Integration Overview

When referring to BitNinja integration in this guide, we also mean the ways in which a cloud provider can make the BitNinja Full-Server Protection Service available on their Billing Platform marketplace. 

The installation of the BitNinja Full-Server protection software itself to protect a workload is very simple. It’s just a one-line installation step.  

Our goal is to help cloud providers drive consumption by simplifying how the end user can purchase the BitNinja Solution Software and offer it as a service on the cloud provider’s Billing/Marketplace platforms integrated with our solutions (VHI, VHS, and OnApp).  

This guide contains information on the following methods: 

  • WHMCS’s BitNinja Marketplace module (free)
  • HostBill’s BitNinja Marketplace module (available with the All-Inclusive HostBill license or the developer add-on $99 one-time purchase)
  • OnApp Service Add-ons (leverage recipes + OnApp service add-ons) 

WHMCS and HostBill are billing platforms that offer leverage in a marketplace where the cloud provider can create VPSs packages or sell additional services. We recommend using the available modules for WHMCS and HostBill.  

This guide will provide a basic overview of the BitNinja solution, enumerate minimum system requirements for the workloads to be protected, and walk you through the different integration methods. Additionally, you can learn about the limitations, available support, and documentation for the BitNinja full-stack server protection on OnApp. 


BitNinja is an easy-to-use, security-as-a-service modular and multi-layered server security defense tool. It protects your server from hackers, botnets, attackers, and malicious activities with minimal effort and maintenance required from your side. 

BitNinja’s modular security approach means that each module is designed to prevent, identify and mitigate different attacks (or intrusions) to keep your servers safe. Once the BitNinja agent is installed on the workload you want to protect, BitNinja will actively monitor your incoming and outgoing network traffic and defend your servers against already known attacking IPs found in their large IP Reputation pool containing millions of these addresses and badly behaving new ones. 

The BitNinja agent also has a Malware Scanner module for detecting already existing infected files on the installed server. BitNinja is equipped with a WAF module for stopping incoming attacks directed at known vulnerabilities in web applications, for example, SQL injections, remote and local file inclusions, and other attacks. 

These are just a few modules that BitNinja uses to defend your servers against hackers. To view the list of their available modules, refer to