OnApp 5.1 Release Notes

The following section lists all the features, improvements, and fixed included in OnApp 5.1 release for all components:

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s

Added a new appliance - Container Server, which is a regular VS based on default CoreOS template. Container Servers enable your customers and users to deploy Docker containers in your OnApp cloud, and manage them through the OnApp control panel. Container Servers are a beta feature in OnApp v5.1. 


Added possibility to attach a backup server to a compute zone or compute resource.

Pay attention that after update it is required to attach your backup servers to compute zones, otherwise it won't be possible to use the backup server.

FeatureAdded ability to view compute resource hardware information.
FeatureAdded an option to manage pre-installed services, available on your application server.
FeatureAdded ability to create and manage email accounts for domains of your application server.
FeatureImproved usage trends statistics: added top 20 VSs statistics and filtering by compute zone.
FeatureAdded migration from separate IPs to ranges for vCloud networks.
FeatureAdded the ability to change Resource Pool's default network pool.
FeatureImproved network port speed limiting: during VS creation you can not set bigger network port speed, than indicated by seller during adding zone to federation.
Feature Added utility to list block devices on CentOS 5.x Static Xen and KVM CloudBoot compute resources.
FeatureAdded support for Integrated Storage NVMe devices for caching.
ImprovementAdded the option to select the bonding type at create or edit compute resource settings screens.
ImprovementAdded new permission "Destroy Own DNS Record"
ImprovementThe Users&Groups section in UI is now split into separate sections Users, Groups, Roles, Sets.
ImprovementRemoved virtualization_array parameter from the API requests to get the list of templates.
ImprovementAdded timestamp instead of name for vCloud snapshots
ImprovementAdded design of EC2 Instances Show Page.
ImprovementImplemented possibility to create an Orchestration model and not deploy the Edge gateway immediately.
ImprovementAdded an ability to associate multiple uplink to Edge gateways in an Orchestration Model.
ImprovementAdded possibility to convert vApp into public catalog.
ImprovementImproved build from ISO and build on recovery: now OnApp checks if the FreeBSD ISO file exists on compute resource at the beginning of the "ProvisionFreebsd" transaction.
ImprovementAdded possibility to hot add to Memory and CPU when editing vCloud virtual servers if the appropriate parameters are enabled in vCloud director.
ImprovementAdded validation by type for networks during creation.
ImprovementAdded the list of top 20 servers in the cloud sorted by usage to Usage Trends menu.
ImprovementImproved the synchronization when editing data stores at Integrated Storage > Data stores and at Settings > Data Stores.
ImprovementNow the unassigned CloudBoot compute resources link at CP dashboard are hidden if there are no unassigned compute resources.
ImprovementAdded possibility to forget several nodes at once for Integrated Storage (Integrated Storage > Nodes > select nodes > Forget Nodes)
ImprovementAdded a link to a VS for the Integrated Storage disks at Data Stores > Disks > Disk details screen.
ImprovementAdded possibility to bill per node for DRaaS resource in user plans
ImprovementMade necessary changes to get uptime from pingdom.
ImprovementImproved accuracy of federated zones location.
ImprovementAdded a warning message which notifies when cancelling the running disk resize.
ImprovementAdded write-back cache warning to compute zone failover settings.
ImprovementImproved the behavior for enabling DRaaS: now if the VS is failed or not but yet, it is not possible to enable DRaaS.
ImprovementAdded Forget All option for stale cache volumes at Storage > Health Checks menu.

ImprovementImproved the Create and Edit compute resource zone screens to move the Local read path field into a separate Integrated Storage section.
ImprovementAdded possibility to detach BS servers from compute resource and compute zone.
ImprovementCreated beta mark for Container Servers.
ImprovementAdded possibility to increase the default storage database size up to 128 or 256 GB.
ImprovementAdded Xen4 support to liveupgrade.
ImprovementAdded sgdisk utility to ramdisks.
ImprovementUpdated rsync in Cloudboot images.
ImprovementUpdated aacraid driver to the 1.2.1-50667 version for CentOS 6.x KVM ramdisk.
ImprovementSet Redis ping timeout on CP installer to 10sec.
ImprovementRemoved POST method for API call to reboot compute resource.
ImprovementAdded utilities for CoreOS functionality.

Added onapp-licensing relevant .pid file

ImprovementFixed the DS get_members which got broken when storage controller has max number of VDisks.

Improved data collection, needed for dashboard.

Starting with OnApp 5.2 version the registered_yubikey  API parameter is going to change its behavior: it will set true/false for this to enable/disable Yubikey usage. The new API request on adding several Yubikeys is going to be added as well.

 FixFixed the problem when "Some missing drives found" warning appeared at Diagnostics screen even after the configured disk had been removed.3.1.2, 3.2.0, 3.2.1, 3.2.2-30, 3.3.0-01, 3.3.0-02, 3.3.0-03, 3.3.0-04, 3.3.0-05
FixFixed the inconsistency for API and UI for password field.3.1.0
FixFixed the XML API request "Get CDN Edge Group Details" which worked incorrectly using parameter "available_locations=false".3.1.0
FixFixed the issue when Destroy CDN resource error response was missing.3.3.0-04
FixFixed the behavior in API for User credentials and URL signing key values when they are disabled.3.4
FixFixed the issue when it was not possible to properly delete a vApp from OnApp CP if creation of this vApp failed for some reason on vCD side4.1
FixMemory and Quiesce options are now disabled while creating snapshots if VS is OFF.4.1
FixFixed the problem when System Alert notification didn't send an email when onapp configuration reloaded.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the problem when DHCP server didn't stop when CloudBoot functionality was disabled in Settings.4.1
FixAdded vCloud Media permissions for insert/inject media.4.2
FixFixed the problem when after the VS had been stopped it is still marked as booted from ISO or in recovery mode.4.1
FixFixed the issue when the MKS console stopped responding when editing a VS.4.2
FixFixed the issue when VS created from ISO could not boot from other ISO.4.2
FixFixed the problem with removing templates when template is available for to backup servers.3.0, 4.0
FixFixed the problem when you created a network interface in vCloud Director with Static - Manual or DHCP IP allocation, the IP address was not synchronised into OnApp.4.2
FixFixed an error with wrong virtual server identifier during backups navigation.4.3
FixRedesigned the form for uploading ISO to be a two-step procedure.4.2, 4.3
FixThe upper limit for RAM for storage controller has been set to 4096 MB.3.1.0, 4.3
FixPerformed optimization for generating hourly stats rake task.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed validation absence for "Encryption passphrase" field.4.3
FixFixed the issue when delimiter in currency setting was ignored in billing plans.4.3, 5.0
FixFixed the issue when for some allocation resource pools costs for "Memory Allocation" were calculated per hour despite the company billing plan type was monthly on peak.4.3, 5.0
FixRemoved unnecessary reboot when adding a network to a vApp.5.0
FixFixed missing Usage Trends units of measurement.5.0
FixFixed the problem with editing and deleting firewall rules for application servers.5.0
FixFixed the issue when the changes made to instance packages at user plans were not applied unless the screen reloaded.4.3, 5.0
FixFixed the issue with enabling maintenance mode on compute resources that are not attached to compute zones.5.0
FixFixed the problem when the VS's ability to hot resize was not taken into account when setting max memory on KVM4.3
FixFixed the issue with configuring a VS based on FreeBSD template with operating system distro other from FreeBSD.5.0
FixFixed the issue with missing name of a Federated Resource in the breadcrumbs4.3, 5.0
FixFixed alignment for the recipes step of the wizard.5.0
FixFixed the problem with deleting a NAT rule from Edge Gateway.5.0
FixFixed the error that appeared when viewing Edge Server details if DRaaS is enabled4.0.0-3