You need to add and configure a baremetal CloudBoot compute resource before you can create a baremetal server. See the Create CloudBoot Compute resource section for details.

The management network should be disconnected during the bare metal server deployment.

To create a baremetal server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Baremetal Servers menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, press "+" button or click the Add New Baremetal Server button underneath the list of servers on the screen.
  3. Complete the baremetal server creation form:

    Step 1 of 4. Templates

    Step 2 of 4. Properties

    Step 3 of 4. Resources

    Step 4. Recipes

  4. Click Submit button. The baremetal server will be added to the system. You can view it under the Baremetal Servers menu.

    You can find the list of  templates for baremetal server creation under the following links ( marked by "Yes" in column "Baremetal") :

    The image templates for provisioning the baremetal servers are stored in the following locations depending on the configuration:

    1. If Use SSH File transfer CP configuration option is enabled in Control Panel Settings > Configuration menu, then the image template will be fetched from the specified server.

    2. If Use SSH File transfer option is disabled, the image templates are located at /onapp/templates, which is mounted from server specified in Static Config target CP configuration option (Control Panel's Settings > Configuration menu). Usually this is set to Control Panel server IP, but you can change it to be any other server.