Install OnApp Control Panel with MariaDB as database server

MySQL is the default database of OnApp. Starting with OnApp 3.3 we offer you a possibility to use Maria DB as a database server.

For this:

  1. Go to the /onapp/onapp-cp.conf
  2. Set the WITH_MARIADB=1 parameter
  3. Proceed with OnApp Control Panel install or upgrade .

To upgrade from OnApp with MySQL to OnApp with MariaDB,Percona Servers or Percona Cluster, please see Migrate existing OnApp database from MySQL to MariaDB, Percona Servers or Percona Cluster 

You cannot upgrade your Control Panel switching to MariaDB in your /onapp/onapp-cp.conf file if you have MySQL installed and vice versa.

  • In case you have MySQL installed and in the configuration file you set 'WITH_MARIADB=1', the installer will exit with the warning.

  • Backward migration from MariaDB to MySQL is not possible, so, in case  MariaDB was previously used and you set 'WITH_MARIADB=0' during the upgrade process, the installer will exit with the warning message.

Unless you migrated all your data to a new database, the Control Panel Installer will not let you proceed.