Redis Server Installation

To install Redis Server standalone (separately from Control Panel box) with the installer:

  1. Install OnApp's YUM repository:

    # rpm -Uvh
  2. Install the onapp-redis package:

    # yum -y install onapp-redis

  3. Run the installer:

    # /onapp/onapp-redis/
# /onapp/onapp-redis/ -h
Usage: /onapp/onapp-redis/ [--passwd[=PASSWD] [--nopasswd] [--port=PORT] [--sock=PATH] [-h|--help]


IP address of the interface to bind. Default is

Redis Server listen port. Defaults are:0 - if local server; 6379 - if remote server.
Path to the Redis Server's socket. Used if local server only. Default is /tmp/redis.sock.
Connect to the Redis Server without password
Redis Server password to authenticate. Random password is generated if the option's argument isn't specified. By default, no password is used for local Redis.
Print this info

The following example will install Redis Server, configure access to it from any (including external boxes) and set random password:

# /onapp/onapp-redis/ --host=REDIS_HOST --passwd

where, REDIS_HOST - IP address of the interface for Redis to bind. Default is

The ready to use credentials.yml could be used to configure OnApp's Control Panel access.

# cat /onapp/onapp-redis/credentials.yml

host: 'REDIS_HOST'
port: 6379
path: '/var/run/redis/redis.sock'
password: 'PASSWORD'

Just run the CP's installer with the following options (REDIS_HOST - remote Redis Server standalone IP address):

# /onapp/onapp-cp-install/ --redis-host=REDIS_HOST --redis-passwd='PASSWORD'