Virtual servers are based on templates and are deployed on compute resources. Compute resources give them access to CPU, disk and network resources. OnApp Cloud gives you high-end cloud management features including:


Virtual Server Options

Power Options

Administrative OptionsNetworks



Backup SchedulesStatisticsRecipes


RebootReset Root Password

Configure network interface

Create disks


View schedules

CPU utilization



Rebuild manually

Reboot in recoveryChange owner

Rebuild network

Edit disks

Take Virtual Server Backup

Create schedule

Billing statisticsCustom variables
MigrateSuspendSet SSH keys

Set firewall rules

Migrate disks

Take Disk Backup

Edit schedule

Network interface statistics

Shut downEdit Administrator's note

Virtual server IP addresses

Delete disks

Convert backup to template

Delete schedule

Disk IOPS statistics 

Integrated console

Display network speed for network interfaces

 Edit backup note                         
Startup on Recovery

Transactions and logs

Edit network speed Restore backup   
Autoscale     Delete backup   
     Edit backup note   


OnApp supports two kinds of storage for virtual servers: traditional centralized SANs, and the new distributed block storage functionality introduced with OnApp Storage, in which local disks in compute resources provide the physical storage space allocated to virtual servers. In each case, the OnApp platform creates virtual data stores from the physical resources, and uses these to provide virtual servers with virtual disks.

Administrators in OnApp have full control over the lifecycle of virtual servers. Virtual servers can be in the following states: