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To gview streaming statistics for the live streaming CDN resources or a particular resource, use the following request:


You can also define a shorter period, specify a particular resource or location and set the type:

GET /cdn_resources/stream_stats.xml?start=2011-09-01&end=2012-09-01&resources[\]=787341593&locations[\]=18
GET /cdn_resources/stream_stats.json?start=2011-09-01&end=2012-09-01&resources[\]=787341593&locations[\]=18

PLEASE NOTE: In Bash shell you have to use backslashes to enclose square brackets (see example below):



start – the start date to generate statistics in the YYYY-MM-DD format

end – the end date to generate statistics in the YYYY-MM-DD format

resources – the identifier of the resource in Aflexi database. To get the identifier, check with cdn_reference parameter in the GET /cdn_resources/:id.{format} request

locations – the ID of the location

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