In OnApp you can install —Āompute resources in two ways, using the static compute resources installation methodology or CloudBoot.

Static resources are compute resources that run on the KVM virtualization environment and make use of the local, shared, or OnApp Integrated storage.  

Static compute resources have a number of advantages for the users, such as:

  • Provide system resources such as CPU, memory, and network
  • Control the virtual differentiation of entities such as virtual servers and application data being delivered to cloud-hosted applications
  • Take care of secure virtualization and channeling of storage, data communications, and server processing
  • Can be located at different geographical zones
  • Can have different CPU and RAM
  • Can be associated with the data stores, networks, and backup servers of the same type

To start using Integrated Storage on KVM static compute resources:

  1. Go to your Control Panel > AdminSettings menu.
  2. Click the Configuration icon.
  3. Click the System tab and in the OnApp Storage section, move the Enable OnApp Storage slider to the right to enable the OnApp storage on the cloud.

You can enable Integrated Storage only for new CentOS 7 KVM static compute resources. For details on how to enable Integrated Storage during the creation of a static compute resource, refer to the Create Static Compute Resource page.