6.0 LTS Known Issues

Here is the list of known issues that affect the 6.0 versions of the OnApp Cloud. This page will be updated after each OnApp release, as issues will be either fixed by that time, or appear in the Known issues list for a new version.

Please note: the links to issues in the Key column are only available to OnApp members.



Affects Version/s


When you try to create a VS via API request, the transaction fails due to the invalid parameters.


CORE-10506The Backup limit set for a backup server zone in a bucket is ignored in Federation.5.6-6.0
CORE-11125Only one São Paulo location out of two existing in Brazil is available on the Cloud Locations step of the VS Creation wizard.5.4-6.0


Improper time zone is set for Xen-based Windows servers.



The error message appears when trying to add rate cards for Instance Packages and generate stats at the same time.



If you try to enable acceleration for a network at the Accelerator Dashboard page without a built accelerator, the appearing error message doesn’t indicate the real cause of the problem. 


After you create bucket with preconfigured CDN bandwidth and CDN resource for the same user, the bandwidth is set to unlimited.  


When you set CPU Units at the Add/Edit Compute Resource or Add/Edit Compute Zone pages, the value gets randomly generated by the system. 


When you try to remove a CloudBoot compute resource with a network assigned, the compute resource is not removed, but the corresponding error message is not displayed in the user interface. 


Cloud Content Balance check fails due to incorrect estimation of node free space for databases with 20% and 50% overcommit. 



The port speed limitation is not working properly for VSs with acceleration enabled at the Accelerator Dashboard page6.0-6.1
CORE-15106Federated VS does not have the opportunity of hot migration on local storage.6.0 Patch 7 - 6.1 Edge 2
CORE-15160When you reboot a load balancer containing a node with a running web server on it, the load balancing stops working properly.6.0


The 500 Internal Server Error appears at the EC2 Instances page when you log in to your Control Panel with expired AWS credentials.

ORE-15215After you clicked the Launch EC2 Instance button in the AWS section, you see the 500 Internal Server Error instead of Launch EC2 Instance page.6.0 Patch 8 - 6.1


Converting an imported OVA archive into a template fails if the OVA file has several disks of non-VMDK format.



If you select a recipe with custom variables at the Recipes step in the VS Creation wizard, the custom variables are not applied during the recipe execution.



If your VS is created from the openSUSE template, you cannot reach other VSs in the same subnet.



Zones from the same location group are displayed with the same label during federated VS creation at the Cloud Locations step.



The price for Backups is displayed more than once in the Total User Resources Cost and Backup Zones Backup Disk Size sections at the Usage Statistics page.

CORE-16261If you enable autoscale for a VS that is still being built, the autoscale fails with the system error.6.0
CORE-16735It is possible to build more than one Smart Server on a SS Compute Resource. Simultaneously, there is an error on the maximum RAM calculation allowing the SS to consume 100% of the available RAM.6.0 Patch 8
CORE-16785Sometimes, the template’s specifications are not updated without a page refresh in the VS creation wizard. It may happen when you select a template on the first step of Create VS wizard, proceed to the following steps, and then get back to the first step to select another template.6.0


If you set two for cores and vcpu values for a VS, and then unlock editing XML config for a VS at the Edit XML Config page and click the Save button, the Irrelevant numbers of CPU sockets error appear.



If you disable the Show Compute resources on Virtual Server creation permission, the Primary data store dropbox at the Resources step of the VS Creation wizard still contains data stores added to a restricted compute zone.

CORE-17280Although it is not allowed to edit and view other users' profiles with only the Add SSH Keys for Own Virtual Servers and Set SSH Keys permissions enabled, it is possible to see or set SSH keys for any user in the cloud at the SSH Keys page.6.0 Patch 11 - 6.2
STORAGE-1893The algorithm for calculating filesystem overheads does not allow enough size for large VDisks, for instance, those holding more than 900GB.4.2 - 6.2 Patch 4

WHMCS modules


  • Issue: The Allow acceleration slider cannot be disabled.  

  • Resolution: Will be resolved in the new modules release.