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Be aware, that starting with OnApp 5.4 version, the request below will be deprecated. 


To get bandwidth statistics for the resources or a particular resource, use the following request:


The frequency of the points of time for which the statistics is generated depends on the period of time of requested statistics:

Time Period

Frequency in seconds


 0 - 30 days


1 day

 31 - 93 days


1 week

 equal or more than 93 days


2 weeks


Statistics available in the frequency higher than selected will be accumulated to a single point of applicable frequency.
E.g. The statistics was requested for the period of 31-93 days, so the frequency of points in the graph is 7 days. If the statistics was generated few times during those 7 days (day1+day2+dayn) it will be added up and displayed as a single point, with a time stamp marked as the first day of such 7 days.