the number of VSs does not affect its loading speed.

CORE-10875ImprovementImproved the process of creating VSs imported from vCenter with dependent importers handling disks and NICs.
CORE-10636ImprovementAdded more parameters in API response for provider VDC mapping for vCloud resource pools.
CORE-10040ImprovementAdded the Compose vApp permission that enables users to compose a vApp from templates.
CORE-10035ImprovementAdded an ability to import vCloud Director custom roles to OnApp role models.
CORE-10036ImprovementImproved the rake task vcloud:clean that can now run either on a single vCloud Director resource or on all available resources.
CORE-9458ImprovementImplemented the display of a virtual server ID at the Logs page in CP.
CORE-10767ImprovementOptimized the number of requests to the server during the Templates step in the VS creation wizard.
CORE-8649ImprovementImplemented the initializing of new controllers if no free slots are available while assigning disks using hotplug.
CORE-10021ImprovementLimited the isolated licensing data for offline requests by 10Mb.
CORE-10862ImprovementRenamed the Controlled and Arbitrary IP Net types into IP Pool and Manual respectively.
CORE-8315ImprovementImproved the process of adding the iptables rules when multiple concurrent requests were initiated in CP.
CORE-10640ImprovementAdded support for the Ubuntu 17.04 x64 based guests with the ext4 filesystem that previously did not boot on CloudBoot KVM compute resources.
CORE-10953ImprovementReplaced the hostname display with FQDN at the VS overview page.
CORE-2687ImprovementAdded new icons that indicate the status of execution of the health check procedures for OnApp Storage.


ImprovementImplemented a XEN 4.6 version for CentOS 6.x static compute resources.


ImprovementIncreased the Number of File Descriptors for MariaDB on CentOS 7.x.


ImprovementAdded an ability for the XEN compute resources installer to manage Dom0 memory set in Gigabytes. 
CORE-9774FixFixed the issue when the 500 Internal Server Error appeared while creating a VS with the RabbitMQ service disabled.5.4-5.5
CORE-10361FixFixed the issue when the incorrect error message appeared after assigning an invalid IP address.5.4-5.5
CORE-10363FixFixed the issue when an irrelevant link was displayed in a search result for a CloudBoot IP address.5.4-5.5
CORE-10882FixFixed the issue when some messages were lost because of the older version of the Bunny client that communicates with RabbitMQ.5.0-5.5
CORE-10884FixFixed check on a status of the RabbitMQ messages delivery.5.0-5.5
CORE-235FixFixed the issue when it was possible to run forbidden operations on a suspended virtual server.3.0-5.5
CORE-1380FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to create a local storage on a virtual server where one local storage had already been created.3.0-5.5
CORE-1475FixFixed the issue when while creating a data store on local compute resources an error message appeared informing that a local compute resource had already been taken.3.0-5.5
CORE-1689FixFixed the invalid response for the API request on getting a list of appliances running on compute resource.3.0-5.5
CORE-1845FixFixed the issue when the date of deleting a VS was missing.3.0-5.5
CORE-9106FixFixed the issue when the Actions icon was missing at the Users page in CP.3.0-5.5
CORE-10106FixFixed the issue when applying of a recipe with the STDERR result source failed.5.1-5.5
CORE-10116FixFixed the issue when the cloud config was missing fora newly created Container Server.5.3-5.5
CORE-10560FixFixed the issue when the NoMethodError (undefined method 'network' for nil:NilClass) error was returned on an attempt to edit a VS that failed to be deleted.5.5
CORE-10980FixFixed the issue when the incorrect path was used to determine a directory with enough free space for the OVA upload.5.5
CORE-1620FixFixed the issue when the Run Sysprep option was available for a Baremetalcomputeresource zone.3.1-5.5
CORE-1647FixFixed the issue when it was possible to create a Smart or Baremetal server via API if the CloudBoot support was disabled in configuration settings.3.1-5.5
CORE-2115FixFixed the issue when a disk was not deleted from Integrated Storage if this disk had a snapshot.3.2-5.5
CORE-3258FixFixed the issue when default values for CPU Sockets and CPU Threads were missing in the Smart Server creation wizard.3.4-5.5
CORE-10555FixFixed the issue when it was possible to manage remote CloudBoot compute resources via CP.5.4-5.5
CORE-10645FixFixed the issue when vApp Network was imported without a parent network and network group.5.5
CORE-6599FixFixed the issue when some pages in CP were not fully translated when the locale was other than English.4.2-5.5
CORE-11018FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to run a force reboot during guest customization on vCloud Director.5.5
CORE-11020FixFixed the issue when the vApp recomposing failed in vCloudDIrectorwith the fast provisioning enabled.5.2-5.5
CORE-9788FixRemoved the possibility to manage Backup servers from the Tools menu for vCenter compute resources.5.4-5.5
CORE-9878FixFixed the issue when a virtual server was imported from vCenter to OnApp without IP address.5.4-5.5

Fixed the issue when the Mounted and File System fields were displayed forvCenter disks.

CORE-10049FixFixed the issue when it was possible to re-assign VMware disks to KVM/XEN virtual servers.5.4-5.5
CORE-10311FixFixed the issue when the MKS console was not available for VS built on Windows 2016 in a vCloud Director organization that ran on a provider VDC with vCenter 6.5 and ESXi
CORE-10564FixFixed the issue when using OnApp network for vCenter virtual servers lead to the creation of a duplicated network.5.5
CORE-10911FixFixed the issue when external IP addresses were not imported from vCloud Director to OnApp.  5.5

Fixed the issue when no rollback was performed after a failure to create a vCloud Director VS snapshot.



FixFixed the issue when VMware L2 statistics were not collected if there were no booted virtual servers in vCenter.  5.5
CORE-11028FixFixed the issue when the VS creation wizard failed if there were only Windows system template in the cloud and the default template was the Windows template.5.5
CORE-184FixFixed the issue when it was possible to remove a Windows license key although there were virtual servers using it.3.0-5.5
CORE-2585FixFixed the issue when time on the alerts page was not shown in a user timezone.3.2-5.5
CORE-4104FixReplaced scroll with pagination for the user VSslist at the User Profile page.4.1-5.5

Removed the ability to set VIP status for VSs with the Pending status.

CORE-8504FixFixed the broken pagination on the role edit page when changing the browser size.5.2-5.5
CORE-9356FixFixed the text in the Your White List is empty infobox.5.3-5.5
CORE-10463FixFixed the issue when graphs for disks and CPU usage for autoscaling were displayed only half width.5.4-5.5
CORE-10753FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to use the "Apply Compute Zone Custom Config" feature for cloudbooted BS.3.0-5.5
CORE-8136FixFixed the issue when "Enable DRaaS button was displayed on the configuration page when Cloudboot and OnApp storage features were disabled.3.0-5.5
CORE-7981FixFixed the issue when Integrated Storage Daily Health report email was not sent if some HV was not responsive.3.0-5.5
CLOUDBOOT-173FixFixed the issue when the old Intel i40e driver version had a bug preventing the X710 quad NICs from receiving multicast packets when the ethX was bridged.3.0-5.5
CLOUDBOOT-162FixFixed the issue when atop utility automatically ran every night and stored logs in /var/log leading to additional RAM usage.3.0-5.5
CLOUDBOOT-141FixFixed the issue with incorrect UFS file-system driver which supported RW mode on Centos6 Xen ramdisk.3.0-5.5
STORAGE-2062FixFixed the issue when "Unable to switch cache to Write-Through mode" error was displayed. 4.2-5.5
STORAGE-1788FixFixed the issue when cache and epoch CLIs did not return name value pairs4.1-5.5