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  1. Go to your Control Panel's Virtual Servers menu.
  2. Click the label of the virtual server you want to migrate.
  3. Click the Tools button and press the Migrate Virtual Server link.
  4. In the window that appears, choose migration type - Hypervisor and Storage (Cold only).
  5. Choose the target compute zone and compute resource from the drop-down menu. The list will include the other zones that you have access to within the same network (i.e. KVM to KVM migration but not KVM to XEN migration). 
  6. Also you can see each disk associated to the virtual server with a drop-down menu. Choose target data stores for each disk from the drop-down menu. The list will include available data stores associated with the compute zone and compute resource, selected in the previous step.
  7. Click the Start Migration button.
  • If you have local backups on source compute resource, please move them manually to a target data storecompute resource or backup server.

  • The following disk migration scenarios are applicable: from LVM data store to LVM data store; from LVM data store to Integrated Storage data store; from Integrated Storage data store to LVM data store. This feature is not applicable for SolidFire storage.