EoL Policy

We're continually developing the OnApp platform to add new features and capabilities and to make our software as robust and reliable as possible with each new release. OnApp offers a wide range of support services for customers with paid licenses, but eventually, each release of the OnApp platform reaches End of Life (EoL) and will no longer be supported. This page explains the OnApp EoL policy and the type of support OnApp will provide during the lifecycle of each release.

LTS Release

Starting with OnApp v.5.0 we're introducing the LTS (Long Term Support) releases - the most stable and best-supported versions of OnApp software. Long Term Support releases have major version numbers (the most recent is OnApp 6.0). LTS releases make upgrading easier. They are released every 18-24 months and you’ll simply upgrade to the next LTS release when it becomes available – without having to upgrade through one or more interim releases. You can also upgrade to the new LTS version if you are using the last Stable release.

Stable Release

Stable releases provide a robust, production-ready feature set that incorporates the functionality of previous Edge releases. A Stable release may include beta functionality, but that functionality will always be clearly marked as beta. Stable releases will be supported until the next Stable release, or the next Long Term Support release (whichever comes first). They will appear approximately every 6 months. From a Stable release version, you can upgrade to a new Stable version or an LTS version, depending on which one comes first.

Edge Release

Edge releases typically introduce new features, features with known limitations, or features still in beta. These releases are designed for customers who want to be on the cutting edge with latest capabilities. Customers are welcome to upgrade to Edge releases but should be aware that new functionality will not be production-ready. Edge releases will only be supported by the next Edge release. Support on Edge releases is on a best effort basis. Edge releases will appear approximately every 4-6 weeks. 

End of life policy summary

  • LTS releases will be supported for a minimum of 2 years
  • Stable releases will be supported until the next Stable release, or the next LTS release (whichever comes first)
  • Edge releases will be supported till the next edge release
  • EoL is announced by email from support@onapp.com and through this page.

Support status for OnApp releases to date

ReleaseSupport statusGA dateEoL announcedEoL Date
6.0 LTSCurrent SupportOctober 2018

5.10 Edge ReleaseEnd of Life
August 2018October 2018January  2019
5.9 Edge ReleaseEnd of LifeJuly 2018October 2018January  2019
5.8 Edge ReleaseEnd of LifeMay 2018October 2018January  2019
5.7 Edge ReleaseEnd of LifeFebruary 2018October 2018January  2019
5.6 Edge ReleaseEnd of LifeNovember 2017October 2018October 2018
5.5 Stable ReleaseTechnical Guidance
September 2017October 2018April 2019
5.4End of Life
May 2017October 2018October 2018
5.3End of Life
January 2017October 2018October 2018
5.2End of Life
December 2016October 2018October 2018
5.1 End of Life
October 2016October 2018October 2018
5.0 LTSTechnical Guidance 
September 2016October 2018April 2019
4.3End of Life
May 2016January 2017May 31st 2017
4.2End of LifeMarch 2016December 2016March 31st 2017 
4.1End of LifeSeptember 2015December 2016 March 31st 2017
4.0End of LifeJune 2015December 2016 March 31st 2017
3.5End of LifeMarch 2015April 2016December 2016
3.4End of LifeDecember 2014April 2016October 2016
3.3End of LifeAugust 2014April 2016July 2016
3.2End of LifeJanuary 2014April 2016June 2016
3.1End of LifeNovember 2013June 2015August 31st 2015
3.0End of LifeFebruary 2013August 2014October 31st 2014
2.3End of LifeOctober 2011December 2013March 9th 2014
2.2End of LifeJuly 2011February 2013May 2013
2.1End of LifeMay 2011November 2012January 2013

End of Life

July 2010September 2011December 2011

What does each support status mean?

  • Current supportwe provide telephone & email support on all paid licenses. We provide critical bug and security fixes and will address non-critical issues with minor and bugfix releases when possible. There will always be at least one release in this status.
  • Technical guidance support: no further patches will be released. We will accept calls and email from customers, and provide support on a best effort basis with advice and guidance. You may be advised to upgrade before escalation occurs for issues that a later release may resolve. Technical guidance support is available for all paid licenses. There may be multiple releases in this status.
  • EoL: End of Life. No support is provided, and you will need to upgrade to receive support for your software. We will be happy to schedule your upgrade on request.