OnApp Storage is designed for cloud workloads. It provides multiple performance, resilience and cost benefits in comparison to traditional centralized SANs.

Use of Commodity Hardware

OnApp Storage is an extremely cost-effective cloud storage platform. There is no vendor lock-in with supported disk types or custom network backplanes: you can use off-the-shelf compute resource servers, disks, and Ethernet components. You can build your distributed SAN with SATA, SAS or SSD devices and get exceptional performance in a 10Gbit network environment.

Fast Deployment

Building your SAN is easy. You deploy additional disk drives in the compute resource servers used by OnApp Cloud and assign them to virtual data stores. Data stores are categorized by performance and have their own policies for striping, redundancy, and over-commit.

Intuitive SAN Management

Once you have set up your distributed SAN, you can allocate storage to virtual servers in the same way you would assign traditional SAN storage. Data stores are linked with buckets and limits, just like they are with storage based on legacy SAN arrays - except, you can give your customers more options for redundancy and performance.


OnApp Storage has a modular design - you can add additional storage capacity when you need it, without having to rebuild the whole SAN.

You can add multiple disks to any servers connected to the platform.

Speed & Efficiency

OnApp Storage optimizes I/O throughput for your SAN. Each disk’s I/O queue is independent, so there is no single point where bandwidth bottlenecks can occur. Each storage node manages and compresses its own content in the most efficient way possible, without loss of performance. This ensures that data is stored optimally across the whole environment, while maintaining data replication and drive resiliency properties.