OS Components Upgrade

You can update the OS components for static compute resources, Control Panel Server, and static Backup Server outside of the distributive packages provided by OnApp.

Please do not update all the OS components with the "yum update" command since it may break dependencies for some packages used by OnApp.

To update the OS components, follow the next steps for each required component. 

  1. Upgrade the installer:
    • For Control Panel

      # yum update onapp-cp-install
    • For Compute resource 

      # yum update onapp-hv-install
    • For Backup Server

      # yum update onapp-bk-install
  2. Run the following script to update the OS components:
    • For Control Panel

      # /onapp/onapp-cp-install/onapp-cp-install.sh -y
    • For XEN Compute resource

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-xen-install.sh -y
    • For KVM Compute resource 

      # /onapp/onapp-hv-install/onapp-hv-kvm-install.sh -y


    • For Backup Server

      # /onapp/onapp-bk-install/onapp-bk-install.sh -y