OnApp Installation Guide

This guide provides instructions on how to install essential components of OnApp Cloud. Here you can find installation procedures for the Control Panel server, compute resources, data stores, and backup server. To start with, you can take a look at the installation workflow and then begin to install and configure your environment.

Installation Workflow

Before you proceed to the installation procedures, take a look at a workflow that you apply to get your OnApp cloud up and running.

Control Panel Server

The Control Panel server hosts OnApp UI and handles all cloud management processes. Follow the procedure to install Control Panel from a ready-made installer package.

Compute Resources

Compute resources provide CPU, RAM, and storage resources for virtual servers. OnApp enables you to install and use Static and CloudBoot compute resources.

Data Stores

Data stores provide storage for templates, backups, ISOs, and virtual server disks. Follow the procedure to install LVM, Integrated Storage or SolidFire data stores.

Backup Server

Backup servers are used to store backups and templates of virtual servers. OnApp enables you to install Static or CloudBoot backup server.

Configure Cloud

After you are finished with the installation, you can log in to your OnApp Control Panel user interface and configure your cloud.

Configure Integrations

You can integrate OnApp with VMware solutions, such as vCloud Director and vCenter.


When you feel that you need our help to install OnApp, please don't hesitate to contact 24/7 OnApp Support.