OnApp Storage is designed for cloud workloads. It provides high performance, resilience, and cost benefits in comparison to open-source SANs.

Hardware Independence
No vendor lock for storage devices and network cards built in, although our software cannot work with any hardware.

Redundancy and Striping
To satisfy the need for redundancy, we can set up to four physical mirrors for a virtual vDisk. For performance needs, we can use up to four stripes for a virtual disk.

You can use high-speed storage devices as cache for HDD data store to obtain high capacity and optimal speed for virtual servers.

Local Read Path
Set up a data store to always have at least one mirror of your virtual disk on the same compute resource, which ensures less network load and better performance.

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
The disks from servers in a compute zone can be used by other servers within this compute zone and rebalanced to other servers without downtime. Additionally, you can increase the size of your data store or replace malfunctioned disks with new disks without virtual server downtime.

Snapshots allow you to make up to three COW (copy-on-write) snapshots of a vDisk and are used to make backups without interrupting the work of a virtual server.

Faster Repair with EPOCH
The EPOCH feature ensures even faster repair of vDisks in case it got degraded due to a hardware disk failure or compute resource reboot. It uses bitmaps to trace changed blocks and transfers only them during the repair process.

OnApp Storage has a modular design - you can add additional storage capacity when you need it and without having to rebuild the whole SAN. You can add multiple disks to any servers connected to the platform.

Flexibility of Software Defined Storage
You can organize your hardware by speed or location and create data stores with different settings (mirrors stripes and caching) for various purposes (high performance of virtual servers or slow performance but with great redundancy and disk size). Additionally, you can easily migrate your virtual disks from one compute resource to another one.

Allows manual control of the location of virtual disk parts. You can move disk parts to other physical or hardware disks or compute resources, as well as distribute them within the cloud.

Most issues with IS can be detected and, basically, fixed with built-in diagnostic tools.

Performance Benchmarks
You can test the performance of your data store by means of built-in performance tests or use our repo with the performance test framework to run the tests by yourself.

Open Source
Integrated storage is built on top of open-source solutions, such as NBD and Device Mapper.