Baremetal Server Recovery Mode Patch Guide

Information on this page is not relevant for OnApp 6.2 and later versions. 

We strongly recommend not to use this patch for OnApp 6.2, as it will result in Control Panel crash. 

This document describes how to install patch to enable recovery mode for bare metal servers.

  1. Download the following files:
  2. Place the files into the /tftpboot/images/ramdisk-recovery/ directory.
  3. Create template file /tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/template-baremetal-recovery with following contents:

    default baremetal-recovery
    label baremetal-recovery
    kernel images/ramdisk-recovery/recovery-baremetal.kernel
    append initrd=images/ramdisk-recovery/recovery-baremetal.initrd root=live:/recovery-centos-3.2.iso rootfstype=auto ro liveimg rd.luks=0 
  4. Download the patch at:
  5. Extract the patch to the /onapp/interface directory.
  6. Restart the OnApp services:

    service onapp restart 
    service httpd restart

After that, recovery mode option will appear in the bare metal server's Tools menu: