Configure Networks

OnApp Control Panel enables you to control low-level cloud settings for networks, network zones, and resolvers. To be able to provide IP addresses to virtual servers, follow the next steps:  

  1. Go to Settings > Network Zones and click Create Network Zone.

  2. Add a label of your choice, select a Virtual server type and click Save. For details on how to create a network zone, see Create and Manage Network Zones.

  3. Go to Settings > Networks and click Add New Network

  4. Add a label of your choice, select the previously created network zone for a Network Group and select the Shared Network type. Click Submit to save changes. 
    For details on how to create a network, see Create and Manage Networks.

  5. Go to Settings > Networks and click New IP Net. Fill in the fields for your appliance network that is a network that will be assigned to virtual servers you create in OnApp. You should add a Network Address (e.g. and Network Mask / CIDR (e.g. 24). 

  6. Join the network you have just created to a compute zone you added earlier. Go to Settings > Compute Zones and click a label of a destination compute zone. 

  7. Click the Tools menu and click Manage Networks. Attach the network you created earlier and enter a name of an Interface on the compute resources (e.g. eth2) that will be used for virtual servers connectivity.
    For details on how to attach a network to a compute zone, see Manage Compute Zone Networks.

  8. Add resolvers to the network you have created. Go to Settings > Resolvers and click Create Resolver. Add a DNS server of your choice, for example, you could use and for Google DNS. Select the network you created previously and click Create Resolver.

    You need to create a new resolver for each network. For details on how to create resolvers, see Create and Manage Resolvers.