Configuring CloudBoot Settings in BIOS

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your BIOS settings may vary from the example provided in this section.
  • Please enable virtualization. While mostly all servers support this feature, not all vendors enable this feature as shipped from the factory. For more details on how to enable this feature, refer to Red Hat Virtualization guide

To use PXE boot, you have to make sure it is enabled in BIOS. To do so:

  1. Select the required Ethernet card supporting PXE as a boot device:

  2. After that, go to the Advanced settings > PCI/PnP configuration.

  3. In the Advanced settings, select the first/primary Onboard LAN/NIC Option ROM and press Enter.

    Use up and down arrow keys to set Option ROM settings to enabled and press Enter.

    Press Escape key to return to the Advanced menu.

  4. Set local disk as a second boot device.