View List of Storage Nodes

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Storage > Nodes menu.
  2. On the screen that appears, you will see the list of all storage nodes in the cloud.
  3. Click the Actions button next to the required storage node, then choose Properties.
  4. On the screen that follows, you will see the following node details:
    • Performance - node performance mode: low, normal, or high
    • Model - node model
    • Size - node size in GB
    • Allocated space - allocated node's space in GB
    • Serial - serial number
    • Status - storage node status: 1 if the node is enabled and 0 if it is disabled
    • Disk count - the number of vDisks hosted on this node.
    • Storage Node IO statistics

Get IP Address of Storage Node

SSH into the compute resource and run:

onappstore nodes | grep -A3 <node_id>

The output will look similar to:

Node: 0123456789
      status: ACTIVE
      IP addr:
      Role: BACKEND node


  •  IP addr - the node's IP

The procedure above is useful for clearing VS's errors:

Failed to detect control path for vdisk

If you need to know the actual device name, use the following script to receive information on each hard drive for each storage controller:

[root@ ~]# diskhotplug list
Controller 0
	Slot 0 - /dev/sda (SCSIid:35000c5002065ee1c_9QJ7XBEK,NodeID:2308528827) 
	Slot 1 - /dev/sdb (SCSIid:35000c500207afaac_9QJ7ZHJC,NodeID:539870777)
	Slot 2 - EMPTY
    Slot 3 - EMPTY

If you want to view all the details on a particular drive used for integrated storage, use onapp_scsi_id:

[root@ ~]# onapp_scsi_id /dev/sda