OnApp 5.6.0-83 Update

This update was released on Dec 21, 2017.

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Implemented the migration of resources from master bucket/template zones to buckets.
CORE-11221Enabled setting chargeable cpu_units and cpu_shares parameters on VS creation only if appropriate options are set for the bucket and compute zone.
CORE-11150Changed the labels in Access Control sections from ‘Limits and Pricing for resource’ to ‘Limits for resource’ and in Rate Card sections from ‘Limits and Pricing for resource’ to ‘Pricing for resource’.
CORE-10273Implemented Free per month’ parameters for data store and network zones in the bucket to substitute the monthly pricing type.
CORE-10005Implemented ‘Monthly peak’ calculation for the VPC server type in the buckets.
CORE-9829Added ability to set limits and prices for service add-ons in buckets.
CORE-9574Improved statistics reporting so that the price for VSs is displayed correctly in billing statistics via UI and API.
CORE-9505Improved display of billing statistics in charts on the dashboard.
CORE-9482Improved the process of calculating the price of free hourly and monthly resources used by a user.
CORE-8661Implemented mapping resources from user billing plans into the buckets’ VPC server type section.
CORE-11303Fixed the issue when statistics for a service add-on was not displayed at the virtual server Statistics page.5.6
CORE-11294Fixed the issue when a NoMethodError error occurred while running the Get User Statistics API request.5.6
CORE-11275Fixed the issue when assigning a service add-on with on_add_event to a virtual server failed.5.6
CORE-11270Fixed the issue when a ROM::TupleCountMismatchError error occurred while deleting a service add-on that was added to a group.5.6
CORE-11267Fixed the issue when pagination was missing at the Billing Statistics page for a specific user.5.6
CORE-11254Fixed the issue when the incorrect price was displayed in the Total Amount box at the VS Billing Statistic page.5.6
CORE-11245Fixed the issue when a user was charged for the CPU shares usage in case the CPU units option was enabled.5.6
CORE-11235Fixed the issue when some vCD entities, such as vApps, users, and user groups were duplicated after creation in case the transaction was not completed and the required object was not updated in the transaction but synchronized with vCD.5.0-5.6
CORE-11229Fixed the issue when prices for resources were not displayed at the user’s Billing Statistics page.5.6
CORE-11226Fixed the issue when some metrics were represented as digits for the Get Billing Statistics for Resource Pool API request.5.6
CORE-11222Fixed the issue when the estimated price per hour for a VS was incorrect due to the wrong price calculation for service add-ons.5.6
CORE-11218Fixed the issue when the network statistics were missing for a resource pool that uses edge gateways.5.6
CORE-11206Fixed the issue when a price per hour set in the Rate Card for a template was not displayed in the VS creation wizard.5.6
CORE-11191Fixed the issue when it was possible to use default CPU Cores and CPU Shares settings in Access Control after configuring prices for a compute zone in Rate Cart or setting limits for the compute zone in Access Control.5.6
CORE-11190Fixed the issue when users could exceed the limit on port speed defined in their bucket.5.6
CORE-11187Fixed the issue when a child Template Store was not migrated from a billing plan to the bucket’s Rate Card after the upgrade to
CORE-11177Fixed the issue when a user was charged for the CPU units usage in case the CPU units option was disabled in the user’s Access Control but was added to the Rate Card.5.6
CORE-11176Fixed the issue when the price for backups limits in the bucket’s Rate Card 'Limits & Pricing for Backup server Zones' section was calculated incorrectly.5.6
CORE-11175Fixed the issue when the price calculation was not working for the Backups parameter in the Miscellaneous section of the virtual server type in the Rate Card.5.6
CORE-11165Fixed the issue when it was possible to assign VS to a user after the CPU cores limit was reached.5.6
CORE-11154Fixed the issue when the VS price on/off calculation for unlimited port speed was incorrect.5.6
CORE-11145Fixed the issue when the value for the free disk size parameter was not displayed in the bucket’s Rate Card.5.6
CORE-10858Fixed the issue when data on Usage Trends pages was not displayed.5.6

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 5.6.0 version. If you are upgrading from OnApp 5.5.x. version, run the full upgrade procedure. For more information refer to the Upgrade Guide.

To apply the patch into Control Panel (running 5.6.0 version):

  1. Update OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.6.noarch.rpm
  2. Run the Control panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

Patch Installation for Clouds with High Availability Control Panel

If you are a High Availability Control Panel customer, it is recommended that you contact support for help with the procedure described below. Be aware, that if the configuration below is performed incorrectly it may cause damage to your cloud.

To apply the patch for clouds with the High Availability Control Panel run the following commands on all  Control Panel servers:

  1. Disable managing resources on all nodes by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

    # crm configure property maintenance-mode=true

  2. Update OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.6.noarch.rpm
  3. Run the Control panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh
  4. Switch all nodes back online by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

     # crm configure property maintenance-mode=false

    Ensure that the lsyncd service is not started during the whole CP upgrade procedure. In separate consoles, connect to all three CP servers and run the following command:

     # watch -n 0.1 /etc/init.d/lsyncd stop