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Web content is cached in the network of edge servers on the CDN, distributed across different geographic locations.
Currently there are two types of edge servers in OnApp: HTTP and Streaming.


Starting with OnApp 5.4 version, edge servers functionality is applicable for users with vCloud Director integration. Ensure that Create a new virtual server and Compute zones permissions are on before creating edge server for vCloud.

HTTP edge servers support both Push and Pull population methods in 80/20 ratio (80% HTTP Pull and 20% HTTP Push). When the edge server is created, its storage limit for HTTP Pull and HTTP Push is automatically assigned by system.
Streaming edge server type allow to send a stream to one of the publishing points, or pick up the stream externally and deliver it to the end users.
Take note that Operator has to deploy CDN streaming Edge Server to utilize CDN streaming service.
Streaming edge server support only streaming services. The following protocols are supported: