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  • For Linux-based VSs only.
  • Disk usage autoscaling is applicable for VS primary disk only.
  • If the VS is based on a template that allows resizing without reboot - see the Edit Virtual Server section – then virtual server RAM and CPU will be increased without rebooting the VS.Disk space autoscaling requires a VS reboot.
  • If you autoscale a VS's memory to a value greater than current VS RAM x 16 (which is a max_memory parameter in a configuration file and database), the VS will be rebooted anyway, regardless of the template it is built on.
  • Make sure a VS can be reached via SSH. Otherwise, the autoscaling client installation will fail.
  • Starting with version 4.2, OnApp uses Zabbix for autoscaling. Monitis will be used for autoscaling of servers built using OnApp versions using OnApp versions previous to 4.2 until you switch autoscaling off for such server(s). If you decide to switch autoscaling back on, autoscaling will be implemented using Zabbix. Zabbix also will be used for autoscaling of newly created VSs. If you do not deploy Zabbix Server, Monitis will be used for autoscaling. 

To configure autoscaling setitngs: