Rebalancing a VDisk assigned to the Integrated Storage data store is moving the data from one node to another. You can rebalance a VDisk using User Interface or via Command Line Interface. Currently, rebalancing using UI is preferable.

Rebalance VDisk via UI:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > Storage > Data Stores menu.
  2. Click the required Data Store label.
  3. On the page that loads, scroll down to the Disks section.
  4. Click the label of the VDisk you're interested in.
  5. On the page that appears scroll down to the Storage Nodes section and select the target node to host the content (deselect one of the current nodes).
  6. Click Rebalance Disk button to start the process. The disk will be shown as degraded while the rebalancing is taking place.

Rebalance VDisk Using CLI:

  1. View the current members of the disk:

    onappstore diskinfo uuid=<identifier>
  2. Forget a member (members) from a particular VDisk. It is recommended to rebalance one path at a time.

    onappstore forget forgetlist=<member> vdisk_uuid=<VD_UUID>

    where VD_UUID is a particular VDisk

  3. Choose a new member on which to host the VDisk.

    onappstore repairmembership uuid=<uuid> memberlist=<member>

    Memberlist restricts the members that can be chosen to one or more members. A single member forces the VDisk to use that as the member to host content.

  4. Perform the repair that copies content from the master to the slave. The master will be one of the remaining replicas that host VDisk content for a stripe. The slave will be the destination drive where the content is copied to.

    onappstore repair uuid=<identifier>