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  • Get List of Backup Server Zones Attached to Location Group

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GET /settings/location_groups/:location_group_id/backup_server_groups.xml
GET /settings/location_groups/:location_group_id/backup_server_groups.json


On success, an array of backup server zones is returned.

XML Output example

Code Block
  <created_at type="datetime">2013-06-10T15:10:52+03:00</created_at>
  <id type="integer">6</id>
  <location_group_id nil="true"/>
  <updated_at type="datetime">2013-07-08T18:45:37+03:00</updated_at>

Explanation of the data returned:

label – backup server zone title

location_group_id - ID of a location group the backup server zone is assigned to

id – backup server zone ID