Configure Storage

To provide your virtual servers with storage space, you create an Integrated Storage data store and data store zone. Follow the next procedure to set up Integrated Storage and assign storage to compute resources: 

  1. Go to Integrated Storage, click a label of your compute zone and then click Data Stores.

  2. Click Create New Integrated Storage Data Store and add all of the required disks to it, configuring any advanced options based on your requirements.

    Here, you can specify a number of replicas and stripes on a per-vDisk level, as well as the percentage of over-commit that you require. For details on how to create a data store, see Create Integrated Storage Data Store.

  3. Go to Settings > Data Store Zones and create a new data store zone. Add a label of your choice, select a Virtual server type and click Save.
    For details on how to create a data store zone, see Create and Manage Data Store Zones.

  4. Under Unassigned Data Stores, click the + button to add the previously created Integrated Storage data store to your data store zone.

  5. Join the data store you have just created to the compute zone you added earlier. Go to Settings > Compute Zones and click a label of a destination compute zone.

  6. Click the Tools menu and click Manage Data Stores. Select the data store that you created earlier and click Add Data Store.
    For details on how to attach a data store to a compute zone, see Manage Compute Zone Data Stores.