OnApp 5.4 Release Notes

OnApp 5.4 no longer supports custom roles created in vCloud Director. Please contact your account manager if it affects your upgrade.

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in OnApp 5.4 release for all components:

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s
FeatureOnApp 5.4 introduces network IP nets. A network can include several IP nets which are IP ranges with a default gateway. This will allow for future IPv6 improvements and software defined network (SDN) capability.
FeatureImplemented the maintenance mode feature for CloudBoot compute resources. The maintenance  mode is used to temporarily take the compute resource out of service, fix or upgrade it. 
FeatureImplemented an IOPS limiting feature to protect from individual VMs saturating a Data Store ensuring consistent performance for all VS. You can set IOPS limiting for data stores and disks.
FeatureAdded ability to migrate virtual servers cold between compute resources with local storage or across compute zones.
FeatureAdded ability to back up obscure virtual servers, that is virtual servers built from ISO and OVA, as well as Container Servers.
FeatureAdded CDN Visitors and Admin Reports. CDN reporting functionality allows you to study and review the in-depth analysis on your own CDN resources by viewing different reports.
FeatureImproved Cloud Motion functionality for Federation and moved it out of beta.

Improved OnApp and vCenter integration networking functionality: added import of vCenter infrastructure (networks and data stores) and added ability to import VS from vCenter. Beta functionality, contact your account manager for further details.

FeatureAdded ability to manage advanced edge gateway services.
FeatureAdded configuration options for virtual server migration.
FeatureAdded the possibility to increase the block size for disk migration to another data store. This is made configurable at Settings > Configuration as a Block Size option.
FeatureAdded ability to install SSH Keys for federated virtual servers.
FeatureAdded ability to create application servers and edge servers for users with vCloud Director integration.
FeatureAdded an ability to run recipes on federated virtual servers.
FeatureAdded minimal default image for CloudBoot creation as default requirement for CloudBoot installation.
ImprovementUpgraded Redis server to 3.2.6 version.
ImprovementChanged behaviour for detecting possibility to accelerate VS during creation.
ImprovementAdded separate views for org networks in Control Panel left menu and Settings.
ImprovementAdded ability to show only networks with public IPs for selection in wizard if the server type requires a public IP.
ImprovementAdded ability to set the SSH key from the Buyers CP to the virtual server during deployment.
ImprovementAdded ability to apply filtering for IP addresses by network ID, IP net ID,IP range ID via API.
ImprovementImproved button names on the 'IP addresses' page.
ImprovementRemoved redundant IP range limit parameter.
ImprovementAdded max available RAM limit value to the error message on a VS creation wizard and 'Edit VS' pages.
ImprovementAdded ability to use UI ratio slider feature for templates of public resources.
ImprovementUpdated the max RAM values per virtualization type.
ImprovementChanged format of all CDN thrift statistics from binary to decimal format.
ImprovementFixed the issue when huge OVA upload failed on converting task.
ImprovementAdded scrollbar into notification pop-up window.
ImprovementAdded ability for any user (without Aflexi id) to see 'admin' page on the CDN reporting page if the permission 'see Admin page' is enabled.
ImprovementAdded possibility to send CDN Report API calls to Aflexi with operator credentials.
ImprovementRenamed virtualization from 'vmware' to 'vcenter' for vCenter templates on template server.
ImprovementAdded ability to configure amount of displayed unread notifications.
ImprovementImproved the 'File' column of the Top Files CDN report.
ImprovementImproved the 'Upload media to vCloud catalog' UI.
ImprovementReplaced temporary Bandwidth Statistics link with New Bandwidth Statistics at CDN Reporting page.
ImprovementChanged date format on the CDN Reports pages.
ImprovementMoved "Your notification" section to the top left near the profile.
ImprovementAdded ability to edit static IP pools for org networks.
ImprovementImproved the responsiveness of the virtual server creation wizard.
ImprovementAdded ability to configure compute resource polling period via snmpget in UI.
ImprovementImproved gathering of cpu_used and memory_used statistics for vCloud dashboard charts.
ImprovementAdded checking of user IP whitelist before redirecting to expired password page.
ImprovementAdded resources ratios for VSs built on public federated zones.
ImprovementAdded ability to temporarily assign disk to another virtual server with possibility to re-assign the disk back.
ImprovementAdded ability to use moref ID in stats collector to find VSs in database.
ImprovementMapped external networks between vCloud and vCenter using vCloud API v8.
ImprovementAdded OVA support for vApp template upload.
ImprovementImproved login box for forgotten password.
ImprovementImproved design of the templates page in the VS creation wizard.
ImprovementUpdated i40e driver in CentOS6 KVM ramdisk.
ImprovementAdded ability to use only alphanumeric symbols for Zabbix Server's password.
ImprovementImproved 'Unassign IP addresses' pop-up window - now IP addresses list is displayed in ascending order.
APIUpdated the Migrate VS section with the announcement that the old request will be deprecated in the nearest release.

Removed the following deprecated API requests:


The following API requests will be replaced with new ones in the next releases:

FixFixed the issue when forget operation did not remove node from the datastore object.5.1
FixFixed the issue when DM-Cache was not working on CentOS 7 KVM.5.3
FixFixed the issue when initializing SSD cache failed for large vDisks.5.0, 5.1, 5.2
FixFixed the issue with outdated information in storage database.
3.5.0-14, 4.1.0-9, 4.2
FixFixed the issue with hardcoding device mapper major numbers to
FixFixed the issue when CentOS 6.9 openssl version 1.0.1e-57 used SHA1 instead of MD5.
FixFixed the issue when Redis server did not start after reboot on CentOS7.
FixFixed the issue when stale connections to libvirt could block new transactions.
5.0, 4.3, 5.3
FixFixed the issue when DHCP leases were synchronized after nfs exports change.5.0
FixFixed the issue when VS could not be built from user's template, created from backup.5.1
FixFixed the issue when request "report.problem.connect" failed and system error occurred.5.3
FixFixed the issue when creation of Windows 2016 VS with KMS license type failed.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed broken relation between org network and vDC.5.3
FixFixed the API for default firewall rule update.5.3
FixDepreciated PHP 5.3/PHP 5.4 from installation in System Apps for Application Servers.
FixFixed the issue with enabling cache from Control Panel UI.5.3
FixFixed the issue when VS hot migration failed after assigning network to compute zone and compute resource.5.3
FixFixed an error which occurred while preserving steps for recipe.5.0, 5.3
FixFixed the issue when context `:from_form` missed during Org Network creation.5.3
FixFixed the issue with vCD roles becoming org specific starting with vCD 8.20.

Currently OnApp supports only default vCD roles. These roles are mapped using the label, therefore, please do not change the labels of the default user roles in vCloud Director. Users with custom roles are not imported into OnApp.

FixFixed the error, which occurred during adding node to LB.5.3
FixFixed the issue when failover iteration could become stuck.
5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3
FixAdded existing vdisk size to the storage maximum vdisk resize API call.5.2
FixFixed VMware tools typo on the Virtual Server page.5.3
FixFixed the issue with VS acceleration during creation.5.3
FixRemoved validation of price format.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue when provider vDC and vDC instant statistics were not cleaned according to the "Time of instant statistics storage (days)".5.3
FixFixed the issue with boot-freebsd-onapp-3.5.iso on CloudBoot compute resource.5.3
FixFixed the issue with recipe running on Control Panel under CentOS 7.5.3
FixFixed the issue with setting delimiter to a "."5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue with import of OVF with xmlns:ovf structure.5.2
FixFixed UI issue on the 'Dashboard' page.5.3
FixFixed the issue when xentop segfaulted (both on CentOS5 and CentOS6 ramdisks) because of MGT bridge name., 5.4
FixThe NIC model type of the VSs built from OVA for KVM changed to use e1000. Make sure you have the e1000 driver installed before the update.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue with DNS item in left nav Components section when VSP enabled.5.0
FixFixed the issue with not vCloud user groups hiding when adding a resource pool.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue when it was possible to create vCloud compute resource without compute zone.5.3
FixFixed the issue when VLAN was required for vmware network.5.3
FixFixed the key not found: :sum_value issue.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue with incorrect count of lockout attempts during login to Control Panel.5.3
FixFixed the incorrect alert on page /network_joins in case when resource was not available.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue when all users from organization were synced instead of one created via RabbitMQ.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue with the "server_type" option availability for Data Store and Network Zones via API.5.3
FixFixed the issue when service add-on groups could not be seen due to permissions.5.3
FixFixed the issue with routed org network deletion from OnApp.5.2
FixFixed the issue with Initiator field, which should be displayed as 'System' on LogItem page if no transaction initiator_id.4.2
FixFixed the error message when changing owner for VS built from instance package.5.0, 5.1, 5.2
FixFixed the issue when recipes were not working with restriction sets.5.2
FixFixed the issue when "CheckOrInstallAutoScaleAgent" transaction failed for some Linux templates.5.2
FixFixed the issue with identical volume group names for backup server and OVA.5.2, 5.3
FixFixed the issue with primary disks resize for VS built from OVA.5.2
FixFixed the alignment of element on compute resources tables.5.2
FixFixed the issue when ImportDiskPartitions transaction failed by unknown reason.5.2
FixFixed the issue with application server domain Submit button.5.1
FixFixed the issue with min memory size during 'ImportOVF'.5.2
FixRemoved blank page on settings/image_template_groups.5.1
FixFixed the issue with showing 'Encryption passphrase' field on the rebuild VS face-box if EP was not set.5.1
FixFixed the prohibition to select vCloud/vCenter virtualization for CoreOS VSs.3.5, 4.3, 5.0, 5.1
FixFixed the issue when 'UpdateGuestCustomization' failed with system error.5.1
FixFixed the issue with wrong storage policy during vApp deployment.5.0, 5.1
FixFixed the issue when DNS record could not be created without refreshing the page.4.0, 4.2, 5.0
FixFixed the issue with incorrect default (RAM, CPU, disk size) value during Accelerator creation.4.3, 5.0
FixProhibited booting a VS from ISO which has a different virtualization type than the VS.4.1
FixFixed the issue with incorrect handling of the hostname while building a VS. Added ability to specify domain during virtual server creation.
3.0, 3.1.0, 3.2.1, 3.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the issue when upload of local vApp templates failed when using OVF file.4.1
FixFixed the issue with update of minimum virtual server parameters during template selection in the virtual server creation wizard.3.0
FixAdded ntfs support on CentOS7 KVM ramdisk.5.2, 5.3
FixInstalled scsi-target-utils into CentOS7 KVM ramdisk.