This guide describes how to setup an integration with StorPool.

OnApp with StorPool can be deployed in two modes - hyperconverged and standalone. 

  • In ‘hyperconverged’ mode, StorPool storage servers are running on the OnApp hypervisors (Compute Resources) to pool the disks together to make a datastore that will be managed in its entirety by StorPool.
  • In ‘standalone’ mode, StorPool storage servers are deployed on dedicated servers. In this case, StorPool block device drivers still need to be installed on the OnApp compute resources and backup nodes, so they are able to access the StorPool storage and consume volumes.

Both cases require also installation of StorPool-OnApp integration package on the compute resources and backup nodes. For more information on StorPool integration with OnApp refer to OnApp Integration

Before You Begin

  • This functionality is supported on Static compute resources of KVM virtualization type
  • Due to the need for such additional software as StorPool block device driver and the integration package, integration with StorPool is not supported on CloudBoot compute resources

Installation Process

To install and configure the StorPool software:

  1. Contact StorPool support and follow their instructions. They will set up and configure the StorPool software on the physical servers that you will be using for your OnApp Compute Resources.
  2. Create a datastore within OnApp to generate an OnApp Identifier required for completion the set-up of the integration.

  3. Configure the rest of your OnApp cloud once you receive the confirmation of installation setup from StorPool side. For details, refer to our Installation guide or contact our Architecture team.

Once your cloud is fully set up, you can build your virtual servers as per the standard OnApp VS creation wizard, which will utilize the StorPool datastore when selected. 

You can fully manage your virtual servers and cloud via OnApp. However all management of the storage and disk side will be through StorPool. They provide access to monitoring and statistics tools to analyze the performance of your storage.



Issue: After you install the StorPool software on your compute resources and try to start up OnApp virtual server, the transaction may fail with an error. For details, refer to Red Hat bug report. 

Cause: Incompatibility with OnApp libvirt version

Resolution: You can implement a quick workaround for this by downgrading the version of libvirt using the following commands:

# yum downgrade --enablerepo=C7.6.1810-updates $(rpm -qa | grep libvirt | grep 4.5.0-23 | while read x; do echo -n "${x%4.5.0*}4.5.0-10.el7_6.12 "; done) 

# systemctl restart libvirtd.service