This guide explains how to upgrade OnApp Cloud v5.3 to the v5.4 for the cloud with the mixed CloudBooted servers and Static servers configuration. Follow the procedure listed below in the correct order to upgrade your cloud. Please follow the complete procedure of the upgrade process. All packages (Control Panel, CloudBoot, Compute resources) must belong to the same major version to ensure the best performance of your cloud.

  • OnApp 5.4 no longer supports custom roles created in vCloud Director. Please contact your account manager if it affects your upgrade.
  • Note that if you are using CentOS 5, you cannot update storage packages to the 5.4 version. The CP should be migrated from CentOS 5 to CentOS6/CentoOS7 before the upgrade.

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Important Notes

Check Your Cloud Configuration

Upgrade Control Panel Server

  • CP installer for Installation and Upgrade contains a new -D option enabling to avoid OnApp database dumping during the install/upgrade.

  • Installer output is redirected to ./onapp-cp-install.log

  • All installer critical errors are in /var/log/messages


Local Read Policy


Enabling Local Read on a compute zone ensures that the locally stored copy of the data will always be used for reads. This significantly reduces read latency and improves overall storage performance by reducing load on the SAN network. However, in order to use this policy every compute resource must have sufficient physical drives to be able to store the number of stripes specified in the data store. E.g. in a 2R4S data store there must be at least 4 physical disks on the compute resource to use local read.

Changes to Local Read Policy Enforcement


Originally, when this policy was introduced OnApp did not enforce the requirement for the minimum number of drives. Consequently, some users who set the policy having insufficient drives may see the following error message:


Fatal: OnApp::Actions::Fatal Storage API Call failed: {"result"=>"FAILURE", "error"=>"Local reads have been enabled on the zone - members required per host: 4, required hosts: 2, available hosts: 0"}

The solution is to either add additional drives to that compute resource and then add them to the data store or to disable read local.

Getting support for your upgrade

You can use the information in this document to perform your own upgrade to the 5.4 version of the OnApp Cloud. However, if you have a full OnApp Cloud license, you are entitled to free upgrade support from the OnApp Support team.

If you would prefer to have the Support team perform the upgrade for you, just raise a ticket in the normal way. Please be aware, however, that there may be a queue! For help with your upgrade, visit the OnApp community forum: