The system tracks IOPS (Input/Output Operations per Second) for virtual servers and generates charts that help analyze VS disk performance. To see IOPS for a virtual server:

  1. Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the virtual server you're interested in.
  3. Click the Storage -> Disks tab.
  4. Click the Actions button next to the required disk, and then choose IOPS.

  5. There are four charts on the screen that appears:

  6. To zoom into a time period, click and drag in a chart. Click the Reset Zoom  button to zoom out again.
  7. You can filter the statistics by date and time - select the time period from the drop-down menu and click the Apply button.

The OnApp API allows you to limit the Hourly IOPS and Hourly data by setting the limit=N parameter, where the N variable is the number of hours for which the charts will display the info.