OnApp iOS App Branding

The OnApp Cloud app for iOS supports iPhone and iPad, and is designed with customization in mind. You can easily re-brand and distribute the app by modifying a single file and compiling your own version of the app. 

The Branding Package contains packaged source code which can not be modified beyond the customisation options exposed in the configuration file. If you have a custom requirement or feature beyond those that are available for customisation, please get in touch with your Technical Account Manager to discuss.

There are two routes to the OnApp iOS App Branding:

  • Paid Professional Services: A member of the OnApp Developer Team will work with you to brand your application from start to finish and will assist in the submission of the application to the Apple App Store. Support is also provided post-submission for any issues which may arise. Please contact your Technical Account Manager to discuss pricing details and to obtain further information. 
  • Self Branding: Download latest (v1.7.11) OnApp iOS Acme Branding Package. This is recommended for those who have an iOS Developer on-site or are familiar with iOS development and deployment of applications to the Apple App Store. No support is provided by OnApp for self branded applications beyond supplying the branding package.

The Branding Package has been changed between versions v1.5.x and v1.6.x+ to accommodate the introduction of iOS7 and Xcode 5. This documentation is targeted to v1.6.x and above of the branding package. We recommend starting afresh with the v1.6.x branding package and migrating your OnAppServers.plist file and OnAppSettings file alongside your images and icons