Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides an example of a standard OnApp installation. The guide will walk you through the steps to set up OnApp Control Panel with CloudBoot compute resources, backup server, and Integrated Storage. To find an extended installation procedure, see Installation Guide. To find a list of hardware and software requirements, see Get Started Guide.

Install Control Panel

The Control Panel server hosts OnApp UI and handles all cloud management processes. Follow the procedure to install Control Panel from a ready-made installer package.

Add Compute Resources

Compute resources provide CPU, RAM, and storage resources for virtual servers. Follow the procedure to prepare and set up CloudBoot compute resources for your cloud.

Add Backup Server

Backup servers are used to store backups and templates of virtual servers. See the procedure to configure and add a CloudBoot backup server to your cloud.

Configure Templates

Templates are a fully preconfigured operating system environment that contains a root directory of an operating system. You can configure templates that will be available for users in your cloud.

Configure Networks

OnApp Control Panel enables you to configure low-level cloud settings for networks, network zones, and resolvers. See Configure Networks to find details about network settings.

Configure Storage

OnApp Integrated Storage is a distributed block storage system that allows you to build a highly scalable and resilient SAN. See Configure Storage to find details about storage settings.

Configure Cloud

After you are finished with the installation, you can log in to your OnApp Control Panel user interface and configure your cloud. See Configure Cloud to find details about cloud settings.