Use OnApp Service Add-ons to Create a SECaaS Service Offering

What Are Service Add-ons?  

The Service Add-on functionality allows you to present your customers with additional services on top of your current IaaS Virtual Server offering. There are two types of service add-ons: System and User. System service add-ons are mandatory, while User service add-ons are optional.   

If a system administrator makes a service add-on mandatory on specific workload deployments, the user deploying the workload has no way of bypassing the add-on from being part of the final workload deployment scenario.  

On the other hand, if the service add-on is of the User type, the user deploying the new virtual environment can opt in or out of including the service add-on in their final workload deployment scenario.   

In this example, you can learn how to create a User service add-on, which, if selected, will deploy the BitNinja agent on the virtual server. This service add-on will be available during the virtual server deployment process. Coupling the Service Add-on feature with OnApp recipes will enable you to offer the new Service Add-on simplifying the deployment and driving adoption of your newly created Server Protection Service Add-on, which you can charge your users for. 

Service Add-on Creation (Workflow Overview)

Here is a quick overview of the service add-on creation workflow. You will need to leverage the Service Add-ons OnApp feature and the Recipes feature. 

For more information on creating service add-ons, refer to Service Add-ons.  

For more information on creating recipes, refer to Create Recipes.