OnApp 5.0 Release Notes

The following sections list all the features, improvements, and fixed included in OnApp 5.0 release for all components:

OnApp Cloud Changes

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s
FeatureIntroduced new tier-based model of federation selling and buying which allows sellers to specify the tier when publishing a zone, and buyers to choose between DEV, PRO or PRIVATE pricing when subscribing to a zone.
FeatureAdded billing for Pay-As-You-Go resource pools for Company billing plans.
FeatureAdded Database Management for Application Servers.
FeatureAdded new usage trends statistics to the Stats menu, which show the quick overview of your cloud infrastructure.
FeatureAdded Purge feature for accelerated Virtual Servers. Purge content tool allows instant removal of cache content for the accelerated virtual servers. 
FeatureAdded dashboard charts with the statistics for smart server and baremetal server.
FeatureAdded ability to change currency code using the rake task.
FeatureFor convenience Federation menu is now located on the left side of the Control Panel dashboard.
FeaturePossibility to alter pricing is reserved only to sellers of private zones
FeatureCDN related menu is back for VSP customers!
FeatureFederation buyers now can filter zones by their tier, geographic location, performance and special features available
FeatureChanged behaviour of empty rate_limit input during VS creation.
ImprovementThe 'Purge' button is not displayed if acceleration is not enabled for the VS.
ImprovementStatistics menu moved to the left part of OnApp Control Panel.
ImprovementSimplified zones labeling during the subscription process
ImprovementRemoved root user's ssh related data during ConfigureOperatingSystem.
ImprovementRemove rake task to add autobackup permission for VS.
ImprovementOptimized statistics speed after stats tables indexes investigation.
ImprovementNow the email notification is disabled by default at Settings > System menu Email section.
ImprovementNow Redis is used to lock LVM operations.
ImprovementNew selling wizard that enables to publish zone in one of the available tiers and indicate the your zone special features
ImprovementMoved the "Report a Problem" box for federated VSs.
ImprovementModified Licensing Client to utilize Dashboard API.
ImprovementImproved validation and pricing for CPU Quota and Memory Quota for PAYG resources.
ImprovementImproved the cache flushing if dirty block count starts to increase.
ImprovementImproved password field behaviour during VS creation.
ImprovementImproved management of unstable php versions on application server.
ImprovementImproved management of VApp statuses.
ImprovementImproved Resource Pool statistics API.
ImprovementImproved Control Panel dashboard cloud usage.
ImprovementImproved CDN Marketplace Pricing reflection on Edge Group page.
ImprovementImproved API response for Statistics.
ImprovementImproved API response for User Group monthly billing to show the exact month for which the stats are returned.
ImprovementFixed the issue when user VS limits did not apply to federated virtual servers.
ImprovementCreated dependent select_box for editing ISO template.
ImprovementConfiguration of compute resource connection to RabbitMQ is automated.
ImprovementConfiguration improvement, which enables HTML5 VNC console for HA Clouds
ImprovementAllowed possibility to add custom google map api key to google maps via on_app.yml file. 
ImprovementAdded vRam hourly statistics calculation.
ImprovementAdded vCPU speed for Allocation pool in Company Plans and statistics.
ImprovementAdded used CPU, used memory and used disk space resources to company billing plans.
ImprovementAdded possibility to set custom range in an API for dashboard statistics.
ImprovementAdded possibility to add own CSS rules to OnApp Control Panel.
ImprovementAdded possibility not to upgrade Xen packages for the compute resource.
ImprovementAdded permission for "Send password reminder" action.
ImprovementAdded overview of what is being built on last step of VS creation wizard.
ImprovementAdded hostname to the 'Sysadmin Tools' page.
ImprovementAdded helper with the explanation of "Bus Sub Type" when adding disk.
ImprovementAdded edge_hourly_stats for statistic archiving.
ImprovementAdded custom date range for charts at Control Panel Dashboard.
ImprovementAdded billing limits validation when creating/updating Resource Pool's data store.
ImprovementAdded acceleration-related permissions for VS (Accelerate any Virtual Server/Accelerate own Virtual Servers).
ImprovementAdded ability to sync information about tiers every time when a seller publishes a zone.
ImprovementAdded Snmptrap parameter in onapp-cp-installer.
ImprovementAdded Smart Servers and Bare Metal Servers statistics for dashboard graphs.
ImprovementAdded API request for getting interfaces attached to edge gateway.
ImprovementAdded API for application server database management.
ImprovementAdded link from the VS disks view to the IS disk details page.
ImprovementRemoved unused gems on Control Panel upgrade.
ImprovementMoved Control Panel's database dumping from Control Panel's rpm into installer.
ImprovementMoved Redis Server management from Control Panel's rpm into installer.
ImprovementAdded OnApp Control Panel licensing unit.
ImprovementCentOS 5.x Ruby packages compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.1e.
ImprovementModification of /etc/httpd/conf.d/onapp.conf, which allows websocket for HA deployment.
ImprovementErlang upgraded to 18.3 version.
ImprovementTgtd service is not monitored on Static compute resource.
ImprovementImproved OnApp reliability and OnApp engine.
FixFixed the issue when user in Federation could not see and restore own auto-backups due to the problem that the backups synced from seller were not assigned the user id.4.3
FixFixed the issue when user in Federation could not see and restore own auto-backups due to the problem that the backups synced from seller were not assigned the user id.4.3
FixFixed the issue when VNC proxy didn't work if MySQL server was started on a non-standard port.3.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the pagination issue when it was impossible to assign more than 10 compute resources to a compute zone.4.3
FixPermissions fixes: to add a storage policy (data store) to a resource pool, a user now needs an Update any Resource Pool permission.4.3
FixAdded possibility to choose a default network pool when creating a resource pool in OnApp Control Panel.4.3
FixFixed the issue when take backup transaction for SolidFire disk failed and its mountpoint directory weren't deleted.4.3
FixFixed the issue when after editing a swap disk that had been manually added (built or attached), the disk was removed from fstab and wasn't available anymore. The issue was reproduced for SolidFire and LVM data stores.4.3
FixFixed the issue when Virtual Servers built on vCloud compute resources were shut down after increasing the disk size.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the problem when under certain conditions the vCloud user group created from OnApp got duplicated. This led to duplicated resource pools and general misconfiguration of vCloud org in OnApp.4.3
FixFixed the problem when in multi-vCenter environment the stats have not been collected from one of vCenter instances. 4.3
FixImproved the switching between the master templates and custom resources/limits for network and datastore zones in user plans. Now when applying master templates, the custom limits, prices, and limit type are overriden by the template.3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue when Zabbix client failed to be instaleld on Fedora Linux 13.4.3
FixImproved validation for external networks when creating a new Direct Org Network (Org Networks > New Org Network, Direct Network Type). Now the networks are also filtered based on limits in Company plan.4.3
FixFixed the issue when the SSL certificates added in OnApp Control Panel got replaced with the self-signed certificate after an update of the OnApp CP.4.3
FixFixed the problem when wrong interface was set for VS during hot migration if different NICs were attached to sompute resources.4.3
FixFixed the problem when after reconfiguring communication interfaces at Control Panel Settings > High Availability > Clusters, the nodes are in maintenance mode instead of being online.4.3
FixFixed the issue when the VNC console was not working if the High Availability and 'HTML5' were enabled.4.3
FixFixed the problem when storage was set to 0 in Orchestration Model became unlimited in vCloud Director.4.3
FixFixed the issue with inserting media to vCloud Director VS.4.3
FixFixed the synchronization problem when deleting a media file from the catalog in vCloud Director was not updated in OnApp CP.4.3
FixFixed the failing Insert and Eject Media for vCloud Director VSs.4.3
FixFixed the problem when OnApp scheduled more save_vm_billing_stats transactions than the actual number of VSs on the Control Panel if removing several VSs which are assigned to different users onapp. 4.3
FixFixed the problem when operating system was always showing as Linux on the edit ISO page.4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to remove the Shared option when editing Org Networks at vCloud > Org Networks menu.4.3
FixFixed the problem when external network was not shown on vCloud > Org Networks > Edit Direct Org network page.4.3
FixUpdated the zabbix_agent shipped with OnApp.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue when vCloud console did not show the correct size for Windows VSs.4.2
FixFixed API for Sysadmin Tools page.3.4, 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed Internal Server error that appeared when trying to create a resource pool via API with incorrect user group ID.4.3
FixFixed internal server error on Resource Pool details page.4.3
FixFixed validation for IOPS slider according to user plan limits on VS creation, Disk edit, and Disk creation pages.4.3
FixFixed the problem when password became out of sync in vCloud Director after an admin had been editing a user profile in OnApp and left the password blank.4.3
FixFixed the wrong currency code on Edit disk pop-up window when admin and user have different currencies.4.3
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to upload an ISO when the image extension was with capital ISO letters.4.2
FixAdded month parameter to Get user group monthly bills details API request.4.2
FixFixed the problem when VS counter in the left navigation pane wasn't updated when a VS was deleted.4.2
FixFixed the issue when It was possible to build a VS using the Load balancer/CDN Appliance/Application Server templates via API.4.3
FixFixed the problem when import took too long for customers having a large shared catalog and a lot of organizations.4.2
FixFixed moving Firewall Rules down4.2
FixFixed the validation for vApp deployment according to limits in billing plans.4.2
FixFixed the problem when long imports caused auth token to expire.4.2
FixFixed the 'onapp-messaging' service which had not been stopped as expected.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue with the CDN server creation when the 'default firewall policy' is DROP.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the problem when an IP in routing table was not updated after an accelerator had been deleted and created again with a different IP.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue when creating a catalog in vCloud Director did not sync using RabbitMQ.4.2, 4.3
FixFixed building a VS from FreeBSD ISO.4.2
FixAdded handling of incorrect user vCloud credentials in transactions.4.3
FixFixed the 500 error that appeared on VS page after rebuilding a VS in Federation.4.2
FixImproved the counter for the Roles menu: now if there's a restriction set by user group, then the counter for Users under the Roles menu will specify only the amount of users within the user group.4.2
FixFixed the problem when Windows VS build failed if owner's name contained incompatible character encodings: ASCII-8BIT and UTF-84.2
FixFixed the problem when not all the locations were shown on maps on server creation wizard due to Google maps API usage limits exceeded.3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed missing breadcrumbs on the CP Dashboard > Edge Gateway > 
any Services tab.
FixFixed the issue when deploying a database cluster, the commands were not displaying in the log.4.2
FixFixed the problem when HA clusters might get non-operable after hosts reboot.4.2
FixFixed the issue when deploying an Orchestration model under certain circumstances two Edge Gateways might be created.4.2
FixFixed the issue when the load balancer might fail to be created if 'Show compute resources on virtual server creation' permission was disabled for the role.4.2
FixFixed the issue with the API request for searching a backup of a particular user.4.2
FixFixed the problem when updating the name of the Accelerator didn't update it on Aflexi side.4.2
FixOptimized the behavior of save_vm_billing_stats transaction.4.3
FixFixed a range of minor bugs related to VPN IPsec of vCloud Director integration.4.1, 4.2, 4.3
FixFixed the issue when autoscaling could not be enabled in one click in the clouds with high availability enabled.4.3
FixAdded an error message to the logs if the vApp recompose fails.4.2
FixImproved the stats archiving behavior: if the Time of hourly statistics storage (months) parameter at Settings > Configuration is set to 1, then the stats is available for the previous and current months.3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the issue when rake task billing:archive_hourly_stats did not delete raw billing statistics.3.5, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2
FixFixed the issue when IOPS on vCloud Dashboard did not work.4.2
FixFixed the problem when you changed the name of a vApp Template in vCloud Director the name was not synced into OnApp via RabbitMQ Synchronizer.4.2
FixFixed the issue when the database cluster could not be starting from Pacemaker.4.2
FixFixed the problem when the space used for Org VDCs showed disk usage only.4.2
FixFixed the issue when vCD virtual machines had multiple disks stats were not collected for more than the first disk.4.2
FixFixed the problem with support of multiple vCenters for L2 stats collection.4.2
FixFixed the problem when you created a blank vApp in vCloud Director without any virtual servers it would import into OnApp but would be in a building state.4.2
FixFixed the problem that the wildcards for Addresses and Ports were case sensitive.4.2
FixFixed broken breadcrumbs for vCD Edge Gateways.4.2
FixFixed Breadcrumbs for External/vApp Networks.4.2
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to build a VS from ISO with operating system Windows.4.2
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to create Windows-based VSs with own type of license.4.2
FixFixed the problem when shared Org Networks were rnot showing when deploying vApp.4.2
FixvApp creation timeout is set to 15 minutes now.4.2
FixFixed incorrect status code for API destroy action.4.2
FixFixed the problem when incorrect message from CP caused Message consumer at compute resource to fail [Hypervisor Tools].4.2
FixFixed search and sorting on vApp page.4.2
FixFixed the issue with OnApp Dashboard not showing IOPS stats for disks.4.2
FixFixed miscalculation of some resources in users billing plan (decimal numbers were shown instead of integer)4.1
FixAdded API for Edge Gateway services.4.2
FixFixed the issue when creating the IP Address Pools ignored the IP range limit set in Settings > Configuration > Interface.3.0, 3.5, 4.0
FixFixed the problem when it was impossible to log in to the BareMetal server using SSH keys only (without password).4.2
FixAdded permissions for tunnels.4.2
FixThe following improvements have been made to adding/removing network interfaces to vCloud Director VSs: 
1. A NIC can be added to any VS without a VS being shut down 
2. The primary NIC will require a VS shut down of the machine to remove it.
FixAdded possibility to see IPs of own VSs by default for user with 'vCloud Catalog Author' role.4.1
FixAdding Storage Servers is now disabled if CDN service is disabled for the cloud.4.0, 4.1
FixFixed the issue when MySQL timeout error appeared when deleting statistics for a user or VS.3.2.2
FixFixed the issue when ProvisionBaremetalServer transaction roses System Error when there were no software licenses.3.1.1
FixFixed the error which occurred for a backup's transaction log item.4.2
FixFixed the problem with unsubscribing from a federated zone4.2
FixImproved handling of RAID devices of Baremetal Server provisioning.3.3.0-01
FixFixed the broken autoscaling for load balancer clusters (autoscaling type) using data from Zabbix server.4.2

OnApp Integrated Storage and CloudBoot Changes

Use CloudBoot Compute Resources and CloudBoot Backup Server upgrade procedures to install the update.

TypeSummaryAffects Version/s
ImprovementFixed new glibc vulnerability for Cloudboot compute resources
ImprovementRemoved the search field from the Diagnostics page.
ImprovementNow Infiniband MAC is displayed in hex format.
ImprovementImproved storage benchmarking by adding read-local and caching settings to the benchmark wizard.
ImprovementImproved drive formatting in CloudBoot Wizard.
ImprovementImproved Integrated Storaged data store view.
ImprovementAdded autorefresh functionality for CloudBoot discovery in the CloudBoot creation wizard.
ImprovementAdded XML requests for Usage Trends menu.
ImprovementAdded unlimited option for pricing for CPU Quota and Memory Quota for PAYG resouce pool in company plans.
ImprovementAdded the 'Forget' button to the Node view page.
ImprovementAdded prevention of deleting compute resources if they have storage nodes assigned to data store.
ImprovementAdded prevention for users to unassign or format compute resource disk devices that are used for storage.
ImprovementAdded possibility to set custom range in an API for dashboard statistics.
ImprovementAdded possibility to provide custom identifier when taking IS locks.
ImprovementAdded possibility to change MAC address for CloudBoot compute resources.
ImprovementAdded possibility to log custom config startup and ending time with syslog.
ImprovementUpdated kernel for the CentOS6 Xen ramdisk into recent provided by "CentOS release 6.7 (Final)"
ImprovementUpdate kernel for the CentOS6 KVM ramdisk into recent provided by "CentOS release 6.7 (Final)"
ImprovementSwitched CentOS 6.x KVM ramdisk into 'CentOS release 6.7 (Final)'
ImprovementSwitched CentOS 6.x Xen ramdisk into 'CentOS release 6.7 (Final)'
ImprovementAdded omping utility to cloudboot images for IP Multicast testing
ImprovementUpdated iperf utility to fix Network Diagnostics incorrect data
FixFixed log rotation for qemu/libvirt
FixFixed the 500 error appeared when starting benchmark on CloudBoot vDisk.4.3
FixImproved filtering for IO statistics for integrated storage data stores to work better with time zones, and in cases when some data is missing.4.3
FixFixed an error appeared in Chrome and Edge browsers when creating Infiniband CloudBoot Compute Resources.4.2
FixFixed setting max dom0 RAM for xen4 CloudBoot compute resources.4.2
FixFixed the Server error (500) when enabling CloudBoot.4.2
FixFixed the issues with xenstore-write CloudBoot compute resources running CentOS6 & Xen4.4.2
FixIntegrated storage improvement: when adding new drives to storage the hotplug is skipped now if the drive has already been assigned to a STORAGENODE VM.4.2
FixAdded extent preallocation to rspamd to prevent file fragmentation. Pre-allocated sparse regions of the vdisk in 256K chunks using the fallocate() system call.3.3.0-19, 3.3.0-22, 3.3.1-9, 3.3.2-3, 3.3.2-4, 3.3.2-6, 3.3.2-8, 3.3.2-9
FixFixed the UI issue when the Integrated Storage sub-menus were not expanded in the left-navigation pane when going to the Network Diagnostics and Content Balance Check settings.3.5, 4.0, 4.1
FixThe unicast host list is now updated for all CloudBoot compute resources after a new CloudBoot backup server is created.4.0
FixAdded configuring of DNS settings for DHCPD.3.5-30
FixBaremetal Servers are moved from Integrated Storage to a separate menu in the left navigation pane.4.3
FixFixed the problem when OnApp Integrated Storage services have not been starting sucessfully on XEN4 and XEN3.4.2
FixReduced RAM consumption on Integrated Storage Diagnostic pages.4.2
FixHidden Integrated Storage settings when CloudBoot is turned off.3.2.1
FixImproved Backup Server Reboot options.3.2.0
FixFixed 70-persistent-net.rules for CentOS 5.3.5
FixFixed the issue when disks' IOPS statistic were not collected because of unsupported major device type fc.4.2, 4.3