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This guide outlines the features of the OnApp 5.0 1 cloud hosting engine. It describes the basics of the engine architecture and explains how to create virtual machines and work with OnApp.


  1. Document Conventions - describes the formatting conventions used in this guide.
  2. Default Permissions for User Role - covers the list of default permissions set for the user role.
  3. OnApp Basics - gives a brief overview of the virtualization technology and covers basic features of the OnApp cloud engine.
  4. Control Panel Overview - familiarizes with the OnApp Control Panel Dashboard and briefs you on how you can deal with User Profile.
  5. Appliances - describes the utilization of virtual and physical devices that can be provisioned in the cloud.
  6. DNS - explains how to manage DNS via OnApp Control Panel.
  7. Templates - provides details on what an OnApp template is, types of templates, as well as how you can create a custom template and build a VS based on it. Besides, it includes ISOs chapter, which describes how to upload your custom bootable ISOs for recovery purposes.
  8. Recipes - describes the use if recipes for adding new functionalities to the cloud.
  9. CDN - describes aspects of CDN service.
  10. AWS - describes possibility to manage Amazon EC2 instances from OnApp Control Panel using AWS API. 
  11. Users - outlines the Users section of the OnApp Control Panel.
  12. User Groups - provides an overview of organization of the OnApp users into user groups.
  13. Logs - provides the list of transactions available with OnApp and tells how to view them.
  14. Statistics - outlines the statistics on the resources used by your virtual machines.
  15. Billing Plans - familiarizes with the OnApp billing system and explains how the base resource limits and prices are set in the Control Panel.