Create GDPR-compliant Database Dump

In case you need to send a database dump file to our support representatives, you may create a GDPR-compliant DB dump to ensure your account security. A DB dump created according to this instruction will not contain sensitive information, such as passwords and hostnames.

To create a GDPR-compliant database dump: 

  1. Install MariaDB-mysqldump_gdpr package:

    yum install MariaDB-mysqldump_gdpr -y
  2. Find your MySQL/MariaDB connection properties (database, host, password, port, username) in /onapp/interface/config/database.yml.
  3. Create a DB dump by running the following command (insert the necessary properties from the previous step):

    $ mysqldump_gdpr -u root -p onapp --gdpr=virtual_machines.hostname:incr --gdpr=virtual_machines.initial_root_password:incr --gdpr=virtual_machines.remote_access_password:incr --gdpr=virtual_machines.label:incr --gdpr=virtual_machines.service_password:incr --gdpr=users.first_name:name --gdpr=users.last_name:lastname --gdpr=users.encrypted_password:incr --gdpr=users.password_salt:incr --gdpr=users.api_key:incr --gdpr=users.aflexi_username:name --gdpr=users.aflexi_password:incr --gdpr=users.reset_password_token:incr --gdpr=users.unlock_token:incr --gdpr=users.aws_access_key_id:incr --gdpr=users.aws_secret_access_key:incr --gdpr=themes.label:incr --gdpr=cdn_resources.cdnhostname:incr -h > localhost.onapp-gdpr.sql

Once done, you may securely send the generated file to the support team for further assistance.