OnApp 5.5 Release Notes

OnApp 5.5 was released on Sep 6, 2017. You can upgrade to OnApp version 5.5 from the 5.4 and 5.0 LTS versions. For details refer to the Upgrade Guide.

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in OnApp 5.5 release for all components.

KeyTypeSummaryAffects Version/s
CORE-9126FeatureAdded ability to add private vCenter compute zones to Federation and to create and manage vCenter VSs via the Federation.
CORE-10100FeatureAdded possibility to add secondary disks for VSs using the XFS file system.
CORE-6414FeatureAdded support of CentOS 7 operating system as OnApp Xen compute resource.
CORE-8499FeatureImplemented ability for certain users to approve or decline transactions performed by other users in the cloud.
CORE-7799FeatureImproved OVAs functionality: added slider, which enables hot migration for OVA virtual servers; added Windows support for OVA; added support of additional file formats for virtual hard disk drives.
CORE-8676FeatureImproved Service Add-ons functionality: added ability to assign service add-on during VS creation; added 'On Destroy VS' and 'On Rebuild VS' events; added Raise Event action; added slider which enables VS provisioning for service add-on; added ability to run recipe action on Control Panel; added ability to add icon for service add-on group.
CORE-8228FeatureImproved OnApp and vCenter integration functionality: updated statistics collection mechanism; created a mechanism which synchronizes changes in vCenter with OnApp.
CORE-10034FeatureImplemented all power state actions for vApps.
CORE-9862FeatureAdded ability to select service add-ons for vCD virtual servers when creating or recomposing a vApp.
CORE-9579FeatureAdded new type of Cloudboot compute resource - CloudBoot Provisioning and Backup Resource, based on CentOS 7.
CORE-9527FeatureAdded in beta the ability to use epochs mechanism for Integrated Storage data stores, which helps to decrease vDisk repair time.
CORE-9522FeatureAdded list of API requests to perform different health checks in Integrated Storage diagnostics.
CORE-8806FeatureAdded ability to enable acceleration for VSs in Federation.
CORE-7883FeatureImplemented service insertion framework functionality, which allows you to bring other portals into OnApp.
CORE-7819FeatureAdded ability to view prefetch and purge transactions statuses at the Control Panel.
CORE-7811FeatureAdded ability to select a backup server zone when adding a compute zone to Federation.
CORE-7672FeatureAdded UEFI support with PXE boot for KVM CloudBoot compute resources and backup servers on CentOS6/CentOS7.
STORAGE-2032ImprovementAdded ability to specify SSH keys when accessing shadow VS from compute resources on source cloud.
INSTALLER-277ImprovementAdded ability to use openssl utility to generate random passwords.
INSTALLER-275ImprovementUpdated parted to the version 3.2, which supports disks with logical/physical sector size > 512B for CentOS 7.x Static and CloudBoot Backup Server and Xen/KVM compute resources.
INSTALLER-268ImprovementEnabled logging for the monit service on CentOS 5.x and 6.x.
INSTALLER-266ImprovementImplemented an ability for the CP installer to proceed with quick update procedure.
INSTALLER-263ImprovementAdded xfsprogs to the compute resource and backup server installer/updater.
INSTALLER-247ImprovementAdded libguestfs for static backup server under CentOS 6.x and 7.x (x86_64 only).
INSTALLER-232ImprovementAdded functionality to delete iptables rules for Xen/KVM VS when it goes offline.
INSTALLER-230ImprovementUpdated ntfs tools version for compute resources and backup servers.
INSTALLER-209ImprovementAdjusted statistics scripts to use libvirt as data source for CentOS7 Xen static compute resources.
INSTALLER-194ImprovementProvided Libvirt v. 2.x for Xen compute resources on CentOS 7.
INSTALLER-264ImprovementAdded support of the Xen 4.9 kernel version for Static compute resources.
INFRA-336ImprovementIntegrated vCenter event processing into OnApp Engine.
CORE-10458ImprovementRemoved ability to track statuses for PurgeAll transactions.
CORE-10369ImprovementAdded support of ip_id parameter for /virtual_machines/accelerator_presence.
CORE-10365ImprovementRemoved support of Debian distro for vCenter.
CORE-10343ImprovementAdded ability to assign a range of IPs to a user.
CORE-10228ImprovementImproved removal logic of VS that resides on Integrated Storage data store to increase performance of the large vDisk removal.
CORE-10163ImprovementAdded ability to use "default" cache policy instead of "mq" one.
CORE-10161ImprovementImproved resource difference tables for log items related to the recompose vApp transaction.
CORE-10140ImprovementImproved resource diffs tables for log items related to Edge/Storage servers and Accelerators.
CORE-9997ImprovementImproved 'File URL' tab at Upload OVA template page.
CORE-9926ImprovementAdded ability to change the owner of a vCenter virtual server.
CORE-9888ImprovementImproved attach/detach disk operations when timeout error occurred.
CORE-9640ImprovementAdded slider which enables assertion decryption during adding new IdP for SAML authentication.
CORE-9628ImprovementAdded the limitation that the ‘Add to Federation’ option appears only for zones of the ‘virtual’ type.
CORE-9601ImprovementAdded ability to upload OVA templates for vCenter with a specified operating system.
CORE-9516ImprovementAdded the seller’s transaction ID field to the log item details page.
CORE-9504ImprovementAdded ability to remove all vCenter compute resources or a particular vCenter compute resource from OnApp.
CORE-9281ImprovementAdded an infobox to the upload media to catalog screen.
CORE-9189ImprovementRemoved the VMRC console type for vCenter virtual servers.
CORE-9003ImprovementRemoved the Failover, Backup, CloudBoot and Gateway Servers options from the vCenter compute resource details page.
CORE-8986ImprovementAdded ‘Manage services in vCD UI’ permission which controls whether users have access to the Services tab that links to vCD UI at the Edge Gateway details page.
CORE-8937ImprovementImplemented a mechanism to track when certain changes have been made in vCenter and update OnApp with these changes.
CORE-8935ImprovementImproved vCenter stats collection process.
CORE-8925ImprovementAdded ability for customers to add their own java script files.
CORE-8880ImprovementChanged API requests for virtual server migration.
CORE-8781ImprovementMoved CDN Resource Stream Statistics to CDN Reporting scope.
CORE-8569ImprovementAdded ability to assign multiple IP addresses to a user.
CORE-8438ImprovementAdded slider, which enables hot migration for virtual servers built from ISO,OVA and regular templates.
CORE-8214ImprovementAdded ability to edit the name and description of catalogs that are not marked as 'Published' in OnApp.
CORE-8213ImprovementAdded the Status column to the vApps list page.
CORE-8212ImprovementImplemented all power state actions for vCloud Director VSs.
CORE-7689ImprovementAdded ability to import vApps and VSs owned by the ‘System’ user in vCD into OnApp.
CORE-7688ImprovementAdded ability to change the owner of a vApp in OnApp.
CLOUDBOOT-119ImprovementAdded ability for onapp-store-install.sh to customize the Default ramdisk (centos7/ramdisk-default). 
CLOUDBOOT-118ImprovementAdded XFS support (xfsprogs) to the CloudBoot images for XEN and KVM compute resource and backup server on CentOS6.
CLOUDBOOT-117ImprovementUpdateв glibc packages for CentOS6 KVM and Xen ramdisks to address the CVE-2017-1000366 fix.
CLOUDBOOT-116ImprovementUpdates CentOS6 KVM kernel to address the CVE-2017-1000364 fix.
CLOUDBOOT-111ImprovementAdded a workaround into the CentOS6 Xen and KVM ramdisks' init to load correct module for Chelsio Communications Inc ethernet controller.
CLOUDBOOT-107ImprovementUpdated ntfs-filesystem and tools version for CloudBoot ramdisks.
STORAGE-1825ImprovementUpgraded back-end kernel to 3.18.25-18.el6.x86_64.
STORAGE-2052FixFixed the issue when Onappstorebond interface was not created on CloudBoot CentOS7 KVM images.5.3-5.4
INFRA-321FixFixed the issue when transaction remained in "Pending" "scheduled" state forever due to DB-level race-condition.5.0-5.4
INFRA-303FixFixed the issue when transaction became 'Pending’ after automatic cancellation.5.0-5.4
CORE-10346FixFixed the issue when IP addresses which are in use were displayed on the network overview page.5.4
CORE-10307FixFixed the issue when vCD users could not create vCD users without the ‘Any action on users’ permission as there were no roles for selection.5.3-5.4
CORE-10242FixFixed an incorrect alignment of elements at 'Language Phrases' page.5.4
CORE-10192FixFixed the issue when subscribed data stores, which did not support motion, did not get identifier.5.2-5.4
CORE-10158FixFixed displaying of templates in VS creation wizard.5.4
CORE-10152FixFixed the issue when VMware level 1 statistics attempted to update VS statuses if the compute resource was down.5.4
CORE-10050FixFixed the issue when the import of vCD edge gateways the interface of which did not contain the ‘ip_ranges’ field failed on vCD version 8.x.5.4
CORE-10002FixFixed the issue when an autoscaling load balancer was created with one IP address instead of two.5.4
CORE-9937FixFixed the issue when the last IP address could be removed from the Accelerator preventing it to accelerate VSs.5.4
CORE-9916FixFixed the issue when vCenter credentials were not deleted from OnApp after vCenter was removed from vCloud Director.5.3-5.4
CORE-9912FixFixed the issue when autoscale parameter for_minutes was not stored in database.5.3-5.4
CORE-9911FixFixed UI issue with 'Actions' column for nodes at Load Balancer overview page.4.0-5.4
CORE-9907FixFixed the issue when 'RebuildNetwork' transaction failed for not accelerated VSs when accelerator existed without IP address.5.4
CORE-9896FixFixed the issue when vCD re-sync failed if there were two or more vCD compute resources in OnApp are at least one of them was offline.5.2-5.4
CORE-9885FixFixed the issue when vApp deployment would fail if the vApp contains a VS without network interfaces.5.4
CORE-9883FixFixed the issue when increasing/decreasing the number of CPU cores or amount of RAM of a VS imported from vCenter caused the 500 Error.5.4
CORE-9855FixImproved template's label visibility in VS creation wizard.5.4
CORE-9828FixRemoved ability to boot from ISO VSs, which were built from OVA template with operating system 'other'.5.4
CORE-9824FixFixed the issue when VS, built from OVA template with operating system 'other', could not be rebooted in recovery.5.3-5.4
CORE-9806FixFixed the issue when pagination buttons were not working at the 'Location group' page.5.4
CORE-9800FixFixed the issue with translation missing for container server failover.5.4
CORE-9783FixFixed the issue when the vApp owner was not changed in OnApp after the vApp owner has been changed in vCD, in case the new vApp owner did not have enough resources to own the vApp according to the OnApp billing plan.5.4
CORE-9775FixFixed the issue when a user could not use the amount of IP addresses available in their billing plan.5.4
CORE-9773FixFixed the issue when 'Build disk' transaction failed for VSs, built from OVA because of "Volume group has insufficient free space" error.5.2-5.4
CORE-9742FixRemoved redundant column at the end of the compute resources table.5.4
CORE-9714FixFixed the issue when the rake task vcloud:resync_clean failed and did not remove some objects if there was an object in DB the relations of which could not be removed.5.3-5.4
CORE-9713FixFixed the issue when an OnApp user who belongs to a vCD user group could not log into OnApp using SAML authentication.5.4
CORE-9712FixFixed the issue when it was possible to create a Storage/Edge server or Accelerator without an IP address via API.5.4
CORE-9708FixFixed the issue when it was impossible to allocate a new IP address to an Accelerator, Storage/Edge server after previously removing its network interface.5.4
CORE-9677FixRemoved the unnecessary fstab update transaction from the the vCenter VS disk resize process.5.4
CORE-9667FixFixed the issue when the filter for network interface statistics redirected to the list of network interfaces.5.4
CORE-9581FixFixed the broken instance package prices at VS creation wizard.5.0-5.4
CORE-9565FixFixed the issue when zones of the VPC type could be added to Federation, though they should not.5.3-5.4
CORE-9551FixFixed the error which occurred when SAML provider metadata was opened without logged in user.5.0-5.4
CORE-9538FixFixed the issue when SAML certificate could not be uploaded to the Control Panel.5.3-5.4
CORE-9438FixFixed the issue when a load balancer would be deleted without the confirmation window appearing.5.3-5.4
CORE-9380FixFixed the issue when the ‘Create network zone’ button appeared in UI for users who did not have the permission to create network zones.5.3-5.4
CORE-9379FixFixed the issue when the ‘Network Zones’ link appeared in UI for users who had the ‘See details of any network zone’ permission but did not have the ‘See list of all network zones’ permission.5.3-5.4
CORE-9378FixFixed the issue when the ‘Network Zones’ link did not appear in UI for users who had the ‘See list of all network zones’ permission but did not have the ‘See details of any network zone’ permission.5.3-5.4
CORE-9304FixFixed the issue when chart filters did not work when at least one chart was hidden at the Control Panel dashboard.5.2-5.4
CORE-9165FixAdded ability to check if all nodes have the exact amount of space needed for rebalance.5.0-5.4
CORE-9087FixFixed the issue when vApp deployment failed because template disk used LSI Logic SAS controller.5.4
CORE-8950FixAdded ‘Access to vCD UI’ permission which controls whether users can see the link to vCD UI in the VS tools menu.5.0-5.4
CORE-8890FixFixed the issue when CDN Server/Load could not be created, if user had some limits in template store in billing plan.4.0-5.4
CORE-8824FixFixed the issue when description of instance packages was not scalable during VS creation.5.3-5.4
CORE-8805FixFixed the issue when during org network creation routed or isolated network type could be selected for a resource pool that does not have a network pool.5.3-5.4
CORE-8703FixFixed the issue when IP addresses that were removed from vCenter VSs in OnApp were not removed on the vCenter side.5.3-5.4
CORE-8701FixFixed the issue when Cloudboot upgrade broke custom config of /etc/exports file.5.1-5.4
CORE-8673FixFixed the issue when no logs about the cause of user import failure were provided when attempting to import vCD users that do not have an email specified.5.3-5.4
CORE-8653FixFixed the issue when an irrelevant alert about default mailer setting would appear in UI.5.2-5.4
CORE-8545FixFixed the issue an autoscaling load balancer did not pick up nodes added automatically by autoscaling.5.0-5.4
CORE-8482FixFixed the issue when orchestration deployment was not possible if one of its resources had the customizable parameter as disabled but the visible parameter as enabled.5.0-5.4
CORE-8404FixFixed the issue when vApps could be skipped during import or resync, in case the vApp owner did not have enough resources to own the vApp according to the OnApp billing plan.5.0-5.4
CORE-7919FixFixed the issue when it was not possible to delete a vApp that had a 'deployed' status in vCD and all VSs in which were powered off.5.0-5.4
CORE-7916FixFixed the issue when the orchestration model deployment page showed different default values for storage policies than those which were set in the orchestration model.5.1-5.4
CORE-7737FixFixed the issue when a vApp with the status ‘Resolved’ could not be deleted through OnApp UI.5.0-5.4
CORE-7580FixFixed the UI typo at Compute resource overview page.4.3-5.4
CORE-7386FixFixed the issue when compute resource selection algorithm 'Take HV with maximum free RAM (Sparse)' did not work correctly during VS creation within specific compute zone.4.3-5.4
CORE-7352FixFixed the issue when restrictions were not applied to the list of users at the 'change VS owner' page.4.3-5.4
CORE-5795FixProhibited attaching Integrated Storage data store to a compute zone, if the data store was created in another compute zone.4.0-5.4
CORE-1517FixFixed the issue when second NIC iptables rules were missing after reboot from inside (not the UI).3.0.8-5.4
CORE-1397FixFixed the issue with missing German and Spanish locales.3.0.6-5.4
CLOUDBOOT-128FixAdded cron task, which helps to create VS's disks on backup server with less load.5.4
CLOUDBOOT-115Fix Improved CentOS6 Xen ramdisk to avoid warning that xend/xm is deprecated.5.4
CLOUDBOOT-112FixFixed an issue when storageAPI.service was marked as failed on CentOS7 KVM ramdisks.5.3-5.4
CLOUDBOOT-105FixAdded SSHFS and NTFS support for CentOS7 KVM ramdisk.5.4