OnApp Storage is a distributed SAN for cloud providers that allows you to turn your existing cloud infrastructure into an extremely scalable, resilient and efficient storage system that is optimized for cloud workloads. While the low-cost SANs are adequate for low-performance workloads and managing data that is not critical, OnApp Storage is an alternative to high-cost Enterprise SAN hardware where the performance throughput or the scalability is important.

The OnApp Storage Guide describes the technical aspects and the overall architecture of the OnApp Storage system. For details on managing the other OnApp Cloud components, refer to the Administration Guide.

  • Integrated Storage supports PCI devices that have drivers compatible with the Linux kernel versions we use.
  • You can also use NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) only as a caching device. OnApp does not support NVMe as a storage device.
  • The NVMe devices are not compatible with Xen CloudBoot Compute Resources at the moment. The issue is planned to be fixed in the future OnApp releases.


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