OnApp 5.0.0-79 Update

Release NotesAffects Version/s
Added rake task for OnApp 5.0 Upgrade CPU/Memory charts. Apply the rake task after the patch installation if you face the issues with the charts in Control Panel. 
Improved data collection required for licensing dashboard. 
Added possibility to select bonding type during creation or editing of Cloudboot compute resources. 
Control Panel version now shows the exact release number. 
Fixed an error which occurred during NAT rule deletion.5.0
Fixed the issue with VS's ability to hot resize memory when setting max memory on KVM compute resource.4.3
Fixed the issue with vApp reboot when adding org network to vApp.5.0
Fixed the issue with wrong calculation of costs for memory allocation for some allocation resource pools.4.3, 5.0
Fixed the issue with template for ConfigureOperatingSystem for Load Balancer5.0

Patch Installation

The instructions below are relevant if you already run OnApp 5.0.0 version. If you are upgrading from OnApp 4.3.x. version, run the full upgrade procedure. For more information refer to the Get Started guide.

To apply the patch into Control Panel (running 5.0.0 version), run the Control Panel installer:

# /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

Patch Installation for Clouds with High Availability Control Panel

If you are a High Availability Control Panel customer, it is recommended that you contact support for help with the procedure described below. Be aware, that if the configuration below is performed incorrectly it may cause damage to your cloud.

To apply the patch for clouds with High Availability Control Panel enabled:
  1. Switch the cloud to maintenance mode at Control Panel > Sysadmin Tools > Control Panel Maintenance

    Run the following commands on all three Control Panel servers:

  2. Upgrade the OnApp installer package:

    # yum update onapp-cp-install
  3. Upgrade your server OS components (if required):

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh -y
  4. Run the Control Panel installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh

After you have successfully run the previous commands on all Control Panel servers, issue the following two commands on one of the CP servers:

  1. Switch all nodes back online by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

    # crm configure property maintenance-mode=false
  2. Enable file synchronization on all nodes by running the following command once on any of the nodes:

    # crm resource start lsyncd-cluster