OnApp 5.3 Release Notes

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixes included in OnApp 5.3 release for all components:

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s
FeatureImplemented Virtual, VPC, Smart, and Baremetal zone types for compute, data store, network and backup server zones. All resources now have to be assigned to appropriate zones of specific type. 
FeatureImplemented Service Add-ons functionality, which allows you to offer to your customers the services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offering for additional cost. 
FeatureAdded network management for gateways, which allows you to create virtual servers that will act as gateways for other servers. 
FeatureImplemented rDNS functionality, which allows you to create rDNS zones and PTR records in OnApp DNS system. 
FeatureAdded CloudBoot KVM CentOS 7 entry for CloudBoot compute resource wizard. 
FeatureImplemented Integrated Storage Auto Healing - an auto-scheduling option to repair degraded vdisks. 
FeatureAdded transaction change tracking. 
FeatureAdded Service Catalog - a new page where everything that can be built on the cloud is presented as icons.  
FeatureAdded certificates list for federated zones. 
FeatureAdded CDN Overview, Status Codes and Cache Statistics reports. 
FeatureAdded utilities for OVA import on CloudBoot Backup Server. 
FeatureImproved OnApp and vCenter integration networking functionality; removed Vyatta, customer networks, customer VLANs and IP address pools. If you have OnApp and vCenter integration, please do not upgrade to OnApp 5.3 version.  
FeatureAdded ability to accelerate HTTPs traffic. 
ImprovementAdded API template_version parameter to virtual server details page. 
ImprovementAdded API to view single ResourceDiff. 
ImprovementImproved flash message after pressing the 'Apply' button on 'Edit Edge Group' page. 
ImprovementAdded the list of VSs that act as gateways at Compute resource overview page > Tools. 
ImprovementAdded CDN Bandwidth statistics report to CDN reporting page and removed from CDN resource page. 
ImprovementHid CDN Advanced Reporting pages from UI. 
ImprovementChanged default option to "No" when choosing the tiers features. 
ImprovementRemoved the beta mark from the container service. 
ImprovementImproved vApp Recompose Workflow. 
ImprovementIncreased the max value of ID column for table 'edge_statistics' for fresh installations. 
ImprovementImproved notification when creating a VS with template not in the billing plan. 
ImprovementRemoved the inactive templates which you could not use for the selected location. 
ImprovementAdded validation for ISO/OVA uploading in case of not enough disk space on CP for ISO/OVA file. 
ImprovementImproved rollback procedure when hot-migrate failed on disk offlining on source compute resource. 
ImprovementAdded possibility to upload ISO files to media library. 
ImprovementAdded linking of vdisks on Content Rebalance page to their status page. 
ImprovementAdded notifications on template group changes. 
ImprovementRemoved highlight from digits in transaction tracking changes. 
ImprovementDeployed CloudBoot ramdisks with separate RPM packages. 
ImprovementFixed the issue when rake onapp:upgrade failed if rabbitmq service was not available. 
APIUpdated the Add IP Address RecordAssign IP Address to UserGet List of Network IP AddressesAssign IP Address Join to VSDelete IP Address Join sections with the announcement that the requests will be deprecated or changed in OnApp 5.4 version. 
FixFixed the issue with CentOS 7 backup server system upgrade failure.5.2
FixFixed the error which occurred at /virtual_machines/:identifier/disks/:id only for motion VSs.5.2
FixFixed the issue with changing onapp.com to another domain for unlock user instructions in the email.5.2
FixFixed the issue with several zone names on "Cloud Score" tab.4.2
FixFixed the issue with missing permissions, which occurred while moving permissions to engine.5.2
FixFixed the issue with duplicated firewall rules on the KVM compute resources.5.2
FixFixed the issue when seller could not migrate VS disk from UI.5.0
FixFixed the issue with time behavior in IST timezone.5.2
FixFixed the issue when error occurred during Insert Media in VS.5.2
FixFixed the issue with missing translation for org networks.5.2
FixFixed the issue with Windows Server 2016\Windows 10 templates availability in 'template manager'.5.2
FixFixed the issue with 'Set and encrypt password' action for VS.5.2
FixFixed the issue when "ResetRootPassword" transaction failed for VSs built from Debian template.5.2
FixFixed the issue with unexpected displaying of two "Add" actions in template store.5.2
FixFixed the issue with the "preconfigured_only" option set via API when adding or editing compute zones with smart and baremetal types.5.0, 5.1, 5.2
FixFixed the issue when some buttons were showed as inactive although they were active.5.2
FixFixed the issue with absent dependency for 'DestroyOVA' transaction.5.2
FixFixed the issue with firewall rules for DRaaS Shadow VSs.5.0
FixFixed the issue with SSH connection between CP and Windows VS after template upgrade.5.0
FixFixed the issue when vdisk utilization in DS view was not sorted properly.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the issue when unchecking all the nodes from Rebalance menu started DiskRepair action.3.2.2-14
FixFixed the issue with incorrect displaying of total storage size on dashboard for Integrated Storage.3.1.2
FixFixed the issue when IP address which was used by a static compute resource could be assigned to a CloudBoot compute resource.3.1.0
FixFixed the issue with onapp-messaging in all ramdisks.5.2
FixFixed the issue when template pricing was showing incorrectly to end customer in certain situations.5.2