OnApp 5.5.0-92 Update

This version of a Control Panel and CloudBoot update was released on Aug 9, 2018. The information below refers to the release notes and upgrade instructions for the Control Panel. For information on the CloudBoot release notes and upgrade instructions, refer to OnApp 5.5 Patch 7 CloudBoot Update.

KeyRelease NotesAffects Version/s
CORE-12435Switched to a new Grub2 image to boot Linux-based guests on KVM compute resources.

INSTALLER-360Updated the RPM package for the latest Redis server version 4.0.10.
INSTALLER-362Added a new Grub image with the Grub boot loader to support legacy and recent Grub 2 configs to boot Linux-based guests on KVM compute resources.
CORE-12322Fixed the issue when IDE and Virtio disks added to a guest OS were not indexed separately per bus.5.0-5.5
CORE-12420Fixed the issue when the Redis memory usage was bloating because of the cached memory_lua script. 5.0-5.5

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 5.5.0 version. If you are upgrading from OnApp 5.4.x. version, run the full upgrade procedure. For more information, refer to the Upgrade Guide.

Upgrade Control Panel Server

To apply the patch into Control Panel (running 5.5.0 version):

  1. Update OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.5.noarch.rpm
  2. Update the Control Panel installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install

  3. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

    At the end of the update, you need to reply 'yes' when the system offers to download ISOs and images. This is required to install version 6.9 recovery images.

Upgrade Static Compute Resources

  1. Make sure your compute resource is visible and online in the Control Panel.

  2. Download and install the latest OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.5.noarch.rpm
  3. Upgrade OnApp compute resource installer package:

    # yum update onapp-hv-install
  4. Run compute resource installer:
    For CentOS KVM compute resources:

    # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh
  5. Reboot static compute resources.