OnApp 5.5.0-59 Update

This version of a Control Panel and CloudBoot update was released on Dec 18, 2017. The information below refers to the release notes and upgrade instructions for the Control Panel. For information on the CloudBoot release notes and upgrade instructions, refer to OnApp 5.5 Patch 2 CloudBoot Update.

KeyRelease NotesAffects Version/s
CORE-11233Added possibility to configure the Storage VLAN settings that are present in the onappstore.conf when creating and editing CloudBoot compute resources via CP.
CORE-11131Improved the update of the resource pool statistics after deploying, importing and deleting a vApp.
CORE-10958Replaced the 'hostname' parameter with 'FQDN' at the VS overview page.
CORE-10957Improved the process of adding the iptables rules when multiple concurrent requests are initiated in CP.
CORE-10952Enabled the usage of NIC when there are any running/pending procedures of adding/removing IP addresses on the interface.
CORE-10941Added support for the Ubuntu 17.04 x64 based guests with the ext4 filesystem that previously did not boot on CloudBoot KVM compute resources.
CORE-10863Renamed the Controlled and Arbitrary IP Net types into IP Pool and Manual respectively.
INSTALLER-308Updated the RubyEncoder loader to the latest version.

Fixed the issue when the jquery.js and highcharts.js files were missing in the public/assets folder.

INSTALLER-302Fixed the issue when the ConvertOvaToTemplate action failed on a CloudBoot backup server built on CentOS 7.5.5
INFRA-384Fixed the issue when the EnsureHypervisorOffline recipe pinged IPv6 using ping instead of ping6.5.0-5.5
CORE-11256Fixed the issue when an undefined method error occurred while running a Unix recipe on a Linux-based vCD virtual server.5.5
CORE-11172Fixed the issue when it was impossible to automatically assign an IPv4 or IPv6 address to a virtual server as the auto-selected network with the biggest number of free addresses could not contain IPs of the required type.5.5
CORE-11147Fixed the issue when vApps created inside vCenter caused errors during the import and synchronization of vCenter VSs and during the recipes execution on vCD VSs.5.5
CORE-11133Fixed the issue when DRaaS and moving VSs to another location were not available for instances built on non-virtio KVM templates.5.5
CORE-11090Fixed the issue when disks of a federated VS were not built in the target location if the build virtual machine option was set to 'false'.5.5
CORE-11069Fixed the issue when vApp recomposing failed with an incorrect validation error if fast provisioning was enabled.5.2-5.5


Fixed the issue when vApp recomposing failed with an undefined method error. 5.5
CORE-11056Fixed the issue when it was impossible to add a backup zone to a Federation related billing plan.5.5
CORE-11052Fixed the issue when the MKS console was not available for VSs built on Windows 2016 in a vCloud Director organization that ran on a provider VDC with vCenter 6.5 and ESXi
CORE-11051Fixed the issue when external IP addresses were not imported from vCloud Director to OnApp.5.5
CORE-11050Fixed the issue when no rollback was performed after a failure to create a vCloud Director VS snapshot.5.5
CORE-11049Fixed the issue when a system error occurred while running recipes on Windows vCD virtual servers.5.5
CORE-10965Fixed the issue when some messages were lost because of the older version of the Bunny client that communicates with RabbitMQ.5.0-5.5
CORE-10884Fixed the check of the status of RabbitMQ messages delivery.5.0-5.5


Fixed the issue when it was impossible to create a VS from an instance package if the "Select instance package on virtual server creation" permission was enabled and the "Select resources manually on virtual server creation" permission was disabled.5.5


Fixed the issue when the Templates list was not displayed at AWS Marketplace while adding a new EC2 instance.5.4-5.5


Fixed the issue when users could not purge content for CDN resources due to lack of permissions they actually had.5.5

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 5.5.0 version. If you are upgrading from OnApp 5.4.x. version, run the full upgrade procedure. For more information refer to the Upgrade Guide.

To apply the patch into Control Panel (running 5.5.0 version):

  1. Update OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.5.noarch.rpm
  2. Run the Control panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

Patch Installation for Clouds with High Availability Control Panel

If you are a High Availability Control Panel customer, it is recommended that you contact support for help with the procedure described below. Be aware, that if the configuration below is performed incorrectly it may cause damage to your cloud.

To apply the patch for clouds with the High Availability Control Panel run the following commands on all  Control Panel servers:

  1. Disable managing resources on all nodes by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

    # crm configure property maintenance-mode=true

  2. Update OnApp YUM repository file:

    # rpm -Uvh http://rpm.repo.onapp.com/repo/onapp-repo-5.5.noarch.rpm
  3. Run the Control panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh
  4. Switch all nodes back online by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

     # crm configure property maintenance-mode=false

    Ensure that the lsyncd service is not started during the whole CP upgrade procedure. In separate consoles, connect to all three CP servers and run the following command:

    watch /etc/init.d/lsyncd stop