OnApp Support

24/7 Support 

OnApp provides 24/7 support that includes remote installation, free upgrades, and 24/7 global support by telephone and email. If you need our help, you can reach to us as follows: 

All installation, upgrade, and integration requests are fulfilled in the order they are received. The OnApp teams that take care of these activities are based in GMT+2 (GMT+3 during the Daylight Saving Time) time zone, which means that install, upgrade and integration work happens during UK office hours.

What Does OnApp Support in My Cloud?

OnApp provides support for everything directly related to our core products such as OnApp CloudOnApp CDNOnApp for VMware, and other products. We take responsibility for the software, bug fixes, patches, and general maintenance of our products.

Although there are some areas that are not covered under the standard OnApp support, we attempt to offer suggestions or put you in touch with our Professional Services team. Typically the following areas are not covered by the standard OnApp support:

  • Switch, router, and firewall configuration.
  • SAN configuration and optimization.
  • Attaching, removing, and resizing LUNs.
  • The compute resource and Control Panel server hardware support.
  • Operating System installation and support.
  • Maintenance of your passwords or Whitelists.
  • Configuration and troubleshooting inside virtual servers.
  • VMware vSphere installation and configuration.
  • Known bugs and limitations within virtualization platforms.
  • Third-party integrations.
  • Alpha and Beta releases.
  • Coding for Recipes.
  • Coding for custom configs on CloudBoot compute resources.
Professional Services

Get in touch with our Professional Services to get expert help from launch to production and beyond.


Visit Community where you can share your feedback and product ideas.

Knowledge Base

Visit Knowledge Base where you can find a lot of how-to articles to resolve questions that you may face while working with OnApp. 


You are now located in one of the OnApp documentation spaces that is the Installation Guide. Go to Documentation Home to browse other available spaces. 

You can get faster answers from our support teams by providing some of the following when you first submit your issue:

  • A link to your cloud. All clouds are set up a bit differently so giving us the link to your cloud in a request will help us check your setup and get you specific answers much more quickly.
  • A description of the issue or steps that you followed to see the error. Telling us "The Cloud is down" is great, but it takes us a bit to sort through the multitude of issues that might be. If you tell us: "When I go to http://onappcloud.com I get a 500 error", that specific information helps us locate where we need to start working immediately.
  • Direct links. If you want us to look at a virtual server/disk etc, it will help if you give a direct link, for example, http://onappcloud.com/virtual_machines/iasdfl123. That lets us know right away what you are looking at and we won't have to take the extra step of confirming, did you mean this virtual server?

We ask you to send one issue per ticket or e-mail. This helps us to better track the requests and prioritize resolutions for upcoming releases. At the same time, it allows you to track the issues better.